Manufacturing Insurance

Manufacturing Insurance

The term manufacturing means different things to different people. Across the UK, businesses are currently manufacturing everything from clothing to car parts, washing machines to computers.  It’s no wonder; then, that, when it comes to manufacturing insurance, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. And why most companies use insurance brokers to help them find the right coverage for them in a complex market.

Manufacturing Insurance Policies

A good manufacturing policy will protect a business from a range of risks. This ensures they can continue to operate even if something significant goes wrong. Depending on the type of business, the level of risk, and the level of cover needed will differ. Insurance brokers, therefore, will often combine policies to get the best deal for their clients. These combined policies should include:

  • Public liability: covers businesses for accidents involving visitors where the business is found to be at fault.
  • Employer liability: covers businesses for workplace accidents involving their employees (again, where they are at fault).
  • Equipment: covers businesses for damage to equipment such as computers
  • Machinery: covers businesses for damage to machinery used to produce goods
  • Business interruption: covers businesses if they cannot operate for any period of time, as a result of fire or flood, for example. It can also include coverage for businesses if they cannot access the needed supplies.

It’s important to note that the Employer’s Liability Insurance is mandatory, whether or not a business takes out any other element of manufacturing insurance. However, while other insurance might not be required legally, the risk of not being insured is high and probably not worth taking.

Buying Manufacturing Insurance

For businesses looking to take out or renew their manufacturing insurance, call Just Quote Me for FREE on 0800 084 2325 or get a quote online using our Quick Quote Form.

What Is Plumbing Contractors Insurance?

What Is Plumbing Contractors Insurance?

Plumbing contractors insurance covers plumbing contractors against claims, injuries and accidents made by their clients or other individuals. While working on a client’s home, a plumbing contractor can cause damage to property or injure a person. Getting the proper contractors insurance in place means you won’t have to pay the entire compensation on your own.

Why Is Plumbing Contractors Insurance Important?

Like in many trades, plumbing has its share of health and safety risks. A plumbing contractor can cause injury to anyone, including clients, a passerby or even themselves.  Obviously, the contractor will have no choice but pay demanded damages.

Damages can be as expensive and may be well out of budget for the average plumbing contractor. Having the right insurance allows contractors to work efficiently without worrying about damages, injuries and compensations. Furthermore, with insurance in place, you’ll only have to pay the excess.

The little matter of public liability

Public liability is necessary for plumbing contractors cover. It ensures they’re well protected from clients or any other individuals that may suffer as a result of your work.

The policy guarantees that any accidental cause of damage to property or injury to a person is covered. Having insurance in place is often a requirement of contracts. Furthermore, highlighting the fact that you have robust and comprehensive insurance cover cements your reputation in the industry.

Of course, plumbing contractors insurance will cover a multitude of different aspects, not just public liability. In your policy, you can include essential components such as tools protection, van insurance and employers’ liability. Whatever your business needs, Just Quote Me can search and compare the market to find the best possible coverage for your business at the best possible price.

Are you looking for plumbing contractors insurance?

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Renewable Energy Insurance

Renewable Energy Insurance

Renewable Energy Insurance

Last year, renewable energy production in the UK rose to its highest-ever levels. To date, in 2019, it is responsible for almost 40% of all energy production. Large-scale operations such as off-shore wind farms generate much of this energy. However, more and more smaller producers are playing their part in producing renewable energy. All of these require renewable energy insurance.

Farmers and landowners, for example, have begun building wind turbines on their land, while businesses are adding solar panels to their properties. At the same time, specialist companies are setting up focused on areas such as Anaerobic Digestion or Hydroelectric power. While this is all a positive for the planet, it can lead to problems for the companies involved if they don’t have the right insurance.

Types of Renewable Energy Insurance

There are different types of renewable energy, however, all of which need a different type of insurance. These include:

  • Anaerobic digestion
  • Geothermal
  • Micro Hydroelectric
  • Solar and PV
  • Wind turbines and wind farms.

Different insurance will probably be needed depending on whether the business is in the process or starting up or fully operational.

