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Three Truly Strange Insurance Claims

Three Truly Strange Insurance Claims

Every business is unique, and because of this needs insurance policies to match.

In the security insurance world, for example, some businesses require policies such as professional liability insurance, whilst others that have security guards and officers would need to have coverage to protect them from harm and legal issues whilst they do their job.

However, even by the broad standards of the insurance world, some truly surreal insurance claims have been made.


The Triple Whammy

Car collisions happen all the time, and no individual part of this story is strange, but the entire story is truly bizarre.

One day whilst in his car, an unnamed driver accidentally bumped into the car in front, breaking one of the rear headlamps. Concerned that there may be more damage, he reversed to get a better look, only to bump into a car behind him.

So far, this is a relatively mundane degree of bad luck, particularly during rush hour traffic. What makes this truly strange, however, is that at the exact moment the driver decided to step out of the car to swap insurance details, a passing cyclist just happened to be riding past the door.

They were sent flying, leading to three insurance claims in the space of about a minute.


Motivational Liability

The motivational speaking circuit, whilst filled with some rather unique advice at times, typically does not cause any physical injuries.

The exception to this was the case of one unfortunate presenter who had to pay out after a member of their audience hurt themselves trying to break a wooden board with their bare hands.

Thankfully, the insurers covered it and the issue was quickly solved.


Up In Smoke

Wedding insurance is a unique type of policy but often it covers issues with the ceremony or if half of the couple decide to pull out of the proceedings, but in the case of one Italian couple, their plans went up in smoke quite literally.

After she stood a little too close to a barbeque, the blushing bride saw her hand-made wedding dress go up in flames. Thinking quickly, her new husband chucked her into the sea, which despite sounding like a joke, ended up saving her life.

Unfortunately, her dress was ruined, but thankfully her insurance provider paid out compensation worth half the value of the dress.

What Are The Insurance Requirements for The Security Industry?

What Are The Insurance Requirements for The Security Industry?

The security industry covers a broad spectrum, and this means that the insurance policies relating to the sector tend to be bespoke, rather than a one-size fits-all package. The type of cover will depend on the level and the nature of the risk undertaken by the company. here’s a look at the most common insurance needed for security-based businesses.


Events security cover

For a company that arranges and hosts events, such as sports matches, concerts, and so on, public liability insurance is essential. This will provide the business with cover, if a member of the public makes a claim because of injury or illness caused to them while they attended an event. It will also provide cover if property is damaged during an event.

Other types of cover that may be needed for events insurance include loss of keys cover, and contents insurance if there will be significant amounts of materials or valuable equipment at the event. Businesses will also need employer’s liability insurance, should a member of staff suffer an injury at work and bring a case against the company.

Professional liability insurance may be required for companies which specialise in organising and planning events, and making the security arrangements. It may be worth considering cancellation cover, which will protect the business against financial loss, should the event have to be cancelled at short notice.


Security industry inefficacy cover

Inefficacy cover is defined as ‘cover on the basis of failure to perform.’ This could be in relation to equipment such as security lighting, fencing, or alarms which don’t function as expected. It could also relate to staff who are accused of not dealing with a security situation in an appropriate manner.

Inefficacy cover is a bespoke policy that will be unique to each company. If you are looking for security company insurance, talk to us today.

What Makes Security Business Insurance Different?

What Makes Security Business Insurance Different?

Every business has a set of challenges that make them unique, and the security sector is no different. Because security guards and equipment often operate in dangerous situations, security insurance provides dedicated cover to help protect both the business and its staff.

One of the key differences between security businesses and other industries is that often security works very closely with members of the public and so public liability becomes an even greater issue than it would be otherwise and is part of packages aimed at the security industry.

Public liability cover protects a business from the cost of legal claims made by members of the public made in connection with business, activities, which in this case would include personal security, manning the doors and protecting people in events.

Beyond this, an insurance package for the security industry will often include professional indemnity protection, which can be important for businesses that fit and facilitate security systems.

If, for example, a security system is fitted, but due to an error or omission damage is caused to the client, professional indemnity helps to cover the claim, giving the business more confidence and peace of mind to provide the best service possible.

Outside of crises, catastrophes, harm to the public and professional liability, security business insurance can help in a range of other ways, such as providing support in case of wrongful arrest whilst on duty and even cover in case keys are lost.

Exactly what components are in a security business insurance package will depend largely on the needs of the business and the provider themselves, but they should aim to cover the wide range of risks facing security professionals on a day-to-day basis.

