Builders Public Liability Insurance

Builders Public Liability Insurance

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What Insurance do Builders and Building Companies need?

Builders and Building Companies need Builders Public Liability Insurance, Builders Employers Liability Insurance and then after these two core covers they can also add other insurances such as:

  • Tools cover including overnight cover
  • Goods In Transit Insurance
  • Full Contractors ALL Risks Cover

Having this extra cover helps you to cover your tools and materials in trade whilst working on a project or job where you are responsible for the work in progress and signed off. Many Builders either don’t insure this risk or are not fully aware of what this cover insures and if they haven’t been advised correctly, then they may not be correctly insured and potential loss could be very expensive and time consuming.

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What Insurance Do Civil Engineers Require?

What Insurance Do Civil Engineers Require?

Civil engineers work in challenging and high-risk environments. What’s more, they are usually the first team on-site and the last tradespeople to leave a site too. With this in mind, civil engineers have to be ready for everything. Consequently, it is crucial to protect your livelihood against the unexpected dangers you may face on site with insurance for civil engineers.

Why Is Insurance For Civil Engineers Essential?

For civil engineers, every day and site is different. There are so many aspects to consider and so many problems you may face. From cables to waterways, pipes and service provision, each job can carry its own risks. One small mistake or unforeseen accident can be costly unless you have the right insurance to protect the business.

One of the biggest risk factors is with public liability. This is where a member of the public or their possessions may suffer harm or injury as a result of your work. Public liability cases can cost millions of pounds, which can spell the end for the business. However, with public liability insurance for civil engineers, you can have the peace of mind that the business has protection, and you can afford to pay for any injury or damage that may occur.

Insurance for civil engineers can also include essential coverage for aspects such as tools and equipment insurances, employer’s liability coverage, vehicle insurance, and so much more.

If you’re not sure what your business needs and whether you have the right coverage for your requirements, Just Quote Me can help. Our expert team can talk you through all of the options you have available. Then, we can create a tailored policy that works best for your business. All the while, we will search the market to ensure what you receive is at the best price possible.

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Insurance For Ground Workers: What You Need To Know

Insurance For Ground Workers: What You Need To Know

For ground worker contractors, the job is busy, and there are many tasks to complete to enable a successful construction project. From clearing land to redirecting waterways, ground workers have many responsibilities which can come with a great deal of risk. Fortunately, with insurance for ground workers, you can mitigate these risks and offer your clients and the public complete peace of mind.

What Is Insurance For Ground Workers?

Ground worker insurance helps to protect your livelihood should anything adverse happen on the job or with your projects.

Insurance for ground workers includes a range of policies. However, perhaps the one that receives the most attention is public liability cover. Public liability insurance for ground workers ensures that you have protection for any injuries or property damage that may occur during the job.

For example, insurance would protect you from claims if a member of the public trips over your equipment or damages their vehicle as a result of your work, the public liability can help to compensate the affected party.

Furthermore, ground worker public liability insurance can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. For example, it is possible to receive insurance for varying depths, depending on your needs. You can tailor your insurance for depths of up to five metres, to ensure you receive full protection for all the projects you undertake.

Of course, insurance for ground workers covers more than just public liability. You can build your insurance package to cover all of the aspects you need. This may include employer’s liability, variable depth cover, transport coverage, and so much more.

With the right insurance coverage, you can make sure that no matter what may go wrong with the business, you can reduce the impact of expensive repercussions. At Just Quote Me, we’ll work hard to understand precisely what your business needs. Then, we’ll tailor your insurance package to ensure you have peace of mind for every eventuality.

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Do I Need Working At Home Insurance?

Do I Need Working At Home Insurance?

More and more people are beginning to choose flexible working and working from home. Because of this, many people are wondering what working at home insurance is and if they need it? Whether you are new to working from home or have been using your home as an office for a while, having the right cover is important.

Does Working From Home Affect My Home Insurance?

Some home insurance policies might not cover you if you are working from home, and so it is worth checking. Sometimes, office equipment may not be covered, and client visits can be seen as an insurance risk. Home insurance policies are usually designed for domestic use only. Should you need to make a claim when working from home, then you might not be covered.

