Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

Whether you have a single commercial property or a whole portfolio, Commercial Property Insurance is a must.

Commercial Property Insurance or commercial landlord insurance needs to be flexible to your properties and situation and we focus on delivering simple yet all-encompassing policies which ensure your assets are fully protected should the worst happen.

The range of covers which are necessary as part of a commercial property policy can include buildings insurance, contents insurance and liability insurances. At Just Quote Me we can help ensure your commercial assets are fully protected before, during and after the selection of appropriate tenant businesses.

Commercial property insurance covers all landlords who let their properties to third party businesses. This kind of situation offers different risks to those faced by residential landlords because commercial buildings are often built differently and are more frequented by members of the public and this leads to them requiring more protection.

What does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

Your commercial property insurance premium may cover a range of different things dependent on your needs. It will cover the specific risks pertinent to your type of property, whether that’s a shop, office or warehouse. Your commercial letting insurance policy may provide cover against:

  • Damage to your property from fire, flooding or vandalism through buildings cover.
  • Damage to your contents such as shelving and appliances provided to tenants through contents cover.
  • Accidents and injuries through landlord liability insurance should the worst happen and you be found liable.
  • Non-payment of rent through rental income protection. Unexpected events such as floods and fires can make it difficult for tenants to pay their rent so this kind of protection allows the business to continue trading and you to maintain your income.

Commercial property insurance is tailored specifically to properties used by third party businesses, not individuals living in the property. Residential lettings insurance is needed in this case.

Commercial Lettings Insurance with Just Quote Me

At Just Quote Me we draw on our pool of over 30 years’ experience in the professional insurance industry to deliver and place the right level of commercial property insurance for all our commercial landlord clients.

We recognise the need for different premiums for different businesses, even if they seem very similar on paper. We know that one size fits all approaches to insurance simply don’t provide the cover most businesses need so work to offer unique and tailored quotes to all our customers.

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