Telehandler Insurance

Telehandler Insurance

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Many agricultural businesses would be lost without their telehandler or telehandlers, so what would you if it was damaged, or stolen?

Telehandlers are a key piece of plant for many businesses and like all key assets in business they should be insured. Telehandler insurance can be packaged in a number of ways. Lots of business owners like to get as much cover as possible for their key machinery, including telehandlers and it is possible to arrange a telehandler insurance policy which incorporates any driver cover, as well as protection against theft or accidental damage.

Hired Telehandler Insurance

Some businesses opt to hire their machinery simply for ease and to ensure they can regularly update the equipment when required.

Many hire policies allowed you to swap older equipment for newer models which is less easy when you’ve purchased it outright. When you hire a telehandler the hire contract will include clauses which state how you must care for the equipment. You will be expected to keep it in good condition, working order and ensure it is safe. Some contracts may even state you must have telehandler insurance but most don’t. However, if you want to honour the agreements in your contract, hired telehandler insurance is recommended.

Hired telehandler insurance will cover any compensation necessary should the machine be damaged or stolen. It will also cover any related legal fees and ensure you are protected financially should anything happen to the equipment.

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