What Is Working At Home Insurance?

It is possible to get specific insurance to cover working from home. This type of policy will cover business use in the home. It is sometimes available as an add-on to home insurance policies. Working at home insurance will vary depending on your occupation. For example, if you are running a cooking business from your home, there are more risks than someone working part-time at a computer.

Insurance providers will need information on your job and what it involves so that they can provide adequate cover. Anyone who has clients visiting their property for business reasons will also require third party liability which is sometimes included in working at home policies. This will provide cover should someone injure themselves or damage their possessions in your home.

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What Insurance Do Building Contractors Need?

What Insurance Do Building Contractors Need?

Working as a building contractor can be stressful. Because of the complex nature of the work, there are often unforeseen delays and problems that arise. Building contractors insurance is there to protect you and your customers when things do go wrong. Depending on the size of your business and type of work you carry out, you might have a requirement to have different types of insurance and coverage options. So that you can easily understand which cover you need, we’re sharing this guide on what insurance building contractors need.

Public Liability Insurance For Building Contractors

Public liability insurance protects builders against liabilities for injuries or damage to third parties. This includes if a building contractor causes damage to a property or a non-employee suffers an injury because of the works. Because of the risks involved with building work, public liability insurance is a requirement for all contractors. Having this type of insurance will ensure that you have coverage for potential claims against you.


Employer Liability Insurance

Any building contractors who are employers of other staff members have a legal requirement to purchase employer liability insurance. This type of insurance coverage is so that you have protection against liabilities for injury or illness of an employee. In 2019, 79,000 workers in the construction industry suffered work-related ill-health. Employer liability insurance is compulsory in order to protect against these cases of ill-health.


Contractors All Risk Insurance

This type of insurance is specifically for the construction industry. Because of the potential damage that can take place during building works, this covers any physical damage to sites and work materials. Contractors all risk insurance is usually sold alongside public liability insurance. This is because public liability doesn’t always provide full coverage, but contractors all risk insurance will cover against all eventualities.

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What Is Plumbing Contractors Insurance?

What Is Plumbing Contractors Insurance?

Plumbing contractors insurance covers plumbing contractors against claims, injuries and accidents made by their clients or other individuals. While working on a client’s home, a plumbing contractor can cause damage to property or injure a person. Getting the proper contractors insurance in place means you won’t have to pay the entire compensation on your own.

Why Is Plumbing Contractors Insurance Important?

Like in many trades, plumbing has its share of health and safety risks. A plumbing contractor can cause injury to anyone, including clients, a passerby or even themselves.  Obviously, the contractor will have no choice but pay demanded damages.

Damages can be as expensive and may be well out of budget for the average plumbing contractor. Having the right insurance allows contractors to work efficiently without worrying about damages, injuries and compensations. Furthermore, with insurance in place, you’ll only have to pay the excess.

The little matter of public liability

Public liability is necessary for plumbing contractors cover. It ensures they’re well protected from clients or any other individuals that may suffer as a result of your work.

The policy guarantees that any accidental cause of damage to property or injury to a person is covered. Having insurance in place is often a requirement of contracts. Furthermore, highlighting the fact that you have robust and comprehensive insurance cover cements your reputation in the industry.

Of course, plumbing contractors insurance will cover a multitude of different aspects, not just public liability. In your policy, you can include essential components such as tools protection, van insurance and employers’ liability. Whatever your business needs, Just Quote Me can search and compare the market to find the best possible coverage for your business at the best possible price.

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Do I Need Employers’ Liability Insurance?

Do I Need Employers’ Liability Insurance?

The UK Government requires every person or company who is an employer to get employers’ liability insurance. Employees injured or sick during the course of working for their employer will be covered by the insurance. Furthermore, £2,500 is fined every single day an employee remains without this cover.  If inspectors do not see or view a displayed certificate of the insurance, a fine of £1,000 will be required.

While insurance may seem like an unnecessary cost, especially when accidents seem unfeasible, it is of vital importance, just in case the worst happens. Every employee requires coverage for injury or sickness while carrying out their duties for the company.

