Top Tips To Save Money On Fleet Insurance

Top Tips To Save Money On Fleet Insurance

Buying effective, affordable motor fleet insurance can at times be a complex balancing act. You need to ensure that costs are kept to an acceptable level, but at the same time ensure that the needs of your drivers, vehicles and business are all met.


The good news about fleet insurance is that because it is all in one place, you do not need to deal with several different providers or policies if you want to make a change, and thus the savings can often be magnified.


As well as this, there are a growing number of ways that businesses can use to help reduce their premiums each month. Here are some of the most effective ways to save money on your premiums in the new year.

Install A Black Box


A recent trend in domestic car insurance, especially for younger drivers, a telematics device (known as a black box), as well as a vehicle tracker can not only be important safety and security features but also help seriously reduce premiums.


They allow for a more detailed analysis of how fleet drivers take care of their vehicles and help to ensure premiums stay low. Dashboard cameras can work as well to check driving etiquette.


Install An Immobiliser


Aside from driving behaviour, the nature of a particular fleet business can also increase premiums, particularly if your business is responsible for expensive cargo or equipment that is at risk of robbery.


Adding an immobiliser and alarm to a van will help provide that vital deterrent that stops thieves from taking a risk to steal.


Know What Options To Take


Part of what makes insurance so expensive is the extra coverage offered by providers. Some of these can be essential depending on the type of business you run, but in other cases can be an unnecessary expense.


Misfuelling cover, for example, may not be necessary if the fleet is only refuelled at their headquarters, and windscreen replacement cover may over the long term be more expensive than paying to repair the window through a third party.

Insurance For Electric Car And Van Fleets

Insurance For Electric Car And Van Fleets

Electric vehicles are here to stay. As companies realise the benefits of running electric vehicles, there are more and more electric car and van fleets being built. But when it comes to insurance for these vehicles, what do you need to know?

Cost Of Insurance For Electric Vehicles

Currently, it is a little more expensive to insure an electric vehicle. The reasons for this are that there is not a lot of data about electric cars which leads insurers to be more cautious. The instant acceleration you can get in an electric vehicle is also of concern for insurers. However, most people in the industry fully expect that prices will drop quickly. So it is worth looking around every year when you need a new policy as you will probably be able to get a good discount.

You won’t get electric car insurance with all insurers yet. Some are being a little slow on the uptake with electric cars. Some specialist insurers are offering incentives to insure your electric vehicle with them.

Can You Get Fleet Insurance For Electric Cars?

Fleet insurance is a good way to save money if you run a number of vehicles. You can keep all your vehicles and drivers on one policy, even if the renewal dates are different. There are companies offering insurance, especially for electric fleets. Ther are some that will offer a standard policy but are willing to have electric vehicles on it. When you look into these policies, you have to be very careful that you get the right sort for your vehicles. They do exist, but you might have to do some digging.

Get A Quote For Electric Car And Van Fleets

When it comes to getting the cheapest deal, you’ll be best served by going through an insurance broker. Just Quote Me has the knowledge and contact to find you the best deal. They can often get you deal that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get. To see what they can get for your electric car and van fleets contact them today.

Multiple Vehicle Insurance

Multiple Vehicle Insurance

If you run multiple vehicles, then it may be cheaper to get them all insured on a single policy. There will also be less paperwork to deal with, and it can make renewals more straightforward. If you don’t have multiple vehicle insurance yet then here is everything you need to know.

Types Of Multiple Vehicle Insurance

There are a few different types of multiple vehicle policies to choose from. There are policies for both personal and business situations. You can get policies that allow separate drivers to have their own policies fro the same car. You can have the same drivers on multiple cars, or you can have a group of individual drivers on their own individual vehicles. Getting the right option for your situation can save you both money and hassle.

Who Is Multiple Vehicle Insurance Good For?

If you live in a household that runs multiple cars, then you should get them all on a single policy. You can have multiple drivers on each of the cars so you can have maximum flexibility.

