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Life Insurance

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Most of us take the time and effort to select the right home insurance and the right car insurance. However, many less of us even consider investing in life insurance, despite our lives being considerably more valuable than our homes or cars.

Life insurance is there to financially protect your family’s future. It usually pays out a cash sum should you die while covered by the policy. Most people pay their life insurance premiums on a monthly or annual basis and it helps ensure you have a level of financial protection should the worst happen and your family be left without you.

Elements of a Life Insurance Plan

When you invest in life insurance you may want particular elements to be included. Standard life insurance plans tend to incorporate the lump sum as mentioned above but you may find other additional policy elements such as:

Critical/Terminal Illness Cover

This type of cover offers financial support should you be diagnosed with a terminal or critical illness. The definition of this term will be outlined by your insurer and may differ from company to company. This type of cover usually pays out within days of a diagnosis and it allows you to make provisions for your family before passing.

Joint Cover

Some married couples or even unmarried couples opt for joint life insurance cover. This is something you can consider but you need to keep in mind questions such as whether the pay out is made on first or second death and the relevant and impact this will have on the family.

Considerations when Arranging your Life Insurance

Arranging the right kind of life insurance cover depends on many factors. Discussing your options with Just Quote Me ensures you’ll get impartial yet supportive and informative advice which can help you in your decision. You will want to keep the following questions in mind.

How Much Cover Do I Need?

This is a very personal question and depends on your individual circumstances. If you have loved ones you’ll want to consider how much they may need to get by and you will also want to consider your mortgage and any other debts.

How Long Should your Cover Last?

The length of time you choose for your life insurance policy will depend heavily on what you think may be necessary at different stages in your life. With dependents and other loved ones and/or a mortgage to pay off you’ll want to ensure your cover is adequate.

At Just Quote Me we have helped many people talk through their life insurance options and find the right provider for their need. Contact us today to get your quotes and find your ideal level of cover.

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