Tradesman Insurance

Tradesman Insurance

Working as a tradesman or contractor comes with many risks and your work can also mean others are at risk. This is why savvy tradesmen invest in the right insurance for their work and their business. Most tradesman look specifically for contractors’ insurance or tradesmen liability insurance, tailored perfectly to their business needs.

Almost all tradesmen want the highest level of cover against all potential risks. Tradesmen and Contractor All Risks Insurance provides your business with insurance cover which goes beyond that in a standard combined insurance policy. The additional risks and nature of work in many trades means that a standard business policy simply does not provide enough cover.

What is included in Tradesmen Insurance?

Tradesman insurance varies from provider to provider but it may include many different elements and will be closely tailored to your business needs. Specialists in tradesman insurance will ensure your policy is tailored to you and your policy can be flexible as your business grows.

The majority of tradesmen insurance policies will include liability and professional indemnity insurance. They will also incorporate tools and equipment cover, although it is important to look very closely at the conditions in which your tools need to be kept to ensure they are protected. Some policies allow you to keep your tools in your van whilst others don’t.

Further specialist cover is often included too. Cover such as JCT (Joints Contractors Tribunal) insurance and non-negligence insurance is sometimes included, dependent on the individual policy. Knowing what is relevant for your specific trade and business can be difficult which is why you should always discuss anything you’re not sure about with the experts. The wrong insurance or underinsurance can be as damaging as no insurance at all so it is important to be 100% certain you have the right policy in place.

Contractors All Risk Insurance

The tradesmen insurance specialists at Just Quote Me ensure that your cover is suitable for your trade and the nature of your business. In most instances contractor all risk insurance is taken out jointly in the name of the contractor and the employer (usually the property owner). This works on the basis that whatever happens during the work, there is financial cover in place, regardless of the reason.

At Just Quote Me we pride ourselves on keeping things simple and are always available to discuss any queries you may have before you arrange your cover and also during and after the process. We are committed to ensuring you have the right insurance in place and will advise to guarantee you get the cover you need.

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