If you have several drivers who use the same car, you can insure them separately, within a single policy. This means that if one driver has an accident, then the price for the others is not affected, but you still get the group discount.

If you are a business with a small fleet of cars, each driven by a specific driver, then you should take advantage of a group policy. It lowers costs and streamlines the process of managing your insurance.

Getting A Quote

If you don’t have multiple vehicle insurance yet, you should get a quote today. You can start saving money straight away. You don’t even have to add all the vehicles at once. Most policies will allow you to have different renewal dates for each vehicle. So, find out how much money you could be saving now with Just Quote Me.

When Did You Last Change Your Car Insurance?

When Did You Last Change Your Car Insurance?

If you are busy, it can be easy to forget to do anything about your car insurance. You probably got the renewal notice, and unless you could do something about it then and there you forgot. Once you realise the date has passed and it’s too late to do anything about it. You’re stuck for another year, and you don’t even know if you could have gotten a better deal. If this sounds familiar, then don’t despair.  It’s not too late to make a change.

Benefits Of Changing Your Car Insurance

Even if you go past your renewal date, it is still possible to cancel your existing policy and get a refund. This allows you to arrange a new policy at a much cheaper rate. The best lead time to starting a new policy is 21 days. The amount of money you can save by doing this will often more than cover the small amount you may lose out on by cancelling your policy.

When you just let your renewal roll on the price will slowly creep up. Even if you haven’t had an accident or claim your insurance company will add a little to your costs every year you are with them. If you haven’t changed in a few years, you could be surprised by just how much you may save by changing.

Get A Free Quick Quote

The best way to find a good deal is to speak to an insurance broker. Speaking to an expert at Just Quote Me will give you the benefit of their experience. There is no reason to pay more for your car insurance than you need to. It’s time you started looking for a quote to find the best deal out there. Stop giving your insurance company more money than they deserve.

Electric Vehicle Insurance

Electric Vehicle Insurance

The number of electric cars in the Uk has been steadily rising. In the third quarter of 2019, over 220,000 new electric vehicles were registered. With traditional car manufacturing hit by COVID-19, it is highly likely that that number is going to skyrocket, once the world is up and running again. All these cars need to be insured. If you are thinking about becoming an electric car driver, then you should consider getting electric vehicle insurance, instead of standard car insurance.

Why Get Electric Vehicle Insurance?

Electric cars are not the same as traditional cars. They have different strengths and weaknesses, and insurance for them should reflect that. You expect your car insurance to have provision for broken windshields, accidental damage and theft. But, have you considered the other issues that affect an electric car only?

Battery Leasing – Some electric cars are cheaper because you don’t buy the battery outright, you instead lease it from the manufacturer. This is an added complication if there are issues with your car. With electric vehicle insurance you know you are getting coverage from a provider that is prepared to deal with this sort of situation

Emergency Recharging – New drivers of electric cars sometimes struggle to manage the range. Planning routes between charging points can be a challenge. For peace of mind, you might want to have cover if you run out of charge. So you can get an emergency charge.

Charging Cable Accidents – What happens if someone trips over you charging cables and gets injured? Your insurance should cover you in the event of such an accident.

Get A Free Quick Quote

If you are ready to get electric vehicle insurance, then it’s time to contact Just Quote Me for a quote. Make sure you have the best cover for your electric car.

Electric Vehicle Insurance

Electric Car Insurance For Business

How we can help with your Electric Car Insurance

With a ban on diesel vehicles coming to the UK soon, more and more businesses are looking for more sustainable ways to power their car. Electric cars and vans are becoming increasingly popular for businesses. For these new ways to power a vehicle you need the right insurance and this is where we can help with your electric car insurance.

How Can Electric Car Insurance Save You Money?

Having an electric car or van can help make significant savings with your insurance.  Typically, electric cars and vans have fewer maintenance requirements. This means the vehicles are less likely to break down or have an accident due to lack of maintenance. As a result, with fewer accidents on the road, insurance providers can reduce the cost of their electric car and van insurance.

