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Do I Need Employers’ Liability Insurance?

Do I Need Employers’ Liability Insurance?

The UK Government requires every person or company who is an employer to get employers’ liability insurance. Employees injured or sick during the course of working for their employer will be covered by the insurance. Furthermore, £2,500 is fined every single day an employee remains without this cover.  If inspectors do not see or view a displayed certificate of the insurance, a fine of £1,000 will be required.

While insurance may seem like an unnecessary cost, especially when accidents seem unfeasible, it is of vital importance, just in case the worst happens. Every employee requires coverage for injury or sickness while carrying out their duties for the company.

What employers’ liability really means

Generally, this liability insurance protects employers from any compensation claim by any employee in the course of duty. Whether it’s injury or illness while working for the employer, the workers will be well covered. The legally-demanded insurance kicks in when a company or self-employed individual employs just one person. As soon as you take on staff, you need insurance.

For instance, an employee may suffer a fall or get sick in the course of their duty. As such, employers’ liability will cover their medical bills as well as legal fees.

Also, this liability insurance can cater to claims raised by former employees. Some illnesses and complications might take a while to show or depict their symptoms. As a result, former employees might demand compensation, perhaps months or years after they left your company. This liability cover can insure all these.

For instances of former cases, it is important to ensure you’ve safely stored every document related to the insurance. It is wise to keep records of the insurance, whether the cover has expired or not. Also, ensure the insurer has your Employer Reference Number to make the process of tracing past workers easier.

Are you looking for employers’ liability insurance?

Avoid the possibility of paying fines of up to £2,500 per day. Contact Just Quote Me today for your free quote.

Renewable Energy Insurance

Renewable Energy Insurance

Renewable Energy Insurance

Last year, renewable energy production in the UK rose to its highest-ever levels. To date, in 2019, it is responsible for almost 40% of all energy production. Large-scale operations such as off-shore wind farms generate much of this energy. However, more and more smaller producers are playing their part in producing renewable energy. All of these require renewable energy insurance.

Farmers and landowners, for example, have begun building wind turbines on their land, while businesses are adding solar panels to their properties. At the same time, specialist companies are setting up focused on areas such as Anaerobic Digestion or Hydroelectric power. While this is all a positive for the planet, it can lead to problems for the companies involved if they don’t have the right insurance.

Types of Renewable Energy Insurance

There are different types of renewable energy, however, all of which need a different type of insurance. These include:

  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Geothermal
  • Micro Hydroelectric
  • Solar and PV
  • Wind turbines and wind farms.

Different insurance will probably be needed depending on whether the business is in the process or starting up or fully operational.

Renewable Energy Insurance Coverage

In each instance, renewable energy insurance should cover:

  • Employers liability for if staff are injured at work
  • Public liability for if visitors or other members of the public are injured on-site
  • Professional indemnity for any negligence claims
  • Poor quality work (from contractors)
  • Delays in start-up
  • Legal expenses to respond to claims or place claims due to workmanship or delays
  • Damage, including fire and theft
  • Loss of revenue
  • Environmental impairment

Buying renewable energy insurance

Because of the complexities, anyone considering getting involved in renewable energy should speak to an industry professional such as Just Quote Me to ensure they are fully protected. Contact them today on 0800 084 2325 for a free, no-obligation, renewable energy insurance quote.

Heavy Plant Machinery Insurance

Heavy Plant Machinery Insurance

If you are using any heavy machinery either owned or hired, then you will need heavy plant machinery insurance. This includes machinery such as concrete mixers, forklifts, diggers, cranes and rollers.

Theft and vandalism of this type of equipment is unfortunately surprisingly common, so making sure it is all insured is vital. Heavy plant machinery insurance isn’t generally included as standard as part of contractors insurance, so you may need to consider it separately. Alternatively, talk to an insurance broker, such as Just Quote Me, who can bundle it with other insurance to give you the best deal.

What does heavy plant machinery insurance cover?

You can tailor heavy plant insurance to the equipment you need to cover. You would expect all the machinery to be covered in the event of theft or vandalism. Protection in against break down from wear and tear is also expected. This should provide protection in the event of weather-driven damage. For large machinery, you should expect there to be cover in the event that your vehicle overturns in rugged terrain.

