Insurance For Schools: A Mini Guide

Insurance For Schools: A Mini Guide

Education institutions, such as schools and colleges, have a very unique set of insurance risks. Because of the nature of the business, most standard insurance policies do not provide adequate cover. This often means that specialist insurance for schools is needed to protect them and their pupils. If you are managing an independent school, state-funded school, academy or other educational facilities, we are here to help with your insurance needs.

What Is Insurance For Schools?

A school environment often comes across unique and complex risks that require specialist cover. When it comes to insurance for schools, there are many things that need to be considered and included in policies. School insurance policies are designed specifically to protect students, teachers and the school’s reputation.

Some areas that have coverage with a school insurance policy include;

  • Supply teacher insurance, which covers some circumstances where supply staff need to be paid.
  • Liability insurance, including employer’s liability, public liability and hirers liability.
  • Travel insurance, particularly for school trips and overseas travel for groups.
  • Professional indemnity insurance, which will protect the reputation of the school should pupils or parents be unhappy with teaching.
  • Legal expenses, in the event that a school needs to pay legal fees for any reason.

Insurance For Schools From Just Quote Me

At Just Quote Me, we are experts in finding specialist insurance products for all industries. We will work hard to understand your needs as a school or college and find the very best insurance options for you. Our team are on hand to provide any advice you may need to choose the right insurance to protect your staff, pupils and school reputation. Because we work with so many insurance providers, we are able to find the best possible prices for your school. To find out more, get in touch or fill out our Quick Quote Form.

Why Do You Need Wind Farm Insurance?

Why Do You Need Wind Farm Insurance?

Wind farm insurance might seem unnecessary, but when you are working in a specialist industry, it is vital that you have the correct policy in place. You need an insurance policy that understands your business and your unique requirements.

Being a supplier of renewable energy comes with many risks that other businesses don’t have. Wind farm insurance means that if anything should happen, then you will have the right cover in place.

Wind Farm Insurance Explained

Whether you are a large wind farm or a smaller scale project, having appropriate insurance is of the utmost importance. Wind farm insurance can cover your business from various risks and mishaps, including;

  • Construction risks
  • Transit risks
  • Material damage
  • Engineering issues such as machinery breakdown
  • Advanced loss of revenue due to machinery or material damage
  • Delays in start-up costs
  • Employers and public liability insurance
  • Lack of wind bespoke packages

Wind farm and wind turbine insurance can cover a wide range of wind turbine models, including all major brands. No matter your business size, industry or set up, our specialist insurance products are here to help.

Wind Farm Insurance From Just Quote Me

Here at Just Quote Me, we are experts in finding the best insurance policies for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We work hard to compare all the wind farm insurance options available to you and so can help you get the best price.

Our team of specialists can help you to find insurance that will cover you from initial installation phases right through to being fully operational. We can find insurance policies for single turbines or multi-site operations, so we can meet your unique needs. Because wind farm policies are still fairly new to the market, we can assist you with everything you need in a stress-free and simple way. Contact the team today or fill out the Quick Quote Form.

Property Owners Portfolio Insurance

Property Owners Portfolio Insurance

Around 55% of landlords own more than one property, with 17% owning at least five properties. For some, these will be residential only. For others, there will be a mix of residential and commercial. Insuring each one individually can be time-consuming and costly, especially if discounts are available for insuring multiple properties under one policy. This is where Property Owners Portfolio insurance comes in.

The Benefits Of Property Owners Portfolio Insurance

Property Owners Portfolio insurance offers landlords a convenient and cost-effective way to combine all their properties under one policy. However, it doesn’t have to mean choosing a ‘one size fits all’ policy. Elements can be adapted dependent on the building, its purpose, its location, and level of risk.  Without such insurance, a landlord may find themselves having to cover the cost of unpaid rent or extensive repairs to a building or its contents.

What Does The Insurance Cover?

Property Owners Portfolio insurance can cover different things dependent on need and level of risk. For example, a commercial property may need to cover a landlord in case of accident or injury, which won’t be needed in a residential property. Similarly, a residential property might need appliances to be covered, something not needed in a shop. In general, however, insurance will cover:

  • Property damage, from tenants and from fire, flood or vandalism
  • Contents damage, whether this is shelving or white goods
  • Loss of rent, allowing a landlord to maintain his income.

Taking Out Property Owners Portfolio Insurance

When multiple properties are involved, getting insurance right can be a challenge. That’s why it’s best to speak to an insurance specialist such as Just Quote Me. Their highly-skilled and experienced advisors can talk you through just what you need and find the right policy at the right price. Contact them today on 0800 084 2325 or fill in our Quick Quote Form to find out more.

