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Quality Insurance is not Expensive, it’s Priceless!

Just Quote Me are Business and Personal Insurance experts.

Here you will find out all about us – “We believe that Quality Insurance is not Expensive, it’s Priceless!”.

Far too many insurance policies sold, do not offer adequate insurance cover to the individual or businesses they are quoting for they are generic in both appearance and covers often either giving covers that are useless to the policyholder or even worse no cover for the sections they actually need!

How can one form fit all Business Insurance needs the answer is it can’t and that’s why we pride ourselves on both our Industry knowledge and our ability to package together a bespoke Insurance policy that will suit your individual demands and needs.

We provide policies that pay when you have a claim because we take all your details and give them to Insurers that’s how we provide unique policies and piece of mind as we tell you what other Brokers don’t the small print warranties and clauses! If you are not made aware of them how can you implement and adhere to them to ensure your claim is paid?

just-quote-me-oliver-robertsAll About Us

The Just Quote Me team of Insurance professionals have over 28 years industry knowledge in the Business Insurance arena.

We’ve placed covers for both local and national businesses from charities and places of worship to wine bars and nightclubs, and all at very competitive prices without compromising our clients’ covers. In fact we have often enhanced covers or increased sums insured and still reduced premiums now that cant be bad.

We are members of a much larger Insurance network, which enables us to compete with any other insurance broker or direct market on both price and service and as we are INDEPENDENT brokers we have numerous agencies with the UK’s top Insurance providers and we offer the best Insurer and cover for the best possible price for our clients.

Just ask yourself these Questions

1) How often do you see your claims experience?

2) Do you know what claims are on there?

3) Do you have a say whether or not a claim is paid or defended?

4) If you don’t authorise your claims experience to be released into the insurance markets prior to your renewal, how do you know it’s correct? How can the premiums that come back from possible new Insurers be the best? or indeed your current Insurers may simply have forgotten to clean up your claims experience and that error may be costing you thousands or pounds!

Our philosophy  at Just Quote Me is to give our clients back the control of their insurances. If you are interested in changing the way you handle your insurances and are looking to reduce costs without reducing covers, then Just Quote Me Ltd is a good place to start.

You know have control of your wages, rent, fuel and expenses, so why not your insurance? Lets talk and help you make an informed purchase this year.

So what kind of Insurance do you need?

Lets be honest you’re here to find some form of Business insurance so Let’s start at the beginning and find you the right cover at a competitive price or if you would simply prefer a FREE Business Insurance Review of your current policies then please complete the enquiry form and lets welcome your business to the world of Just Quote Me Ltd.

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