There should also be coverage that protects you in the event of specialised issues. The more specialised the equipment, the more specific the cover should be. For instance, you would expect a crane to have a special clause that applies to boom failure.

Are you looking for heavy plant machinery insurance?

Depending on the machinery that you use, you might need very specialised insurance. For this reason, you need to talk to an experienced insurance broker.  Just Quote Me are used to working with professionals from a wide range of businesses. Their experience will be invaluable in finding jus the right cover for your job. They will discuss your needs with you before arranging a policy. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that you have the cover you need. Get in touch today to see what they can do for you.

Recruitment Agency Insurance

Recruitment Agency Insurance

If you run your own business then it is precious to you. Getting the right cover is vital to protect your business for when the unforeseen happens. A recruitment agency can have many risks; from making a mistake to a client suffering an injury in your office. Without proper recruitment agency insurance cover, it could spell the end of your business.

What cover does a recruitment agency need?

The exact cover you need will depend on the size and structure of your business. It’s important to discuss all your requirements with an insurance broker, such as Just Quote Me, to make sure you are adequately covered.

You will need professional indemnity insurance as part of your package. This protects you in the event that you make a mistake, such as offering poor advice. This is vital for recruitment agencies.

If you have visitors come to your office, or you make site visits then you will need public indemnity insurance. This provides protection in the event that you injure someone or cause damage in the course of doing your job. For example, if you trip over an expensive piece of equipment on a site visit and it breaks.

If you have employees you will need employer’s liability insurance. This protects you in case one of your employees makes a claim against you for injury or illness. It is a legal requirement to have this.

Along with these essentials, you may need to consider cover for premises, for cyber and data risks and directors and officers insurance. It is the combination of all this cover that will be bundled to give you your recruitment agency insurance.

Are you looking for recruitment agency insurance?

If you need recruitment agency insurance you need to speak to a company that can put together a bundle that gives you the cover you need. Just Quote Me are experienced insurance brokers. They will discuss your business with you, so they understand the cover you need. They can then put together a bundle that gives your recruitment agency the coverage it needs at the best price possible. Contact them today to see what they can do for you.

Sole Trader Insurance

Sole Trader Insurance

If you are a sole trader, then your business is likely one of the most important things in your life. Insurance is there to protect the things we care about. Sole trader insurance gives you the right cover for your business. You can tailor this insurance to meet your needs. Choosing the right selection of protection gives you the peace of mind that all your hard work is protected and that even if you work alone, someone has your back.

What you can include with Sole Trader Insurance

Public liability insurance is a great starting place for any sole trader who has direct contact with their clients. This provides protection in the event that a member of the public is injured whilst on your premises. It also covers you in the event that you cause damage to someone else’s property whilst in the course of your work.

If part of your business involves providing advice, professional expertise or the handling of personal data then you should consider personal liability insurance. This protects you in the event that you make a mistake and money is required to resolve the situation.

Office insurance can protect you in the case of damages to your premises. Not only can it cover any lost equipment but also loss of earnings.

If you have concerns about cybercrime, then you might be interested in cyber and data protection. If you have any employees, then you will need to have employers liability insurance. Personal accident insurance can protect you in case you are injured and unable to work.

Sole trader insurance is tailored to meet your exact needs. You should make sure that you consider all aspects of your business and that you are fully covered.

Do you have questions about Sole Trader Insurance?

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Building Owners’ Insurance

Building Owners’ Insurance

If you own property then you want to make sure it is fully protected. Building owners’ insurance allows you to protect one or more buildings as long as they are not your place of residence.

Building Owners’ Insurance Vs Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance is aimed at people who own rental properties. It provides protection against damage that might be caused by tenants or natural disasters. It also provides protection against unpaid rent. Building owners’ insurance can be used to insure buildings that are used for a range of purposes, including unoccupied properties.

The Key Benefits

If you own a portfolio of property, it would be a hassle to have a different policy for each building. With building owners’ insurance, you can insure all the buildings with one policy. As well as being easier, it also works out to be cheaper.

You can include liability insurance as part of your building owners’ insurance. This provides protection in case of injury to third parties. For example, if one of the buildings you own falls into disrepair, which causes injury to a member of the public. Your insurance would cover the legal fees associated with the incident.