Making The Switch To Gas Powered Fleets HGVs

Making The Switch To Gas Powered Fleets HGVs

If you are concerned about the CO2 emissions of your HGVs, then you might be considering gas powered fleets HGVS. The CO2 emissions are lower than the diesel alternatives. Reasons to make the switch include lower fuel costs, less dependence on the oil market, ease of transforming existing diesel engines to gas, as well as reducing the impact of HGVs on air quality. So what do you need to know before you make the switch?

Insuring Your Gas Powered Fleets HGVs

Insurance for fleets of HGVs can be complicated. You need to make sure that you have everything you need, ideally in a single policy. If you have to insure each vehicle separately, the whole process can become complicated and unwieldy. With a gas powered fleet HGVs, you also have the added complication of insuring a non-standard vehicle. Your insurer must be aware of and willing to cover your fleet.

Getting A Quote

At Just Quote Me, they work with you to make sure you have the cover you need for your situation. If you have more than five vehicles, then fleet insurance will be the way to go. Speaking to a broker at Just Quote Me will help you to identify if you need to have named drivers or not. Within these policies, it is still possible to offer cover to any of your drivers who may be owner-operators. However, you will need to discuss this as not all policies have this flexibility built-in.

Speak to an agent today to find the best price and coverage level for your situation. HGVs are a specialist item, and gas powered fleets even more so. That’s why it is so important to get as many quotes as possible to make sure you get the right deal for you.

Wedding Insurance Explained

Wedding Insurance Explained

When planning a wedding, no one wants to think about the things that could go wrong. The reality is that disasters can strike and impact your dream day. Wedding insurance can help to protect you from sudden cancellations, a damaged wedding dress or stolen gifts. While every wedding couple hopes they will never need wedding insurance; it can provide peace of mind. This is because you will be protected should things go wrong, and you won’t lose out on the money you have spent.

What Is Wedding Insurance?

Insurance for a wedding covers for circumstances beyond a couple’s control. It can mean that you aren’t left out of pocket if something goes wrong, and your insurance policy will reimburse you. For example, if your DJ doesn’t turn up and you book a last-minute one on the day for three times the price. Or your reception venue goes out of business just before the big day, and so you lose your deposit. Wedding insurance can protect against these kinds of financial loses.

Types Of Insurance For Weddings

All kinds of insurance can be complicated because there are many conditions and clauses to consider. When it comes to wedding insurance, there are two types;

  • Liability: This protects you should there be any accidents or injuries during the wedding. Some venues require couples to have this cover, so be sure to find out.
  • Cancellation: This will cover you for all the money spent on the wedding if it should be cancelled. Almost all insurance policies of this type only cover for cancellations that are out of your control. This is because they do not cover change of heart.

Are You Looking For Wedding Insurance?

Many couples choose to invest in insurance so that their wedding is covered should something happen. Here at Just Quote Me, we can help you to find the insurance policy for your wedding. Get in touch with our team of experts today to receive your free no-obligation quote.

Pandemic Insurance: A Mini Guide

Pandemic Insurance: A Mini Guide

The Coronavirus pandemic has left many business owners looking to their insurance policies to see if they are covered. Because of the conditions of most business insurance agreements, many do not cover the impact of a pandemic. Businesses often need to have a specific pandemic insurance clause in their policies, or a standalone policy to protect from this.

If you are wondering what pandemic insurance is and if it could benefit your business, then read on for our mini-guide.

What Is Pandemic Insurance?

The majority of UK businesses don’t currently have cover for pandemics in place. In the wake of the Coronavirus, insurance coverage is causing problems for many companies. It also highlights a clear gap in policies. Pandemic insurance is a specific policy which covers if losses should occur because of a pandemic. This type of insurance will look different depending on the business type.

Events and venues may have insurance coverage for cancellations and postponements. Similarly, retail and hospitality could receive protection for closures and loss of earnings. When purchasing pandemic insurance, it is vital to look at the terms and conditions closely. This is because the level of cover and applicable situations can vary significantly between insurance providers and policies.

Do I Need Cover For Pandemics?

An insurance policy which covers for pandemics is a relatively niche product, and so many businesses haven’t invested in it previously. The Coronavirus pandemic has meant many companies are now seeing the value in this cover.

If you own a business that could in any way be affected by a crisis such as Coronavirus, then insurance is worthwhile. This includes all industries and business sizes, and the type of cover might need to be tailored to your business needs.