What employers’ liability really means

Generally, this liability insurance protects employers from any compensation claim by any employee in the course of duty. Whether it’s injury or illness while working for the employer, the workers will be well covered. The legally-demanded insurance kicks in when a company or self-employed individual employs just one person. As soon as you take on staff, you need insurance.

For instance, an employee may suffer a fall or get sick in the course of their duty. As such, employers’ liability will cover their medical bills as well as legal fees.

Also, this liability insurance can cater to claims raised by former employees. Some illnesses and complications might take a while to show or depict their symptoms. As a result, former employees might demand compensation, perhaps months or years after they left your company. This liability cover can insure all these.

For instances of former cases, it is important to ensure you’ve safely stored every document related to the insurance. It is wise to keep records of the insurance, whether the cover has expired or not. Also, ensure the insurer has your Employer Reference Number to make the process of tracing past workers easier.

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Warehouse Insurance

Warehouse Insurance

Whether they manufacture, store or sell wholesale goods, warehouses generally hold large volumes of stock which would be expensive to replace if they were stolen or damaged. The same is true of the building itself and the equipment inside. This is why businesses need warehouse insurance. Without it, they won’t be able to protect their property, their workforce, their clients or customers.

Warehouse Insurance Policies

Companies can buy a single, comprehensive, warehouse insurance policy or separate policies that will offer full protection altogether. Whichever option they choose, however, their insurance cover should include:

  • Buildings Insurance, including water, fire and accidental damage. Malicious damage is also included in some policies, or business can ask it is added.
  • Stock Insurance, which replaces damaged stock.
  • Content Insurance, which includes all the non-stock elements of a business that might be housed in a warehouse. For example, shelving, computers, and other equipment.
  • Product Liability Insurance, which protects businesses if the products they sell are faulty.
  • Employers Liability Insurance, a legal requirement for all warehouses who employ staff. This covers for accidents and incidents that happen in the warehouse itself, including the use of tools and equipment.
  • Warehouse Public Liability Insurance, which provides cover against claims made by visitors to the warehouse due to a company’s negligence.

Where businesses use drivers to deliver goods, they might also want to consider additional insurance for forklifts or trucks used to make deliveries.

Because there are so many elements to warehouse insurance it is essential that businesses get it right. If they don’t, they could find themselves covering costs for replacing stock or equipment or liable if staff or visitors are injured.

Buying warehouse insurance

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Build Your Own Home Insurance

Build Your Own Home Insurance

Deciding to build your own home is one of the biggest and most daunting undertakings anyone can engage in. When you are putting such a large amount of money into a venture like this, you need to be sure that your investment is protected. As the owner of the project, you also need to make sure that you are not liable if anything goes wrong on the site. This is where build your own home, or self-build insurance comes in.

Who Needs Build Your Own Home Insurance?

This insurance is for people who are planning on building a home to live in. It is assumed that you will have a plot of land to build on, but that construction will not have commenced at the time that insurance is taken out.

How Build Your Own Home Insurance Is Different To Home Insurance

Build your own home insurance goes beyond standard home insurance in that it also contains a business component. You need this extra insurance cover because you will be hiring tradespeople to work on your site. As such, you are their employer and will need extra cover.

What is Covered by Build Your Own Home Insurance

Obviously, the exact cover you get will depend on the policy you select. However, build your own home insurance should include public liability and employers liability cover. This will protect you in the case of most accidents that can happen on the site. Your insurance will also cover the materials and tools that are left on-site during the building works. This insurance also offers protection against shoddy work. So if the work is not completed to a high standard, you have the means to rectify the situation.

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Building Contractor Insurance

Building Contractor Insurance

When you are overseeing the construction on a job site, the buck stops with you. There is a lot of pressure and stress associated with managing all the work; dealing with delays, clients’ expectations and budget issues are stressful and exhausting. Knowing that you have the right protection supporting you to do your job to the best of your ability. That’s why building contractors’ insurance is so important.

What Can You Include With Building Contractor Insurance?

Precisely what is covered by building contractor insurance depends on the specific policy you opt to go for. However, the key piece of your insurance will be public liability insurance. This is the part of the policy that protects you in the case of an accident on the site. In the case of injury or damage, you will be covered. Rolled into this could also be contractors all risk cover. This includes the extra losses that can be specific to building sites that might be excluded from a standard public liability policy.

