Cleaning Contractors Insurance

Cleaning Contractors Insurance

There are risks in the cleaning industry, whether you’re a small independent contractor or a large contract cleaning business. These risks can be protected and mitigated against with cleaning contractors insurance.

At Just Quote Me we offer a range of specialised business insurance premiums including cleaning contractors insurance for your business. You work hard both building your business and in the day to day activities but there is always the chance of an accident or mistake. Without insurance, you could find yourself in significant financial difficulty should a client or member of public make a compensation claim against your business.

With a combined experience of over 30 years’ in business insurance, the Just Quote Me team is primed to ensure you get the right level of cleaning contractors insurance for your needs.

What does Cleaning Contractors Insurance Include?

Most cleaning contractors insurance premiums will incorporate public liability insurance and employers’ liability insurance. It may also incorporate products liability, stock insurance and tools insurance.

If you have premises you can arrange cover which incorporates your building and contents insurance too. Some businesses may need more specific elements of their policy too such as professional indemnity, loss of keys and cyber liability insurance.

Some cleaning businesses may choose to invest in specific contractors all risk and business interruption insurance too, to ensure even more cover for all eventualities. The beauty of insurance tailored to your business is that you can highlight the kinds of cover you need.

Cleaning Contractors Insurance with Just Quote Me

Just Quote Me specialise in the business insurance sector and this includes placing cover for cleaning contractors of different sizes. We focus on ensuring all of our clients has a competitive rate for their premium, while at the same time ensuring it is appropriate and provides every individual element the business could need.

As an independent cleaning contractors insurance broker we position ourselves competitively to offer quality cleaning company insurance premiums which stand up against both other brokers and direct market quotes.

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