University Of Essex Leaks Data In Online Breach

University Of Essex Leaks Data In Online Breach

Many students at the University of Essex have had their personal information leaked to the public after it suffered an online data breach.

The incident occurred as an email sent from an external partner contained a spreadsheet with student IDs, dates of birth and contact details on March 23rd.

A spokesperson from the university said: “We are taking this issue very seriously and ensuring our delivery partners understand our high expectations about the management of data.”

More than 400 pupils at the university have been affected by the event, which was the result of facilities management emailing to request for payment for repairs to a broken door at one of the halls of residences.

Legal specialist at law firm Hayes Connor Christine Sabino was reported by Education Technology as saying: “Breaches of this kind can have a big impact on those affected.”

She noted that individuals trust information they provide to be handled in a secure way, which is why this incident is a “particularly worrying one”, especially as these students are young adults living away from home for the first time.

A lot of the people who have been affected have contacted Hayes Connor about the situation, as they feel like it has undermined their trust in the university. They are now looking for an explanation, while the university continues to offer advice and support to its students regarding the breach.

This comes at the same time the Home Office’s visa service accidentally copied the email addresses of over 170 people into a message, enabling recipients to see everyone else who had been contacted.

While the message did not include other personal data, it followed up the email with an apology for the data breach, reported The Guardian.

Breaches of this kind can have big implications for individuals and companies, which is why it is important to have adequate protection in place, such as business insurance in Stafford.

Motorbike Thieves Steal Valuable Jewels

Motorbike Thieves Steal Valuable Jewels

A jewellery shop in Liverpool has been targeted by a group of motorcyclists, who stole a large quantity of jewellery from the premises.

Police were called to Rebecca’s Jewellers on Lord Street in Southport at 2100 on March 21st after a member of the public alerted them to the incident.

Merseyside Police cordoned off the road, while also closing the area around a bus stop on Lord Street, preventing the public from accessing it.

Detective Chief Inspector Gayle Rooney said: “The investigation is in its early stages, and we will be reviewing all CCTV locally and speaking to business owners and anyone with information.”

While most of the motorcyclists got away, a 43-year-old man was arrested at the scene of the crime on suspicion of burglary as he tried to escape via London Street.

Although the exact contents of what was stolen remains unknown, the police are asking businesses and individuals around Merseyside if they have been offered any jewellery in the last couple of days.

“This would be a distressing and inconvenient experience for any business, and we will act on all information to find those responsible and bring them to justice,” Chief Inspector Rooney stated.

Just a few days before on March 18th, Merseyside Police was called to Co-Op store on Fylde Road, after the shop was broken into and the cash machine attacked.

These incidences show how frequently businesses are targeted by potential thieves hoping to steal money or items they can sell. Even though the premises had CCTV cameras, it is also important to obtain security insurance.

What Insurance Do Freelancers And Contractors Need?

What Insurance Do Freelancers And Contractors Need?

There are as many different types of business insurance as there are different types of businesses, from public liability to employers liability and cyber insurance. They are all designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that in the event of the worst happening, you have protections in place.

But while youre looking at predictions for freelance work for the coming year, it is important to give careful consideration to what insurance policies are right for your business. We have a look at professional indemnity insurance, whether it is for you, and what level of cover you need.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance offers protection in case a client makes a claim against your business if they believe that your work has caused harm to their company or resulted in financial losses. Professional indemnity insurance, also known as professional liability insurance, will typically cover the costs if you are found liable.

What does professional indemnity insurance protect you against?

Professional indemnity cover will vary between insurers. So always check what’s included with your policy. And remember, just because a quote is cheap, doesn’t mean it’s the best value and protection.

Lets look at what professional indemnity insurance will cover you for:

Confidentiality breach. If you accidentally disclose information or data to a third party, without your client’s consent.

Irresponsible employees. If you have an employee, or former one, that impacts your client’s business by lying, stealing or behaving in a dishonest, fraudulent or malicious way.

Professional negligence. If you fail to live up to your duty of care, such as giving bad advice, and it costs your client time and money.

Defamation. If you use or produce written or spoken statements or materials that damage a client’s reputation.

If your business involved giving advice or professional services to a client, then you should consider taking out professional indemnity insurance. Mistakes can happen, no matter how experienced or careful you are, so make sure you have protections in place.

If youre looking for business insurance in Staffordshire, get in touch today.

Top Tips To Save Money On Fleet Insurance

Top Tips To Save Money On Fleet Insurance

Buying effective, affordable motor fleet insurance can at times be a complex balancing act. You need to ensure that costs are kept to an acceptable level, but at the same time ensure that the needs of your drivers, vehicles and business are all met.


