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At Just Quote Me, we are highly experienced in working with security firms who provide door supervisors, stewards and event management. We provide bespoke cover, specific to the security tasks at hand.

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Security Company Insurance

In some areas of business, insurance is particularly essential. Security insurance for example can protect businesses with a high level of responsibility in protecting the valuables of others and can be devastated to the point of closure should a claim occur.

In conjunction with some of the UK’s leading insurance companies, Just Quote Me has created specialist Security Insurance, in the form of a policy which is specific to those working in the security industry. The insurance is specifically designed for anyone working in the security sector with an SIA certificate and training. Security company insurance needs to be specific and unique because of the intricacies and nuances of the sector.

Everything from installing security alarms to guarding shops, car parks and offices carries risk and some elements of this risk can be mitigated with a good insurance policy.

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Security Insurance FAQs

Security insurance is specific to each individual business. Most security insurance packages are bespoke, ensuring unique cover for the specific business duties and activities that take place in the company. Just Quote Me Security Insurance can include:

> Public liability insurance for security companies

Employee and public liability insurance cover all your employees and anyone who comes onto your premise. Accidents occur everywhere, and insurance covers you if anyone were to make a claim following an incident.

> Employers’ liability insurance

> Loss of keys cover

People lose their keys all the time. And if you’ve lost your company keys or they’re stolen, or in the wrong hands, you’ve got a security threat. Therefore, you need to cover yourself and the cost of replacing the locks and getting new keys made. This can be hugely costly and so worth considering.

> Misuse of telephones cover

Security company insurance covers you against company phone misuse. This includes when fraudsters ring the public claiming to be you. In addition to this, it covers you if your employees are using the phones for personal calls, which can be costly, especially if the call requires an extra fee.

> Wrongful arrest cover

> Security industry inefficacy cover

Firstly, inefficiency covers you if there is a basic failure to perform security tasks. This is covering you if something goes wrong and it’s because of issues outside of your control. It’s impossible to guard against every possible issue. Therefore it’s unique insurance to the security sector.

The most vital and most wanted cover within this range, specifically for security companies, is inefficacy cover. Below is a closer look at exactly why this type of insurance is so vital to security professionals.

Inefficacy cover simply means cover on the basis of failure to perform. It is a very bespoke type of policy which is almost entirely unique to the security industry. It is very specific to each kind of security role. Inefficacy cover can cover staff, for example if there are issues with a premises which they are guarding and the client sees them as not halting or controlling the issues. It can also relate to alarms and equipment. Inefficacy is almost impossible to guard against at the time of an event taking place which makes it even more essential that you have security inefficacy cover in place.

The cover available through Just Quote Me provides an automatic level of £5 million in public and products liability and £10 million in employers’ liability. Both of these are often requirements for working with local and national government, so you are primed to work on bigger contracts and ready to deliver your security services to any client that comes your way.

If you are going to be providing security as part of an event then you should have security insurance. This includes things like sporting events, festivals, conferences and fun days.

When you are looking for security insurance for an event, you need to find a policy that is tailored to your needs.

If you are the employer, then you be legally required to have employer’s liability insurance. You may already have this type of insurance, but your provider may not include external events in your policy. It is always best to check. Public liability cover will also be a necessity. This provides you protection in the event that someone is injured or property is damaged during the event.

You may also need to consider including professional liability insurance, especially if you are responsible for planning the security for the event. Cover for loss of keys is worth considering if you are acting as a key holder. Wrongful arrest insurance might be appropriate depending on the type of event. If there is a lot of equipment on-site, then contents insurance might be necessary.

Venues and public spaces around the UK will need to make sure they have certain measures in place to keep members of the public safe from potential terrorist attacks, with plans now being pushed through to introduce a law to that effect.

Under the new law, venue operators would need to consider the risks of an attack, taking reasonable and proportionate measures to prepare for and protect people from such incidents. These measures could include more security, incident response plans and training exercises for staff members on what to do if an attack takes place.

This new piece of legislation is sure to change the security industry and the training and qualifications that those in the sector will need to undertake.

For example, all security personnel will need to be trained in counter-terrorism procedures – and we’re due to start offering courses in this in partnership with JQML. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us today.

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“Over 6 years ago, I was working on a door in the lake District when I met Oliver for the first time. We started talking about a variety of subjects, and he asked who I worked for. I informed Oliver that it was my company Tactical Security Options Ltd, and that we carried out a all aspects of security and protection.

Oliver informed me that he was involved in insurance. From that day forward I have used Justquoteme ltd, for my security company. The service, after sales, advice and assistance from Oliver personally has been outstanding.

So much so, if anyone asks me who do you use, I always say Justquoteme.

I highly recommend Oliver and his company, and we look forward to having a very long lasting relationship with him.”

David Pattinson
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At Just Quote Me we are highly experienced in working with professionals in the security industry. We appreciate the individual nature of each client and especially understand the importance of bespoke cover, specific to the security tasks at hand.