Furthermore, electric cars often have advanced safety technology. The technology on board your fleet can help to reduce the chance of accidents and collision. This is not only a plus for you but for your insurer too. This benefit is enhanced if your fleet also opts for advanced telematics insurance too – which is another excellent way to keep your insurance costs down.

Research into Electric Vehicles

Studies by insurers find that drivers of electric vehicles are more likely to be responsible drivers. So, by actively choosing a more sustainable transportation method, you could be saving money on fuel costs and insurance.

Do you have questions about Electric Car And Van Insurance?

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Make a Saving with Multiple Vehicle Insurance

Make a Saving with Multiple Vehicle Insurance

When you or your household has more than one vehicle, the costs can add up. This is why many insurers now offer multi vehicle insurance and multi car policies too. These allow you to package all your vehicle insurances together, often delivering a considerable saving. Insurers value you choosing to use them as your provider for all of your vehicles and you benefit from this in the form of your discount.

Multi vehicle insurance is not the cheapest or best option for everyone but for many it’s a great choice. Checking both individual and multi vehicle insurance policy prices is always recommended. This allows you to make the best decision for your circumstances.

Benefits of Multi Vehicle Insurance

Multi vehicle insurance policies usually last for a year. The cost can be paid annually or spread across the year, with the addition of interest added on. A discount is likely, if not always the case. There is also the added benefit of having all of your vehicles legally covered in a single policy. It removes the need to remember several dates for different renewals.

Multi vehicle policies can cover as few as two vehicles and most do have a maximum cap too. This is worth checking in advance, with most policies covering up to 5 vehicles. Be aware this isn’t the case for all providers.

Some policies will allow you to continue to “add” vehicle to your policy. However, when you look more closely these are new, independent insurance policies and therefore don’t come under the same umbrella as the multi vehicle insurance. It is very important to check in advance so you don’t end up paying more than is necessary for your needs.

Arranging your Multi Vehicle Insurance

Multi vehicle insurance may be especially valuable if you have different vehicles for different purposes. This may again change the nature of your policy. It is particularly important to speak to experts in insurance to get the best and most appropriate deal for your needs.

At Just Quote Me we have worked with individuals and businesses for many years, providing help with both business and personal vehicle insurance quotes and policies. You can contact us today to discuss your vehicle insurance needs.

Investing in Classic Car Insurance

Investing in Classic Car Insurance

As a classic car owner, it’s likely you have a real passion for vehicles and you should want to keep them safe. As the owner and driver of a classic car (or several) you want to treat your luxury vehicle with the respect it deserves. Classic cars need specialist insurance to protect them against damage in accidents or similar. Classic car insurance is not a one size fits all option, but it can be tailored to your car’s requirements.

Defining Classic Cars

Classic car insurance is specific to a certain type of car. Typically, premiums are lower than standard car insurance but only on cars which are defined as classic. Insurers define classic in different ways. Usually a classic car will need to be at least 15 to 20 years old and must retain some monetary value.

Some insurers define classics cars as those who have an owners’ club dedicated to them, but this isn’t always the place.

Comparing Classic Car Insurance

Accurate comparisons of classic car insurance are difficult to find. At Just Quote Me we will work with you to find the best quotes suitable for your vehicle. Classic car insurance policies are typically tailormade to suit the owner and the vehicle, but you should expect the following types of cover:

  • Authentic replacement parts: your cover should allow for the purchase of authentic replacements during repairs
  • Value alteration: classic cars change in value over time so the policy should reflect this and allow you to update it as required
  • Laid-up cover: some classic car insurance policies will incorporate an easy option to switch to “laid-up mode”. This allows you to easily keep your car insured if it in storage or off the road long term.

Classic Car Insurance with Just Quote Me

Just Quote Me work with car owners from all walks of life. We appreciate the love and care that goes into owning and running a classic car and will work with you to find classic car insurance to suit your usage and your vehicle. Contact us today to discuss your options.

Compare Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Online

Compare Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Online

See How We Can Help Compare Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Online

At Just Quote Me we can provide car insurance for business and personal vehicles. Whether you need personal car insurance or business car insurance or even further reaching fleet insurance, we offer a range of options and opportunities to get a unique car insurance quote.