The good news about fleet insurance is that because it is all in one place, you do not need to deal with several different providers or policies if you want to make a change, and thus the savings can often be magnified.


As well as this, there are a growing number of ways that businesses can use to help reduce their premiums each month. Here are some of the most effective ways to save money on your premiums in the new year.

Install A Black Box


A recent trend in domestic car insurance, especially for younger drivers, a telematics device (known as a black box), as well as a vehicle tracker can not only be important safety and security features but also help seriously reduce premiums.


They allow for a more detailed analysis of how fleet drivers take care of their vehicles and help to ensure premiums stay low. Dashboard cameras can work as well to check driving etiquette.


Install An Immobiliser


Aside from driving behaviour, the nature of a particular fleet business can also increase premiums, particularly if your business is responsible for expensive cargo or equipment that is at risk of robbery.


Adding an immobiliser and alarm to a van will help provide that vital deterrent that stops thieves from taking a risk to steal.


Know What Options To Take


Part of what makes insurance so expensive is the extra coverage offered by providers. Some of these can be essential depending on the type of business you run, but in other cases can be an unnecessary expense.


Misfuelling cover, for example, may not be necessary if the fleet is only refuelled at their headquarters, and windscreen replacement cover may over the long term be more expensive than paying to repair the window through a third party.

Insurance for a Manufacturing Plant

Insurance for a Manufacturing Plant

Have you thought about what would happen if your machinery breaks? Insurance for a manufacturing plant will be essential if a failure occurs.

As any business owner knows, the risk of machinery breaking is high.  This could have a significant impact on your business so you need to be prepared. Insurance for a manufacturing plant will cover you for machinery, supply failure and the factories within which you operate.

Whether you are an SME or a large organisation, Just Quote Me can help with your insurance needs. Our experience allows us to get to know your company quickly and easily. We work with a range of leading insurance providers so various quotes can be provided.

Cover included in Insurance for a Manufacturing Plant

Your business needs to be protected. The fundamentals of many insurance policies are the same and cover you for many eventualities. In addition, insurance for a manufacturing plant will cover aspects specific to you so you have full cover in place.

The cover will include the following.

  • Accidents or injuries to employees where the business can be found negligent (Employer’s Liability Insurance).
  • Accidents or injuries to visitors (including customers) where the business can be found negligent (public liability insurance).
  • Damage to equipment, including computers and phone systems, required to run the business.
  • Damage to machinery required to produce goods.
  • Loss of access to premise used to manufacture products, whether temporary or permanent.
  • Loss of access to the supplies needed to manufacture goods.

There are many variables that need to be considered when looking for insurance for a manufacturing plant.  These include flood risk or on-site visitors so we will discuss these when you call.

Contact Just Quote Me

Our expert team will be able to guide you and find the best policy for your business needs. To contact us, simply head to our online Quote System or call us on 0800 084 2325.


Care Home Insurance Quote

Care Home Insurance Quote

Is your care home protected? Getting a care home insurance quote from the Just Quote Me team, will ensure you have in place the right level of cover.

All health and social care businesses need insurance cover. It is your responsibility to ensure it is running effectively and responsibly so having the right policy is crucial. Requirements vary from business to business so understanding your needs is the first step to making sure you are effectively insured.

What to Consider

Employer’s Liability Insurance

This is a legal requirement for all UK businesses so must be in place. It covers you as the owner against legal action or claims made by employees and ex-employees relating to accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Nursing and medical care involve judgement. However, it is possible a resident or their family may disagree with your judgement. If they choose to make a claim on this basis and suggest there has been medical malpractice, specialist support to protect your business and your staff will be imperative.

Buildings and Contents Insurance

Looking after your building is a fundamental element when running a care home. In addition, contents insurance could be a useful policy addition. The contents insurance covers the fixtures and fittings, as well as furniture, office equipment and any specialist stock. Contents insurance will also cover medication and medical equipment.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is a key element of nearly every insurance policy. It protects your business should a third party take legal action against your business. This could be because of an accident or injury or due to damage to their property. In a care home environment, there are many people, from residents to visitors, staff to contractors so the risk of accident and injury will increase.

Get a Care Home Insurance Quote Online

At Just Quote Me we work with businesses of all sizes. We can help arrange a care home insurance quote for your business. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the process and ensure you have the right policies in place.