If your properties are rented then you get the same protections as with landlord insurance. In the event that your tenants withhold payment, or if the property is temporarily uninhabitable, you will receive the same amount that you would have.

Included in this insurance is commercial cover for the buildings. This offers protection in the event of fire, arson, and break-ins.

In essence, this insurance offers you comprehensive cover for all the buildings you own in one simple policy.

Do you have questions about Building Owners’ Insurance?

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Comparing Business Insurance Quotes

Comparing Business Insurance Quotes

Are you comparing business insurance quotes and you don’t know where to start? There are lots of things you can do to begin. Business insurance prices are important because they’ll be impacting your profits as well as the future of your company. What should you be looking for?

Look around

Business insurance can be provided by lots of different comparative websites. Therefore, they are able to talk you through your business needs to find the best fitting policy for you. For example, Just Quote Me provides professional business insurance for a wide range of different companies in many different sectors. With over 45 types of business insurance, it’s not surprising the finding the right one is overwhelming.

Get a free quote

Lots of websites that compare business insurance, however the best ones offer a free insurance quote. Just Quote Me can call you and help you make the best insurance choices for your business. They make it easy to compare policies and get the best price. Policy documents are emailed to you instantly without fuss or delay.

What is the Just Quote Me approach?

Just Quote Me works in three steps. Firstly, you can complete an online form and receive and an instant free quotation. Secondly, you can use the quick quote forms to tell them what you need, and they’ll get back to you. Finally, they’ll find the right insurance for you and do all the leg work for you.

Get the basics

Finally, there are some basic insurance policies that you’ll need when comparing business insurance quotes. Insurance such as public and employee liability are more or less guaranteed to be on your policy. Not only this but some types of security insurance and building insurance will almost certainly be necessary. The only way to find out what you need is by talking to an expert. You can explain the ins and out of your business and make sure you’re prepared for anything.

Do you have questions about comparing business insurance quotes?

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Security Company Insurance

Security Company Insurance

Some businesses require an extra level of security. Security insurance protects the business in a bespoke way with policies to suit the business type. What is Security Company Insurance, and do you need it?

Security Company Insurance is protecting the premises and data. It also includes everything in the premise from damage, theft or loss. Therefore, it covers everything from security alarms to shop guards, car parks and offices. You have to make sure security breaches are not going to devastate your business.

What does Security Insurance include?


Firstly, inefficiency covers you if there is a basic failure to perform security tasks. This is covering you if something goes wrong and it’s because of issues outside of your control. It’s impossible to guard against every possible issue. Therefore it’s unique insurance to the security sector.

Changing the locks

People lose their keys all the time. And if you’ve lost your company keys or they’re stolen, or in the wrong hands, you’ve got a security threat. Therefore, you need to cover yourself and the cost of replacing the locks and getting new keys made. This can be hugely costly and so worth considering.

Phone misuse

Security company insurance covers you against company phone misuse. This includes when fraudsters ring the public claiming to be you. In addition to this, it covers you if your employees are using the phones for personal calls, which can be costly, especially if the call requires an extra fee.

Employee and public liability insurance

Finally, employee and public liability insurance cover all your employees and anyone who comes onto your premise. Accidents occur everywhere, and insurance covers you if anyone were to make a claim following an incident.

At Just Quote Me, highly experiences professionals in the security industry can help put together a bespoke policy for you. They understand the individual nature of each client.

Do you have questions about Security Company Insurance?

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Why your charity needs insurance

Why your charity needs insurance

Insurance is a key part of the risk management process for charities and non-profit organisations. It’s important that these groups who do so much good, with so few resources, protect themselves; charity insurance can provide that protection. With the financial security provided by insurance, your organisation can focus all its resources on its charitable aims.

The first check is to ensure you’re complying with the law. Employer’s liability is a legal requirement if you have employees. £5 million is the minimum indemnity, but £10m is standard. Specialist charity insurance may cover your volunteers as if they were employees rather than third parties covered by your Public Liability.

If you own and operate vehicles, you’re legally required to appropriately insure them, if you put on fundraising events, you need public liability insurance, and if you have data online, you need cyber risk insurance -there will also be other instances where you could be vulnerable.

Is it important to be insured beyond the legal requirements?

