Tools In Transit Insurance (Includes overnight Cover)

Tools In Transit Insurance (Includes overnight Cover)

Whether a builder, mechanic, plumber, electrician or anyone who works with their own set of tools, their value is beyond measure.

The tools which allow you to do your job are almost invaluable as without them, where would you be? Chances are you have insurance for your vehicle, your home and other valuables but what about your tools? More importantly, what about your tools when they’re kept in your van?

2017 figures saw tool theft increase 30% on previous years and without adequate tools in transit insurance, the owners were left out of pocket, unable to work and in definite financial worry. Tools in transit insurance is there to protect you and your business should the worst happen. It can protect against theft and damage, ensuring you can quickly get back to work and not lose any earnings or be out of pocket purchasing new tools.

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Why do I need Tools in Transit Insurance?

Insurance for tools kept in your vehicle gives you extra peace of mind. It allows you to leave your vehicle safely and securely without the worry that you’ll be out of pocket. Many people believe they are covered by their van or vehicle insurance for their tools, but this is rarely the case. If your vehicle is broken into or stolen, your tools are not protected. This is why you need tools in transit insurance.

Tools in transit insurance is a standalone product which you can purchase for almost any van or vehicle. It is also possible to find tools policies which cover your equipment whether at home or in the vehicle so this is another consideration too. Protecting your tools against loss or damage ensures you never have to miss a day’s work and your investment in your equipment is fully protected.

As with all policies, it is important to check your tools in transit quotes for their exact specifications. Some may not protect you for overnight for example, so if this is a necessity, make sure you find a policy with this included. It is also important to remember that tools in transit insurance comes with expectations of how you keep your tools. Most policies will expect that your tools are kept fully out of sight for example and will also only cover vehicles which are securely parked and locked.

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