Construction Site Thefts Soar During Last 18 Months

Construction Site Thefts Soar During Last 18 Months

Theft of plant and machinery equipment from building sites soared by 50% during the pandemic, according to the Construction Equipment Association (CEA). Initially, the spike in thefts was driven by opportunistic thieves and organised crime gangs taking advantage of the hasty shutdown of many sites during the first lockdown in March 2020.

Although building sites are now up and running again, many are facing labour shortages, and long delays in deliveries, alongside soaring costs for construction materials. This is driving site thefts back up again, as thieves take advantage of unsecured equipment, and inadequate security and monitoring measures.

In July, thieves in Newark made off with a JCB telehandler from a construction site. Although it was fitted with a tracker, this was removed and left behind at the site, The Nottingham Post reports. The theft occurred over a weekend, and left workers unable to carry out their jobs on Monday morning.

Building contractors and tradesmen often bring their own machinery to a site, or hire plant. In either case, if the equipment is lost or damaged, they will need to be repaired or replaced, which can be very costly. It’s estimated that the construction industry loses £800m per year to machinery theft, the CEA says.

DC Chris Piggott, Rural Vehicle Crime intelligence officer, NAVCIS (National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service), said: “Many construction and agricultural vehicles now have so-called smart keys containing electronic information needed to start the machine, so it’s vital that keys are removed from machines and stored securely in a remote location.”

Despite all reasonable efforts to secure plant, accident or loss still sometimes happens. That’s why it is essential to be adequately insured for machinery including diggers, bulldozers, concrete mixers, cherry pickers, forklifts, dumpers, cranes, and so forth. Whether you own all your plant, or work on a hire basis, you will need a relevant policy.


For business insurance in Wolverhampton, talk to us today!

Blaze Breaks Out At Durham Building Site

Blaze Breaks Out At Durham Building Site

A dramatic fire at a building site in the city of Durham has provided a reminder of the importance for contractors to make sure they are comprehensively insured against unexpected incidents on construction sites.

Building site accidents usually involve incidents such as falls from height or injuries caused by people coming into contact with machinery. However, the whole city was left aware of the incident that occurred this week (September 15th).

The blaze at the new leisure, office and housing development on Milburngate in the city centre led to eight fire crews being sent in, with unfounded rumours of an explosion. Buses were diverted and locals were told to close their doors and windows. However, one person needed medical treatment for smoke inhalation.

Fire service area manager Keith Wanley confirmed that there had been no explosion and the fire, which crews were able to extinguish, was confined to a wall cavity.

For many staff, it was a hair-raising experience. Speaking to the Chronicle Live, curtain wall installer Andy Mills said he had difficulty breathing because of the smoke as he fled the scene.

He remarked: “I’ve been on sites for 30 years and I’ve never seen anything like that. I’m just thankful that I got out.”

Fires on building sites come with all kinds of risks that need covering. As well as the need for employers’ liability insurance in case of anything happening to workers, there is also a need to cover against damage caused to plant and equipment, which could be damaged or destroyed in a fire or if a structure collapses on it.

Other major risks include objects falling from height, especially on sites where cranes are involved.

This week witnessed a tragic crane accident when a man died after a crane lifting a hot tub to the upstairs of a property in Mangotsfield near Bristol toppled over, causing the item to fall on him.

In this case the victim, Michael Burcombe, was himself the boss of the company, Burcombe Crane Hire.

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What Types Of Liability Insurance Are There?

What Types Of Liability Insurance Are There?

Liability is a risk that is common to nearly every business out there, as there is always a possibility, however slim in some cases, that a business may face legal challenges and lawsuits, which would require funding a legal defence team or paying damages.

Liability insurance, also known as third-party insurance helps to fund the defence and payout to people who are not insured by the policy.

Depending on the business in question, there are typically three types of liability that most businesses either should or in some cases must get in order to safely run a business in the UK.


Employers Liability Insurance

When a business begins to employ staff they must purchase adequate Employers’ Liability insurance, and can even be fined £2,500 every day they do not have the right insurance.

Employers liability insurance, or worker’s compensation, pays compensation to any employee who is injured or becomes ill as a result of the work they undertake for you.

It ensures that money will be available to deal with any injury claims made, as well as covering any legal costs for any action taken against the business or any employee, director or partner in it.


Public Liability

Public liability insurance works similarly to Employers’ Liability insurance, with the primary difference being that instead of protecting against workers filing suit it instead protects against members of the public who make a legal claim.

If something happens at your work that injures a customer, a bystander or damages someone else’s property, the business is liable, even if it does not happen on your premises.


Product Liability

For businesses that produce, manufacture or distribute a tangible physical product to the public, injuries caused by these products are the responsibility of these businesses.