Yes! Insurance exists to protect your organisation and your assets from the financial impact of claims. Should a member of the public slip on your premises, despite your best risk management efforts, you may be liable – this is the sort of claim that could cause financial ruin and put a stop to all the good that you have been doing.

What could happen if you’re not insured?

It depends on your charity or community group governance. However, if you’re not a registered charity and someone makes a claim against you, then you may be personally liable. Equally, even if you are a registered charity, a claimant may choose to take the charity to court and may pursue compensation from the trustees.

Whatever the situation, if you don’t have insurance then your charity or non-profit is at serious risk of financial ruin. And there’s potentially a significant risk to the board of trustees too.

What should you do about insurance?

The first step towards insuring your organisation should be discussing your requirements with an expert. We can assist you with your insurance requirements and risk management.

What charity insurance should you consider buying?

You may consider a range of insurance products. Common cover required by charities and community groups include Public Liability, Property, Trustee Indemnity, Professional Indemnity, Fidelity and more.

What are the common insurance covers for charities and community groups?

Public Liability protects you from claims made by members of the public who have suffered personal injury or property damage because of your charity or community group. Property Damage insures your building, contents and assets against loss, theft or damage and is key to risk management.

Trustee Indemnity protects your board of trustees from claims made against them or the organisation. This will help your trustees sleep well at night and can help you recruit top quality trustees. Professional Indemnity protects you if you provide any professional, advice or counselling services or similar. And Fidelity cover insures you against theft or fraud by an employee, volunteer or trustee. Other types of insurance are available.

Where should you start your search?

Find an insurer who will know exactly what you need, and get their advice. They will know more about your requirements and about the products available.

Don’t risk it. Cover your charity with Insurance today by getting in touch!

Why you need Cyber Liability Insurance Cover

Why you need Cyber Liability Insurance Cover

All businesses rely on an IT infrastructure to some degree. As a result, you are exposed to the risks of business interruption, income loss, damage management and repair, and possibly reputational damage if IT equipment or systems fail or are breached, and you don’t have Cyber Liability Insurance.

A UK Government survey estimated that in 2015 74% of small to medium-sized organisations suffered a cyber breach. The average cost of a cyber-security breach can be as much as £310,000.

This is especially important to you if you hold:

  • Sensitive customer details such as names and addresses or banking information
  • Rely heavily on IT systems and websites to conduct your business
  • Process payment card information as a matter of course

What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

The penalties can be high if a company’s IT security is found to be inadequate and a breach occurs. Under EU regulations which came into force 25th May 2018, you are required to notify your customers of a cyber security breach and could be fined up to 4% of your turnover.

In addition to potentially substantial fines it can also lead to a damaged reputation, legal costs and associated business disruption and lost revenue.

Will your customers trust you after a security breach?

Cyber Liability has become headline news following a number of high profile hacking cases. This has led to a greater awareness of the risks and need for cover. Yet it’s not just the large corporates who are at risk.

As a business, you are likely to hold a lot of personal and sensitive data concerning your customers. The increasing use of online portals could give hackers access to sensitive information held about individual customer accounts.

Cyber Liability covers you against financial losses and third-party liabilities up to the limits chosen arising from cyber attacks.

Every organisation is a potential victim

All organisations have something of value that is worth something to others. You may experience some form of cyber attack if you openly demonstrate weaknesses in your approach to cyber security by failing to do the basics.

Part of your risk management process should be assessing whether you are likely to be the victim of a targeted or un-targeted attack. Every organisation connected to the Internet should assume they could be a victim of the latter.

Either way, you should implement basic security controls consistently across your organisation. Where you may be specifically targeted, ensure you have a more in-depth, holistic approach to cyber security.

The Stats

Recent reports revealed that despite increased efforts and spending in the realm of reducing cyber-risk, over 60 per cent of UK businesses identified that they have a cyber-security skills gap. What’s more, over half of these organisations believe they have an increased risk of suffering a data breach as a result.

What does your Cyber Insurance cover?

Cyber insurance may cover several different things, dependent on the level you opt for. There are policies which offer scalable cover including elements such as:

  • Data Breaches
  • Dealing with any cyber liability compensation claims
  • Cover for business losses and interruption
  • Cover for supporting your business through the aftermath and impact of the cyber event
  • Hardware and data repair and replacement
  • Forensic investigation, expert advice and IT support

Don’t risk it. Cover your business with Cyber Insurance today by getting in touch or going to this page on our website.