Renewable Energy Insurance Coverage

In each instance, renewable energy insurance should cover:

  • Employers liability for if staff are injured at work
  • Public liability for if visitors or other members of the public are injured on-site
  • Professional indemnity for any negligence claims
  • Poor quality work (from contractors)
  • Delays in start-up
  • Legal expenses to respond to claims or place claims due to workmanship or delays
  • Damage, including fire and theft
  • Loss of revenue
  • Environmental impairment

Buying renewable energy insurance

Because of the complexities, anyone considering getting involved in renewable energy should speak to an industry professional such as Just Quote Me to ensure they are fully protected. Contact them today on 0800 084 2325 for a free, no-obligation, renewable energy insurance quote.

Landlords Insurance in the UK

Landlords Insurance in the UK

Are you a landlord in need of landlords insurance?

If so then check out what is on offer from Just Quote Me today. Just Quote Me is one of  the UK’s leading insurance comparison websites and as such it should be your first port of call when you’re looking to find landlords insurance that meets your specific needs.

All to often, landlords purchase generic insurance only to find that it doesn’t provide them with adequate cover when they need it most. If you’re a UK Landlord then visit Just Quote Me today.

When you’re looking to protect your property and your contents, landlords insurance is a necessity. It can cover you against financial losses associated with your rental property and can provide you with much needed peace mind when other people are living in your house or flat.

Our policies cover Buildings Insurance, Landlords Contents Insurance, Property Owners Liability as standard we can also cover rent guarantee, Employers Liability Insurance, cover for residential or commercial properties or a mixture of both, in fact any rental property can be covered via our fantastic quote systems!

Just Quote Me has been a leader in its field for the past 30 years and as such it has built up a robust customer base that continues to grow and expand. To get an instant quote for landlords insurance, simply input your information on the form on the website or call 0800 084 2325 to speak to one of the team.

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Compare Public Liability Insurance – West Midlands

Compare Public Liability Insurance – West Midlands

Are you a start-up looking to compare public liability insurance for the very first time?

Then it’s important to research your options before jumping in and buying the first policy that you find. Business insurance needs to be tailored to your unique business needs in order to ensure that it’s valid in the event that you need to make a claim.

Far too often, business insurance does not offer the right level of cover for the business in question and this can lead to problems in the event of a claim.

A good idea is to obtain a quote from Staffs company Just Quote Me. The team have 30 years industry knowledge and are best-placed to help you obtain the most relevant insurance policy for your business in Staffordshire or the West Midlands.

Take Back Control

You might assume that all businesses working in the insurance industry are out to ensure that you pay as much as possible for your policy. However, as soon as you get in touch with the team at Just Quote Me you’ll quickly realise that this isn’t the case.

Just Quote Me works hard to present you with quotes for policies that are ideally suited to your business. When you do business with Just Quote Me you can find affordable cover that’s within your budget, without compromising on the level of cover that you need.

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Office Insurance Staffordshire

Office Insurance Staffordshire

Have you just started running a new business in Stafford?

Then you’re probably pretty excited right now. The early days of running a business can be thrilling and of course your number one priority will be making money and ensuring that your venture is a thriving success.

However, it’s vital that you insure your office so that it is protected in the event that something goes wrong. Should your office be flooded or be damaged by fire for instance, the right office insurance policy can ensure that you’re fully covered and that you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Choose the Right Office Insurance Policy

When you’re looking for office insurance for your business, don’t simply choose the first policy that you’re offered. All businesses are different and it’s important to select a policy that’s tailored to the unique needs of your business. The world of insurance can be confusing and so its a good idea to get advice from a leading insurance comparison – Just Quote Me.

The Just Quote Me team has over 30 years of industry experience and is best placed to advise you on your options when it comes to buying office insurance for your business. Whether you’re in Staffordshire or the West Midlands, find out more today.  

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Public Liability Insurance UK

Public Liability Insurance UK

Public Liability Insurance UK

Public Liability Insurance provides cover for your business in the event of any third party claims being made against it, or yourself, for any negligence causing a member of the public to suffer from an injury or illness as a result. This type of insurance also provides your business with cover in the event of damage to any third party’s property.

This type of insurance also provides your business with cover in the event of damage to any third party’s property.