Product liability covers the cost of compensation and the legal costs associated with it.


Care Home Insurance Quote

Care Home Insurance Quote

Is your care home protected? Getting a care home insurance quote from the Just Quote Me team, will ensure you have in place the right level of cover.

All health and social care businesses need insurance cover. It is your responsibility to ensure it is running effectively and responsibly so having the right policy is crucial. Requirements vary from business to business so understanding your needs is the first step to making sure you are effectively insured.

What to Consider

Employer’s Liability Insurance

This is a legal requirement for all UK businesses so must be in place. It covers you as the owner against legal action or claims made by employees and ex-employees relating to accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Nursing and medical care involve judgement. However, it is possible a resident or their family may disagree with your judgement. If they choose to make a claim on this basis and suggest there has been medical malpractice, specialist support to protect your business and your staff will be imperative.

Buildings and Contents Insurance

Looking after your building is a fundamental element when running a care home. In addition, contents insurance could be a useful policy addition. The contents insurance covers the fixtures and fittings, as well as furniture, office equipment and any specialist stock. Contents insurance will also cover medication and medical equipment.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is a key element of nearly every insurance policy. It protects your business should a third party take legal action against your business. This could be because of an accident or injury or due to damage to their property. In a care home environment, there are many people, from residents to visitors, staff to contractors so the risk of accident and injury will increase.

Get a Care Home Insurance Quote Online

At Just Quote Me we work with businesses of all sizes. We can help arrange a care home insurance quote for your business. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the process and ensure you have the right policies in place.

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What Is Pandemic Business Interruption Insurance?

What Is Pandemic Business Interruption Insurance?

Many organisations with business interruption insurance are looking to their policies for cover during the Coronavirus pandemic. The majority of these policies do not cover for pandemics, and so businesses can’t claim for losses. Most business interruption insurance policies cover the costs of physical damage, such as fire or floods. For cover because of a pandemic, you may require a specific pandemic business interruption insurance policy.

A lot of insurance providers offer this cover as an additional add-on or extra to existing business interruption policies.

Pandemic Business Interruption Insurance Explained

In most cases, business interruption insurance covers losses caused by physical damage to a business. For example, if a business has to close because of fire damage, there would not be cover for the loss of business. Most insurers do not generally include cover for the loss of business because of a pandemic.

You can purchase pandemic business interruption insurance separately or as an add-on to existing policies. This cover is sometimes known as cover for infectious diseases.

Pandemic business interruption insurance needs considering with caution, as it will not cover all situations. Some policies will only cover if a disease directly impacts a specific business, and therefore, doesn’t include closure because of a global pandemic. When buying pandemic business interruption insurance, it is essential to fully understand the terms and conditions. While you cannot predict the effects of a pandemic, it is worthwhile having protection in place to cover all possibilities.

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Investing in business interruption insurance with pandemic cover is a great way to protect your business from many risks. For free quotes and more information on this cover, get in touch with our team of experts today. We can discuss your unique requirements to help determine the best insurance policy for your needs.

Consultant Insurance – An Insight Into Protection

Consultant Insurance – An Insight Into Protection

Running your own consulting business brings many rewards. You are your own boss, it is challenging, and you have a sense of achievement and making a big difference for the lives of your clients. However, it doesn’t matter how experienced you are or even how capable, when you are advising other professionals often, things do not go as you have planned them. This may leave you in financial distress unless you have the protection of consultant insurance.

Consultant insurance: Who is it for, and why might you need it?

So, what is this type of insurance for, and why might you need it? Well, let’s answer those questions right now.

As a consultant, you have clients relying on your advice. Clients rely on you getting things right when you advise them. However, mistakes can happen, no matter how careful you plan.

Additionally, there is a risk that a disagreement may crop up, even if it is unjustified. It could end up in court and costing you and your business dearly. This is where insurance comes into its own.

In short, anyone who advises others on a professional level can benefit from taking out cover.

There are many reasons why you might need to fall back on insurance for a financial helping hand.

  • You could unintentionally give the wrong advice and be subject to a claim
  • You might be the victim of a ransom cybercrime targeting sensitive client data
  • A client might suffer an accident on your premises and claim for damages
  • A client’s computer or other equipment could suffer damage because of your advice and take you to court.

Let Just Quote Me find your consultant insurance

We can help you find the perfect consultant insurance tailored to your business. A policy that provides financial support for legal fees and compensation that results from a claim made against your company. Call Just Quote Me on 0800 084 2325 or fill out our quick online form.