Car insurance usually incorporates a number of key covers and may include cover for accidental damage, fire and theft and windscreen repair or replacement. Some car insurance policies include cover for personal items left in the vehicle and some also offer legal expense cover should a claim occur, as well as courtesy vehicle provision should your car be damaged or stolen.

Getting the right level of car insurance tailored to your needs is not always as simple as it first appears which is why Just Quote Me are on hand to discuss your options and provide expert advice about the best car insurance quotes and premiums for your vehicle and situation.

Just Quote Me Car Insurance Experts

At Just Quote Me we specialise in quality insurance premiums and offering quotes to suit almost every situation.

It is common experience of many that their car insurance is sold quickly and without due care and attention to whether it is the right level of cover and fully adequate for the purposes of the driver. Far too many insurance policies are sold on a generic basis rather than one tailored to the policyholder and for real peace of mind it pays to find cover which is ideal for your situation.

Just Quote Me pools the talents of insurance professionals with over 30 years’ industry knowledge and experience, with many very experienced in car insurance in particular. We are proud to have placed cover for national businesses including charities, wine bars, nightclubs and places of worship.

We believe in offering value and quality, never at the expensive of a client’s cover.

Car Insurance with Just Quote Me

As one of the most common kinds of insurance premium, car insurance can be found in many different places, for different prices and cover levels.

Our unique position as an independent brokerage means we can compete with both other car insurance brokers and direct market insurers, in terms of both price and service.

To get a FREE no obligation Car Insurance quote:

Go to our online Quote System or call us on 0800 084 2325

UK Car Insurance increases in last 12 Months

UK Car Insurance increases in last 12 Months

Average UK Car Insurance Bill Sees Huge Increase in Last 12 Months

Consumer Intelligence, a market research agency who provide statistics to the government, has reported that the average UK car insurance bill increased by 13% in the last year. The reason for this has been put down to high claims, repairs and the coming tax rise.

A surge in costly claims has played a key role in this increase according to the market research agency. It seems that motorists are having to pay the price for advances in technology. Repairs to cameras, sensors and other modern features are ramping out the costs of claims and this is coupled with the coming hike in tax on insurance, which may mean the next time vehicles come up for insurance the prices will be even higher.

The average UK premium according to this new research is £788. This is a 13.5% increase in the year to August 2016. It gets worse regionally as in the North West and London drivers are paying up to 50% more than the national average, with North West drivers paying £1177 on average and £1068 on average for London drivers.

More and more of the big names insurance have hinted there are more price increases to come. LV= have been public in their suggestion that there will be further price increases in the coming year.

“Huge Differences” in Car Insurance Premiums across the UK

Consumer Intelligence themselves stated there are ‘huge differences’ across the country and also in between the different age groups on the roads. Younger drivers have always traditionally paid the highest bills and this is still the age, with the average premium for under 25s at £1,831.

On the positive side, younger drivers are seeing their premiums increase at a slower rate than other age groups. The cheapest place to insure a car according to this data is Scotland, where the average premium is just £562.

Changes to Insurance Premium Tax

The standard rate of insurance premium tax has just risen from 9.5% to 10% on 1st October. This measure was announced in the March 2016 budget and has taken place to boost flood defences and support those regions hardest hit by flooding.

The government predict that this change will see very small increases in insurance premiums for most drivers, citing a figure of £2 per year but insurers and industry experts appear to think differently.

Speaking on behalf of Consumer Intelligence their Chief Executive Ian Hughes commented: Ian Hughes, chief executive of Consumer Intelligence, said: “The latest increase in insurance premium tax which takes effect next month, as well as rising claims, are driving the rise in premiums.”

Whether you require car insurance for personal purposes or for business, it is a legal requirement and so even if it seems like your premium is too much or too expensive, it can’t be avoided. Comparing car insurance quotes online can help you to get the best level of cover for the best value. You don’t have to renew with your current provider and are free to shop around for the best possible insurance for your vehicle.