So, in effect, this type of cover protects your business if you were to find yourself in a situation that made your company liable to be sued in the courts. If you’ve arranged the right insurance then your company will have the cover that it needs to reduce its operational risk.

Unfortunately, most business owners often don’t have the time to fully understand public liability insurance and could therefore face paying exorbitant fees for damages should their policy prove to be insufficient for their financial needs. This is why it is important to contact the experts in this field to find out what is included and, just as importantly, what is excluded from any policies.

Why should I arrange Public Liability Insurance?

The most commonly arranged type of cover for small businesses is Public Liability Insurance. This type of protection is also just as important to medium and larger organisations too.

It’s not a legal requirement for businesses to have this cover, however it should be considered as an essential – particularly where members of the public may be interacting with your company. From clients visiting your office, shop or work premises to the potential of dangers at shows and exhibitions, it’s not something that your company should be without.

If you operate from home you may think that you are safe but think again, even home-based businesses need to consider this cover if their home office is ever used as a meeting place for members of the public to attend.

What does Public Liability Insurance cover?

You need this cover, for instance, if you damage third party property when you are carrying out your work, which makes it eminently sensible protection for tradesmen. It is a simple fact of modern life that even a minor scratch to someone’s personal property can lead to unexpectedly hefty fines, more so in fact if you need to pay legal fees should the case go on to court. The good news is that legal fees would also be covered by your policy giving you some vital peace of mind.

It’s a simple fact of modern life that even a minor scratch to someone’s personal property can lead to unexpectedly hefty fines, more so in fact if you need to pay legal fees should the case go on to court. The good news is that legal fees would also be covered by your policy giving you some vital peace of mind.

At the time that you are arranging your Public Liability Insurance cover, make sure that you tell your insurer the type of business that you operate. This will more easily help you come to an agreement regarding the right type of policy that is best suited to you and your company.  Your appointed insurer needs to ascertain the level of financial cover, which could be anything from around £1million to over £10 million, depending on your circumstances and potential exposure.  You will also find that, in the public sector for instance, there is a minimum financial cover requirement which your insurance needs to meet in order to tender for and win contracts. These requirements can be as high as £5 million which may surprise many!

Your appointed insurer needs to ascertain the level of financial cover, which could be anything from around £1 million to over £10 million, depending on your circumstances and potential exposure.  You will also find that, in the public sector for instance, there is a minimum financial cover requirement which your insurance needs to meet in order to tender for and win contracts. These requirements can be as high as £5 million.

Many small business owners tend to think that they are safe simply because they are small! This is not the case at all, without public liability insurance you could lose your income so tread carefully.  Just a simple thing like a slip-up over a loose cable, a spilt cup of tea or injury caused by broken glass or door slamming shut in the wind could put paid to your business plans if you are uninsured.

Compare the different policies online

Comparison websites, like Just Quote Me, provide you with the ability to compare various policies and save money whilst, at the same time, allowing you to transparently compare the often vastly different insurance options available to you.

Just enter your details into our simple application form and you will be able to start comparing policies straight away.

In this way you will quickly and easily find the Public Liability Insurance policy and cover that suits your needs most. We are always happy to help so, if you have any questions, then please call to speak with one of our experienced UK based consultants.

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Public Liability Insurance Advice

Public Liability Insurance Advice

Compare Public Liability Insurance

Have you recently started a new business in Staffordshire or the West Midlands? Then you’ll need to ensure that you invest in Public Liability Insurance.

This type of insurance is essential, as it covers your business in the event that a customer or member of the public suffers loss or injury as a result of your business activities and made a claim for compensation.

The insurance would cover the compensation as well as any legal expenses. The world of insurance can be a confusing one – especially for those starting a business for the first time. Insurance is unlikely to be your number one priority when you begin trading, however, it’s not something you can ignore for too long.

Many people get quotes for Public Liability Insurance online through Just Quote Me. This established Staffs company provides bespoke business insurance quotes to meet your needs.

Tailored Business Insurance

Every business is unique and that’s why business insurance should never be sold on a ‘one size fits all’ basis. Just Quote Me has been in the business of insurance for many years and understands the need for tailored business insurance policies that are designed to fit a company’s specific needs.