How To Compare Home Insurance Quotes

How To Compare Home Insurance Quotes

While we all value every item in our homes; from the expensive to the sentimental, many people forget to insure these valuable and treasured items. Home insurance is a crucial policy for homeowners than can not only cover accidental damage in your home but also covers your contents and personal belongings. As every home insurance policy is different, it is essential to compare home insurance quotes carefully to make sure you get the coverage you need and the right price.

What To Look For When Comparing Home Insurance Quotes

When most people compare home insurances quotes, many choose the cheapest option. While the price is an important factor to consider, it shouldn’t be the sole consideration. Cheaper policies may mean it excludes certain coverage, so you don’t have the protection for the things that matter most.

When looking for policies, look for ones that have the cover that you need. Remember, not everything is automatically included. Key features to consider include;

  • Excess – Often, policies will have an excess which may be £100 or more. If there is an amount that you’re willing to cover yourself as excess, then it may impact the price of your policy. The greater the excess you pay, then you may find this can lower the cost of your policy
  • Personal Belongings Cover – This coverage helps to protect items that you take outside of the home. This may include your laptop or smartphone. This may be an optional extra for home insurance policies but is well worth checking and including if you regularly take expensive equipment out of the home.
  • Home Emergencies – This can take a weight off your mind if you face an emergency at home. Often with a dedicated helpline, you can find the help, advice and cost coverage you need for events you cannot expect.

Compare Home Insurance Quotes With Just Quote Me

At Just Quote Me, we do the hard work when it comes to comparing insurance quotes. We’ll take your needs into consideration and search the market for the very best options for your needs. To find out more, contact the team today. Alternatively, receive your FREE quote by filling in our Quick Quote Form.

Insurance For Ground Workers: What You Need To Know

Insurance For Ground Workers: What You Need To Know

For ground worker contractors, the job is busy, and there are many tasks to complete to enable a successful construction project. From clearing land to redirecting waterways, ground workers have many responsibilities which can come with a great deal of risk. Fortunately, with insurance for ground workers, you can mitigate these risks and offer your clients and the public complete peace of mind.

What Is Insurance For Ground Workers?

Ground worker insurance helps to protect your livelihood should anything adverse happen on the job or with your projects.

Insurance for ground workers includes a range of policies. However, perhaps the one that receives the most attention is public liability cover. Public liability insurance for ground workers ensures that you have protection for any injuries or property damage that may occur during the job.

For example, insurance would protect you from claims if a member of the public trips over your equipment or damages their vehicle as a result of your work, the public liability can help to compensate the affected party.

Furthermore, ground worker public liability insurance can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. For example, it is possible to receive insurance for varying depths, depending on your needs. You can tailor your insurance for depths of up to five metres, to ensure you receive full protection for all the projects you undertake.

Of course, insurance for ground workers covers more than just public liability. You can build your insurance package to cover all of the aspects you need. This may include employer’s liability, variable depth cover, transport coverage, and so much more.

With the right insurance coverage, you can make sure that no matter what may go wrong with the business, you can reduce the impact of expensive repercussions. At Just Quote Me, we’ll work hard to understand precisely what your business needs. Then, we’ll tailor your insurance package to ensure you have peace of mind for every eventuality.

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Insurance For Schools: A Mini Guide

Insurance For Schools: A Mini Guide

Education institutions, such as schools and colleges, have a very unique set of insurance risks. Because of the nature of the business, most standard insurance policies do not provide adequate cover. This often means that specialist insurance for schools is needed to protect them and their pupils. If you are managing an independent school, state-funded school, academy or other educational facilities, we are here to help with your insurance needs.

What Is Insurance For Schools?

A school environment often comes across unique and complex risks that require specialist cover. When it comes to insurance for schools, there are many things that need to be considered and included in policies. School insurance policies are designed specifically to protect students, teachers and the school’s reputation.

Some areas that have coverage with a school insurance policy include;

  • Supply teacher insurance, which covers some circumstances where supply staff need to be paid.
  • Liability insurance, including employer’s liability, public liability and hirers liability.
  • Travel insurance, particularly for school trips and overseas travel for groups.
  • Professional indemnity insurance, which will protect the reputation of the school should pupils or parents be unhappy with teaching.
  • Legal expenses, in the event that a school needs to pay legal fees for any reason.

Insurance For Schools From Just Quote Me

At Just Quote Me, we are experts in finding specialist insurance products for all industries. We will work hard to understand your needs as a school or college and find the very best insurance options for you. Our team are on hand to provide any advice you may need to choose the right insurance to protect your staff, pupils and school reputation. Because we work with so many insurance providers, we are able to find the best possible prices for your school. To find out more, get in touch or fill out our Quick Quote Form.