Close Protection Insurance

Close Protection Insurance

Whether you are an established brand or individual providing professional services, your endeavors expose you to various risks. Among the most efficient ways to mitigate such risks is acquiring insurance cover. Insurance provides the much-needed peace of mind as you navigate various considerations. If you are operating in consultancy, chauffeuring, training, and surveillance, to mention a few, you can enjoy close protection insurance, a specialised package designed with your needs in mind.

Close protection insurance covers various areas, and it is flexible enough to provide sufficient cover following your unique requirements. The best part is that you won’t have jump through hoops to find an ideal policy now that you can get an insurance quote online for close protection. Are you still wondering how the policy can be of help? Here is what the standard close protection insurance covers to help you make an informed decision.

Employers Liability

While striving to fulfil your services, you may have to enlist employees, including sub-contractors working directly under your orders. During the engagement, the employee might bring a claim against you, stating that they suffered bodily injuries, fell ill, or incurred losses as a result of the work they’ve done for you. Close protection employers liability provides compensation for such cases, costs that could significantly affect your financial performance.

Public liability

Third-party claims can be quite damaging. Members of the public might make a claim, either for bodily injuries, property damage, or disruptions, such as a denial of access due to your undertakings. Such claims can be time-consuming and financially draining. With close protection insurance, you can rest easy, knowing that such costs won’t ruin your progress.

Professional Indemnity

The cover is perhaps one of the primary reasons every professional should invest in sufficient close protection insurance. This covers a range of concerns, mainly revolving around negligence and infringement of intellectual property rights. Claims concerning breach of confidence or misuse of information, dishonesty, and defamation are common in professional settings. For example, while working on a consultancy line, a client might claim that your professional advice wasn’t reliable and led to significant losses. If it is proven, such a claim can prove to be costly. With professional indemnity, you can avoid the devastating financial implications that such claims can cause. From legal costs incurred in your defense to settling the compensation awarded to the affected party, close protection insurance cover go a long way in facilitating financial continuity despite the unfortunate occurrence.

Is close protection insurance right for you? Here is the good news; you don’t have to settle for the standard options. Other elements could be added to match your situation, such as directors/officers’ liability, premises, and equipment cover, to mention a few.

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