Are You Looking For Pandemic Insurance?

Here at Just Quote Me, we are specialists in finding the right insurance policies for you. To discuss your pandemic insurance needs, and get a free, no-obligation quote, get in touch with our team today.

Electric Vehicle Insurance

Electric Vehicle Insurance

The number of electric cars in the Uk has been steadily rising. In the third quarter of 2019, over 220,000 new electric vehicles were registered. With traditional car manufacturing hit by COVID-19, it is highly likely that that number is going to skyrocket, once the world is up and running again. All these cars need to be insured. If you are thinking about becoming an electric car driver, then you should consider getting electric vehicle insurance, instead of standard car insurance.

Why Get Electric Vehicle Insurance?

Electric cars are not the same as traditional cars. They have different strengths and weaknesses, and insurance for them should reflect that. You expect your car insurance to have provision for broken windshields, accidental damage and theft. But, have you considered the other issues that affect an electric car only?

Battery Leasing – Some electric cars are cheaper because you don’t buy the battery outright, you instead lease it from the manufacturer. This is an added complication if there are issues with your car. With electric vehicle insurance you know you are getting coverage from a provider that is prepared to deal with this sort of situation

Emergency Recharging – New drivers of electric cars sometimes struggle to manage the range. Planning routes between charging points can be a challenge. For peace of mind, you might want to have cover if you run out of charge. So you can get an emergency charge.

Charging Cable Accidents – What happens if someone trips over you charging cables and gets injured? Your insurance should cover you in the event of such an accident.

Get A Free Quick Quote

If you are ready to get electric vehicle insurance, then it’s time to contact Just Quote Me for a quote. Make sure you have the best cover for your electric car.

Thatched Home Insurance: What You Need To Know

Thatched Home Insurance: What You Need To Know

Few things are more evocative of the English countryside than a thatched roof. Around 20% of the listed building in the UK have thatched rooves. However, it is not only old houses and cottages that are sporting thatched roof. They are becoming increasingly popular in new builds. After all, it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly building material. It looks great too. However, if you are considering buying a home with a thatched roof, you need to take into consideration the extra cost of getting thatched home insurance.

Why Is Thatched Home Insurance More Expensive?

A few factors affect the price of insurance for a thatched home.

Fire Risk – The problem is not that thatched homes catch fire more often than any other type of home. The problem is how fast the fire can spread. If a thatched roof catches fire, it will most likely all go up in flames. The same is not true for a tiled home. So because the scale of a fire is likely to be larger, this will raise the insurance costs.

Rebuild Cost – When you get an insurance quote the amount you will pay id based on how much it would cost to rebuild you home. Thatched rooves are a specialist feature. This means getting an artisan to reroof your home will cost more than a more standard tile finish. This pushes up the cost. Hopefully, as thatched properties increase in popularity, there may be more tradesmen, and the prices will come down.

Listed Status – around 75% of thatched homes are listed properties. If this is true of your home, then it will cost more to insure, for this reason, nevermind the thatch.

Get A FREE Quote

If you need a quote for thatched home insurance, then get in touch with Just Quote Me for your free no-obligation quote. You can get an idea of the costs to insure your current home or a new property.

How To Get A Business Insurance Quote Online?

How To Get A Business Insurance Quote Online?

No matter the type of business you are running, you will need some form of insurance. Because insurance protects you and your business from losses, it is not only a requirement but also a sensible investment.  When you get a business insurance quote online, you might come across various cover options.

So that you can choose the best insurance for your business, it is important you understand the different covers available. Once you know the coverage you need, you can then begin searching for the best price.

Read on for information on what business insurance you may need, and how to get a business insurance quote online.

What Is Business Insurance And Why Do I Need It?

Before you begin looking for quotes for your business insurance, you need to understand what insurance you need. If your business operates with other people, including customers clients or suppliers, then you will need public liability insurance. Because you are operating with others, public liability insurance is an essential but not a legal requirement to protect you from compensation claims.

If you have a business that offers a professional service or advice, then professional indemnity insurance might also be worthwhile. For businesses with more than one employee, employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement. This is because you will need to be protected against any possible claims from members of staff.

How To Get A Business Insurance Quote Online?

Once you have a good idea of the business insurance you need, you can begin looking for a quote. So that you can get the best deal, it is vital to shop around for your insurance. There are various online services which make comparing quotes much quicker and easier, such as Just Quote Me. Because we understand the time and effort involved with getting various quotes, we do the hard work for you. Simply visit our quick quote form to begin your business insurance quote online today.

