Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

There is no way anyone can predict the future and you certainly can’t predict when an accident might happen. Even the safest and most conscious business owners have to deal with accidents from time to time. It is part and parcel of running a business but how you are protected against accidents and the protection you provide to accident victims, is another matter.

Public liability insurance ensures that should an accident happen to a member of the public because of your work or on your premises, you have the appropriate financial cover to deal with the situation. Public liability insurance keeps you protected if a member of the public suffers a loss or injury because of your business. Loss can refer to damage to property while personal injury can include illness as well as physical injury.

Your public liability insurance can be tailored to suit your business. Some business owners opt for business insurance packages while others invest in standalone public liability cover, whatever is the best choice for your business.

Am I Legally Required to Have Public Liability Insurance?

No. However, it is a sensible business investment if you want to avoid financial difficulty and potential damage to your business’ reputation. You may also find that your client contracts require public liability insurance so it is a valuable investment for your company, if it means you can garner better business and win more contracts.

If your business comes into contact with members of the public on any level, then it is the kind of investment that your business should seriously consider. Public liability insurance protects your business against compensation costs and legal fees should a claim be made against your company by a member of the company. This could be anything from the allegation of damage to property to an injury after a slip or fall in your workplace.

How Much Public Liability Cover do I need?

The level of cover you need may depend on your contracts or the nature of your business. It is sensible to check your policy every time you take on a new contract and checking within contracts what level of public liability insurance your clients expect. For some companies a minimum of £5 million or £10 million cover is necessary. Always make sure to check.

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