All business insurance should also include professional indemnity cover. This provides you with the reassurance that if your actions or advice lead to financial loss for your client, then you will be covered.

If you are directly employing anyone for the job, you will need to have employer’s liability insurance as well. This provides you with cover in the event of injury or illness amongst your employees.

With some policies, you can also include additional tool cover. Giving you peace of mind that all the tools on the site will be covered in the event of either theft or damage.

The precise combination of this cover is what protects your interests while working on a job. Depending on the details of your work you should tailor your cover to match your needs.

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New Build Insurance

New Build Insurance

New build homes are becoming popular, and if you’re one of the thousands of people buying a new build property, then you’re probably in need of new build insurance.

What is new build insurance?

A new build will come with a warranty, but that will only cover you for issues relating to building work that was carried out by the home developer. New build insurance would cover you outside of that, including floods, fire or subsidence.

Why is it important?

New homes may seem fault-free on the surface, but as nothing in the property is tried and tested, you may begin to notice things like leaking showers or less than perfect electrics.

What are the benefits of having new build insurance?

It might be something your mortgage provider insists you have to make sure you’re able to pay bills when things go wrong. There are always risks when it comes to buying properties – even new builds. If you buy the property outright, you don’t technically need new build insurance, but it would mean you are not covered if there are issues further down the line.

Getting new build insurance from the date you exchange contracts can protect you if the builders are not covered by the National House-Building Council (NHBC). The NHBC offers a building certificate which provides the 10-year warranty for new homes and new conversions.

New build insurance and the NHBC Buildmark cover you if you’ve exchanged contracts and the builder goes bankrupt before your property is finished. Sadly, new homeowners faced with unfinished or shoddy properties is a common sight, and once the contracts are exchanged, it’s challenging to get the builder back on site to fix any issues regardless of what the warranty says.

New build homes are often cheaper to insure than older properties because they are fitted with the latest technology. They’re usually more efficient to heat and have the most secure doors, windows and locks to protect from burglary.

It’s also worth noting that if you are struggling to insure your newly built home – we can help. Most new builds can get insurance, but a few insurers fail to update their databases, so it could be the case that your new postcode just isn’t registered yet. However, we will be able to seek out the best insurance for your needs.

Do you have any questions about new build insurance?

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Renovation Insurance

Renovation Insurance

If you’re keen to renovate your property but want to avoid the costs that come with correcting mistakes or accidental damage during the work, then you’re likely to need renovation insurance. It may be the peace of mind you need when creating your ideal property.

Who is Just Quote Me?

Just Quote Me is a company dedicated to securing business and personal insurance. The team of independent brokers has over 28 years of industry experience and have placed cover for both local and national businesses. Just Quote Me has worked with a variety of cases from charities and places of worship to wine bars and nightclubs.

What is renovation insurance?

Renovation insurance is necessary for providing properties protection for the home while it is being upgraded and renovated. The insurance covers the existing structure as well as the materials and new work that is completed. It can cover tools, equipment and plant machinery on site during the renovation.

What are the benefits of using Just Quote Me?

  1. The insurance you need

It recognises that under regular home insurance, any injuries obtained during renovation is not covered in the policy. Even the builder’s public liability insurance can mean that claiming is a long process, difficult to determine and might not cover you if there is no proof that work is negligible.

  1. The best deals

The company is made up of independent brokers, which means that the team searches insurance providers to find you the best deal. It also saves you the time it takes to search for yourself and uses their expertise to filter out to the least desirable deals.

  1. Instant documentation

The policy documents are emailed to you instantly, so there is no need to wait for paperwork to come in the post. This means they make the whole process quicker and more efficient.

  1. Three simple steps

The approach we take is in three simple steps. 1) You complete online forms and receive an instant online quote. 2) We use quick quote forms for the customer to explain their needs. 3) Just Quote Me will then come back to you with the most appropriate insurance.

  1. Trusted and accredited

Just Quote Me is a member of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association which validates our business as a reputable and knowledgeable company.

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