Insurance for Manufacturing Industry

Insurance for Manufacturing Industry

In the UK, manufacturing is big business. The sector is one of our largest employers and makes a huge contribution to the British economy. Which is why when something goes wrong, the impact can be significant. As well as the business itself, its supply chain or the broader economy may feel the effect.  And, with so many moving parts, there is a good chance something will go wrong at some point. Insurance for manufacturing industry, therefore, is vital. It isn’t something any manufacturing business can do without.

Complexities of manufacturing plant insurance

Because businesses produce goods in so many different ways, insurance that works for one business won’t necessarily work for another. To make sure they get it right, therefore, businesses should talk to an insurance broker, one who understands what they need and can get them the right policy at the right price.

This policy (or a combination of policies, depending on the business) should cover them if the business is unable to operate for any reason. Their factory, or warehouse, for example, might not be available due to fire or flood. Damage to equipment that produces goods will also stop a business operating. Insurance can cover the cost or repair replacement.

Businesses need to think about cover for accidents or injuries. They must, by law, have Employer’s Liability Insurance, which covers them if their employees are hurt, and they (the employer) are at fault. If they have regular visitors, however, or open their premises to customers, public liability insurance is a must.

Buying Insurance for Manufacturing Industry

With so many elements to consider, you are bound to have questions. At Just Quote Me, we are here to help. To get the answers, call Just Quote Me for FREE on 0800 084 2325 or go online to get a quote today.

Manufacturing Insurance

Manufacturing Insurance

The term manufacturing means different things to different people. Across the UK, businesses are currently manufacturing everything from clothing to car parts, washing machines to computers.  It’s no wonder; then, that, when it comes to manufacturing insurance, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. And why most companies use insurance brokers to help them find the right coverage for them in a complex market.

Manufacturing Insurance Policies

A good manufacturing policy will protect a business from a range of risks. This ensures they can continue to operate even if something significant goes wrong. Depending on the type of business, the level of risk, and the level of cover needed will differ. Insurance brokers, therefore, will often combine policies to get the best deal for their clients. These combined policies should include:

  • Public liability: covers businesses for accidents involving visitors where the business is found to be at fault.
  • Employer liability: covers businesses for workplace accidents involving their employees (again, where they are at fault).
  • Equipment: covers businesses for damage to equipment such as computers
  • Machinery: covers businesses for damage to machinery used to produce goods
  • Business interruption: covers businesses if they cannot operate for any period of time, as a result of fire or flood, for example. It can also include coverage for businesses if they cannot access the needed supplies.

It’s important to note that the Employer’s Liability Insurance is mandatory, whether or not a business takes out any other element of manufacturing insurance. However, while other insurance might not be required legally, the risk of not being insured is high and probably not worth taking.

Buying Manufacturing Insurance

For businesses looking to take out or renew their manufacturing insurance, call Just Quote Me for FREE on 0800 084 2325 or get a quote online using our Quick Quote Form.

Industrial Insurance

Industrial Insurance

The industrial sector is vast. It is also varied, covering a whole host of different businesses. According to the UK government, these range from Aerospace to Tourism. It’s probably no wonder then that industrial insurance can be complex and, for many businesses, confusing.

What is Industrial Insurance?

Industry insurance is a single policy, or package of policies that protect business operations, providing cover if they cannot operate for any reason. For example, if equipment needs repairing or replacing due to damage. It also covers the company if staff or visitors are hurt, and they (the company) are negligent.  The difference is the level of risk businesses face and the impact on their operations if something goes wrong. It is essential, therefore, to specifically tailor industrial insurance to the sector.

What does industry insurance cover?

Industrial insurance covers businesses against accident and injury claims from members of the public (pubic liability) and employees if the company is negligent. Employer’s Liability Insurance is a legal requirement.

It also covers equipment and machinery. Equipment includes computers and telephone systems, anything that is needed to keep the back-end operations running. Machinery includes anything used to produce parts and products.

Another key area is the premises. Many industrial companies use factories to produce goods, warehouses to store them. Then there are their offices where administrative work takes place. The loss of any of these can have a significant impact on their ability to operate. Industry insurance covers them all.

Buying Industrial Insurance

To ensure full coverage, through either a single or combined policy, it is vital to speak to an insurance broker who understands the sector. Which is why you need to call Just Quote Me for FREE on 0800 084 2325 or get a quote online using our Quick Quote Form.