Contact us to find out more about a care home insurance quote.  Go to our online Quote System or call us on 0800 084 2325

Public Liability Insurance Quote Online Today

Public Liability Insurance Quote Online Today

Get A Public Liability Insurance Quote Online Today

Looking for a public liability insurance quote that’s tailored to your company’s needs? Then contact Just Quote Me today to see how we can help – go to our online Quote System or call us on 0800 084 2325.

The team at Just Quote Me understands that every business is different and that insurance should reflect this. Whether you have a pub, restaurant, shop or manufacturing plant – we can help.

The Importance of Public Liability Insurance

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that Public Liability Insurance is a luxury that you do not need. On the contrary, both public liability insurance and employers liability insurance (if you employ one or more employees) are legal requirements.

To ensure that you’re staying on the right side of the law and that you are fully protected from any loss that might arise from a claim, get yourself Public Liability Insurance from Just Quote Me. The company has been a leader in insurance for nearly 30 years, which should assure you that the team are experienced and highly knowledgeable in the insurance arena.

FREE no obligation Public Liability Insurance quote

To get a FREE no obligation Public Liability Insurance quote go to our online Quote System or call us on 0800 084 2325.

Get a Small Business Insurance quote online today

Get a Small Business Insurance quote online today

You can get a Small Business Insurance quote online today with Just Quote Me

At Just Quote Me we can help with your small business insurance quote.  We offer a free no obligation quote through our online Quote System or by calling us on 0800 084 2325.

Our business insurance experts are on hand, and can in an instant give you the expert advice you need if you are unsure of any of the sections needed to complete the online quotation process.  We also offer instalments so you can spread the cost over a period of time.

Do you need to provide proof of cover for your clients contracts?

Can’t get on site without proof of Public Liability Insurance or Employers Liability Insurance , then look no further than Just Quote Me, we have, over the last two years been busy creating a fantastic platform for you to login and get your own personalised quotations to suit the individual needs of your business.  Please remember that your policy will only cover the business description listed on the schedule, so it’s imperative you make sure all your business activities no matter how small are included in this schedule.

Our small business insurance experts

Many Tradesman’s insurance policy have warranties and clauses that are not always easy to see or indeed to understand at Just Quote Me we make it our business to ensure you are fully aware of the warranties and clauses so you can be informed whilst running your business on a day to day basis that will help to ensure your policy will indeed indemnify any loss of an insured peril.

Contractors Insurance is also a complex policy often having Contractors all Risks Insurance to cover Contractors tools equipment and materials whilst on site or whilst being used on a contract, this of course accompanies Contractors Public Liability and if required Employers Liability, please be aware that you will need to notify Insurers of any Labour only Sub Contractors and also any Bone-fidelity Sub contractors as to ensure you are fully protected in the event of such a claim arising.

Quality Business Insurance is, in the event of a claim priceless, let us guide you through the buying process and keep you protected.

To get a FREE no obligation Small Business Insurance quote:

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What Is Pandemic Business Interruption Insurance?

What Is Pandemic Business Interruption Insurance?

Many organisations with business interruption insurance are looking to their policies for cover during the Coronavirus pandemic. The majority of these policies do not cover for pandemics, and so businesses can’t claim for losses. Most business interruption insurance policies cover the costs of physical damage, such as fire or floods. For cover because of a pandemic, you may require a specific pandemic business interruption insurance policy.

A lot of insurance providers offer this cover as an additional add-on or extra to existing business interruption policies.

Pandemic Business Interruption Insurance Explained

In most cases, business interruption insurance covers losses caused by physical damage to a business. For example, if a business has to close because of fire damage, there would not be cover for the loss of business. Most insurers do not generally include cover for the loss of business because of a pandemic.

You can purchase pandemic business interruption insurance separately or as an add-on to existing policies. This cover is sometimes known as cover for infectious diseases.

Pandemic business interruption insurance needs considering with caution, as it will not cover all situations. Some policies will only cover if a disease directly impacts a specific business, and therefore, doesn’t include closure because of a global pandemic. When buying pandemic business interruption insurance, it is essential to fully understand the terms and conditions. While you cannot predict the effects of a pandemic, it is worthwhile having protection in place to cover all possibilities.

Receive Your FREE Pandemic Business Insurance Quote Today

Investing in business interruption insurance with pandemic cover is a great way to protect your business from many risks. For free quotes and more information on this cover, get in touch with our team of experts today. We can discuss your unique requirements to help determine the best insurance policy for your needs.

