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If you own or manage a Nightclub in the UK you will need cover to protect members of the public at all times whilst on or about your premises. Just Quote Me can provide free no obligation nightclub insurance quote here!

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Nightclub Insurance Cover

If you own or manage a Nightclub in the UK you will need cover to protect members of the public at all times whilst on or about your premises. You will also need to protect them against the possibility of injury or discomfort caused by any products sold by you to them.

This would be covered by our online Nightclub Insurance and there are a number of other covers such as stock, food and frozen food insurance plus beers wines and spirits cover.

We also offer property protection such as buildings insurance or indeed fixtures and fittings cover for which you may be responsible under a tenancy agreement or any other improvements that you personally have paid for to enhance the public’s experience at your premises.

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You need to prepare your business for all the potential risks now and in the future. Therefore, you must ensure your business is fully protected with club insurance. Some of the most common risks of running a nightclub include: Injuries to customers Injuries to employers Damage to venue Damage to or loss of audio and electronic equipment Loss of licence Theft Nightclubs can become a place where people make new friends, fall in love, discover new music or find their identity. Securing the right club insurance ensures that not only the venue and everyone in the business are protected, you as the owner can focus on running fantastic club nights, while helping to secure the future of UK’s clubs.

What happens if a customer injures themselves on your premises or alleges that an injury occurred on your premises?

Do you have the correct procedures in place to monitor all slips and trips on your premises?

Do you have a cleaning up process already in place for spills?

Do you have an accident book to report any such injuries and state what action was taken to prevent further injuries taking place?

With the rise of no win no fee the licensed trade has seen the number of claims rise drastically over the recent years as members of the public have alleged incident where they have injured themselves have actually happened whilst they have attended a licensed venue.

This could be your nightclub. Can you honestly say you could be able to provide evidence to defend any such allegation if indeed untrue?

With the recent change to late licence venues being abler to open 24 hours a day then this has created a difference in drinking and socialising habits in the UK and our Insurance policies have changed to cater for this.

Also the previous smoking ban we provide covers for late night bars and clubs across the UK with some of our clients being venues in major cities and some more rural, we can also accommodate any venue where they are hiring door supervisors to maintain an extra security to their premises.

For Nightclubs that offer food then Insurers may offer to cover both fresh and frozen stock but many policies can have what is called a Stillage warranty/ what does this mean?

Well in simple terms it means any perishable goods must be stored off the ground level floor by a certain height i.e. on racking or pallets. Why you may ask – well especially if the Nightclub is in an area where there has been a previous history of flooding then they may insist on this warranty so that in the instance or possible water ingress into the premises the stock will be stored above floor / ground level and therefore will be protected as much as possible from damage by such a peril.

Many brokers feel it is down to you the policy holder to read the policy covers and warranties we at Just Quote Me feel it is our duty to inform you of all policy terms so that you can know fully what to do to make sure your policy will cover you in the unfortunate event of a claim, after all that’s what Insurance is for and it is only when you claim you find out just how good that policy you purchased is!

Our Policies pay out because you know what to do to ensure they do!

Club insurance protects your business against the costly liabilities that owners face every day. Owning a nightclub can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, hosting a large number of people in one place and while serving alcohol, nightclub businesses must protect themselves against the risk of injuries or property damage. That’s why protecting your investment with dedicated club insurance cover is vital to secure the success and future of your business.

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