If you would like to know more about the possible risks and solutions to your business’ IT department, we’ve prepared a PDF with more information which you can download here.

Do I Need Employers’ Liability Insurance?

Personal belongings Insurance – are you fully covered?

If you’re never without your mobile phone or you like catching up with shows on your tablet every morning during the long commute, you might want to consider adding personal belongings insurance to your current buildings or contents policy.

While your contents/home insurance protects these items in your house, the cover stops as soon as you take them outside the boundaries of your home.

We get claims for:

  • Phones left in taxis
  • Cameras lost on holiday
  • Rings and jewellery that slip off in the sea
  • Wallets and purses left in the supermarket by mistake
  • Leaving your iPod on the train
  • Having your watch stolen from a hotel room

To insure against these kind of things, you’d need to add Personal belongings cover. It’s there to help when you’re out and about.

There are multiple aspects that make up insurance policies. While you may not fully understand each section of the contracts, it’s important that you learn and understand what the contract specifies, including your limits. That way, if you need to file a claim, you will know what the insurance company will and will not cover.


Why is personal belongings insurance important?

Personal belongings insurance offers protection for your personal effects when they are removed from your home. If an item of yours is lost, stolen, or damaged while away from your home, it would allow you to replace that item.

Most of us don’t realise how much the items we carry around with us every day are worth. A tablet and mobile phone could be worth several hundred pounds by themselves, let alone any money we may have in our bags and pockets.


Is there anything Personal belongings cover won’t cover against?

Yes. It doesn’t cover:

  • Wear and tear
  • Things that are damaged through everyday use (e.g. sports equipment)
  • Things stolen from cars or vans, unless they’re out of sight and someone had to break in to find them. (So a handbag that’s locked in the boot and can’t be seen from the street would be covered. But a Tom-Tom that’s there on the dashboard wouldn’t).
  • Pets and other animals.

It doesn’t cover things that are used for business, either, which would include:

  • Business cash, credit or debit cards
  • Tools, even if they’re locked up and can’t be seen.


Just Quote Me Personal Belongings Insurance Quotes

You can contact Just Quote Me today to discuss your personal belongings insurance and we can help you find quotes to suit your specific items. Contact us to find out more.

Why Compare Cheap Home Insurance Online?

Why Compare Cheap Home Insurance Online?

Searching for home insurance online is a normal process for people who are looking to renew their policy and also those who may be looking for their first policy. It can be easy to visit an insurer’s site and just choose the first policy you find. However, taking time to compare cheap home insurance online ensures you get a policy fitting for your home.

What is Home Insurance?

Home insurance protects your property. It protects it against things such as fire, flood and damage to the home and also your belongings. Home insurance combines two distinct covers: buildings insurance and contents insurance. You can buy these separately but it is more common to buy them in a package.

Buildings insurance specifically protects the structure of your house. This includes permanent fixtures and fittings such as fitted kitchens and toilets.

Contents insurance relates to your possessions. It protects personal possessions and valuables against accident, damage and loss, but they usually have to be listed in an inventory.

Information Needs to Compare Cheap Home Insurance Online

When you are looking for home insurance online, some questions will occur regularly. To compare home insurance online you’ll probably need to provide the following information:

  • Specific property details including when it was built, the type of lock on the front door and whether it has a flat roof or not
  • An estimated rebuild value for your home
  • An estimated value of your personal belongings
  • Details of your current home insurance if you have any, including any claims made
  • Number of occupants living in the home

Does Everybody Need Home Insurance?

Home insurance is not a legal requirement. Although you do not need to have it, it is definitely a good investment should the worst happen to your home. What’s more, mortgage lenders usually insist you have buildings insurance. Many lenders will not arrange your mortgage without appropriate buildings insurance in place.

Annual home insurance policies differ from company to company which is why it’s important to compare quotes. Similarly, if you have a special kind of home such as a listed building or a home with a thatched roof, you will need specialist insurance.

Compare Cheap Home Insurance Online with Just Quote Me

You can compare cheap home insurance with Just Quote Me today. Use our online quote form or call us on 0800 084 2325 today.