Insurance For Ground Workers: What You Need To Know

Insurance For Ground Workers: What You Need To Know

For ground worker contractors, the job is busy, and there are many tasks to complete to enable a successful construction project. From clearing land to redirecting waterways, ground workers have many responsibilities which can come with a great deal of risk. Fortunately, with insurance for ground workers, you can mitigate these risks and offer your clients and the public complete peace of mind.

What Is Insurance For Ground Workers?

Ground worker insurance helps to protect your livelihood should anything adverse happen on the job or with your projects.

Insurance for ground workers includes a range of policies. However, perhaps the one that receives the most attention is public liability cover. Public liability insurance for ground workers ensures that you have protection for any injuries or property damage that may occur during the job.

For example, insurance would protect you from claims if a member of the public trips over your equipment or damages their vehicle as a result of your work, the public liability can help to compensate the affected party.

Furthermore, ground worker public liability insurance can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. For example, it is possible to receive insurance for varying depths, depending on your needs. You can tailor your insurance for depths of up to five metres, to ensure you receive full protection for all the projects you undertake.

Of course, insurance for ground workers covers more than just public liability. You can build your insurance package to cover all of the aspects you need. This may include employer’s liability, variable depth cover, transport coverage, and so much more.

With the right insurance coverage, you can make sure that no matter what may go wrong with the business, you can reduce the impact of expensive repercussions. At Just Quote Me, we’ll work hard to understand precisely what your business needs. Then, we’ll tailor your insurance package to ensure you have peace of mind for every eventuality.

Are You Looking For A Ground Workers Insurance Quote?

Get in touch with the Just Quote Me team today to talk through your requirements. Alternatively, receive your FREE quote by filling in our Quick Quote Form.

Small Business Insurance Quote

Small Business Insurance Quote

Are you looking for a Small Business Insurance Quote?

Just Quote Me is one of the UK’s fastest growing Small Business Insurance Providers.  We offer insurance for small businesses – anything from Shops, Offices to Landlords, Restaurants and the Motor Trade.  So if you are a small to medium business or SME – contact Just Quote Me to see how we can help.

You can receive a FREE no obligation quote by contacting us on 0800 084 2325 or by filling out our Online Quote System that quotes some of the best Business insurance prices available in today’s every changing insurance market., our online quotes cover all the specifics sections needed to ensure you have not only the best price but also the best cover for your exact business needs.

Our Online Quote System ensures you have not only the best price but also the best cover for your exact business needs.

How we can help with your small business insurance

Our team of highly trained staff will ensure that you are fully aware of not only the cover limits but also the warranties and clauses specific to your policy so that you know what you have to do to make sure the policy will pay out in the event of a claim.

Warranties and clauses can vary from policy to policy and occupation to occupation but a typical clause will be regarding minimum security to your premises such as five lever mortise dead locks, window locks for all accessible downstairs windows etc – theses are extremely important to know so that you can ensure you are meeting these requirement and then in turn your claim will be paid.

Get your small business insurance quote today

For expert small business insurance advice call Just Quote Me FREE  on 0800 084 2325 or by fill out our Online Quote System.

Insurance for a Manufacturing Plant

Commercial & Industrial Insurance

No matter your business or industry, having the right insurance in place is essential. Commercial & industrial insurance is a type of cover that protects businesses from loss.

Because every business is different, the insurance policies they need is also varied, and it is important that you get the right policy for your company. An office-based business is going to have different requirements to a factory. Consequently, insurance policies need to reflect this. Here at Just Quote Me, we offer commercial & industrial insurance options for a range of businesses.

Commercial & Industrial Insurance Options

When it comes to business insurance, there are various options available. The type of insurance that you need will depend on your industry and operations. Most commercial & industrial insurance policies will include;

  • Public Liability Insurance: This covers your business for claims made against you by a visitor or client. This could be because of injury, loss or damage to property in your business premises.
  • Employers Liability Insurance: Any company with employees must have employer’s liability insurance. This covers you if an employee becomes ill or injured while working for you.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: Sometimes referred to as professional liability insurance. This cover is for legal costs and expenses that could arise if a client alleges that your business provided inadequate services or advice that lead to them losing money.
  • Business Buildings Insurance: Buildings insurance will cover your physical buildings of the business, such as a factory or office.
  • Business Contents Insurance: Damage to contents caused by fire, theft or flooding can be covered by contents insurance.

Are You Looking For Commercial & Industrial Insurance?

There are many other options available for commercial and industrial insurance, such as equipment cover, stock insurance and business interruption cover. For more information on insurance for your business, and to discuss your requirements, contact our team or fill out our Quick Quote Form.