All too often, businesses purchase generic insurance only to find that they’re left without cover when they need it the most.

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Small Business Insurance UK

Small Business Insurance UK

Are you a small business in need of insurance?

Just Quote Me has been providing bespoke small business insurance quotes to businesses throughout the UK for over 30 years, So when you’re looking for insurance that provides you with the cover that you need, look no further than Just Quote Me.

Whether  you’re an established business or a new start-up, it’s so important to invest in to right business insurance policy, that meets your specific needs.

Many small business insurance owners feel that their business insurance is an expense that they simply can’t afford or that it is a luxury reserved for more established companies.

This is couldn’t be further from the truth. However long your business has been in existence, business insurance is something that you simply can’t do without and should be incorporated into your budget.

What’s more, when you purchase cover through Just Quote Me, you won’t find yourself paying over the odds. Just Quote Me works with many of the UK’s leading insurers in order to provide you with access to the most affordable insurance to suit your needs.

Whatever your trade or profession contact us today to obtain a fantastic quote.

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Business Insurance in Staffs

Business Insurance in Staffs

Compare Business Insurance in Staffs

When you start your own business in Stafford or elsewhere in the UK, insurance probably won’t be the first thing you think about.

Chances are you’ll be more focussed on trying to make a living from your new venture. However, whilst it might not be at the top of your list of priorities, it should certainly be an important consideration. Business insurance can provide the peace of mind of knowing that your business is protected at all times. To find a business insurance policy that tailored to your business’s distinct needs contact Just Quote Me.

The Right Policy for your Business

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a “one size fits all” insurance policy.

All businesses are different and possess distinct needs that must be catered for. All too often, business insurance policies are generic and fail to provide adequate for businesses they’re meant protect. When you acquire a business insurance quote from Just Quote Me – the UK’s premier business insurance comparison website – you can rest-assured that your policy will be unique to you and will tick all the boxes that you need it to. Whether you’re in Staffordshire or the West Midlands, contact Just Quote Me today to get a quote.

To Compare Business Insurance Quotes Online:

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The ins and outs of Professional Indemnity Insurance

The ins and outs of Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance is a special form of business insurance cover you may find to be completely invaluable. It is a good idea if your firm provides professional advice, help and expertise for other businesses. This applies too for individuals providing such a service.

PI insurance is also known as indemnity cover and can protect you should a client believe you have been negligent costing them financially or in time lost.

Do you need indemnity insurance?

A good question but if you offer a professional service which involves advice or handling data or intellectual property that belongs to a client/business then you could benefit from taking out such indemnity insurance cover.

Should you be subject to a claim, without PI insurance cover, then you could find that you have to pay out the sort of amounts of money that could destroy any business in the worst case.

What protection does professional indemnity insurance provide?

Professional indemnity insurance is will cover compensation to a claimant,  including things such as loss of earnings, future loss of earnings and even the cost of repairing any damage caused to personal property such as clothes, laptops, briefcases and documents.

You should look for cover against any potential damages that could be awarded to any claimant, including legal costs which can easily rack up to large amounts of money. You may also need cover for the claimant’s legal costs should you be found to be at fault, again, these can amount to a tidy sum!

Before you do take out professional indemnity insurance cover, make sure that what you were hoping to be covered under the policy is actually included as cover can differ!

Check out all of the terms and conditions thoroughly. Identify any areas where you or your organisation could be especially vulnerable to any claim.

Helpful further information

The actual level of insurance cover that you need will depend on your businesses activities and the potential risk that is attached to them. These can vary widely which is why companies such as us can help with the nitty gritty details.

Small businesses need to consider protecting themselves with this cover, especially young start-up business, with no cash-flow or financial resources to fall back on.

The actual types of risks that your organisation could be exposed to include, but are not just limited to the following:

Intellectual property disputes


Loss of money

Loss of documents or data


Confidentiality breaches


Copyright breaches

Loss of documents

Loss of IP rights

Think carefully about your level of acceptable risk before making any quick decisions.

Landlords Insurance in the UK

Five reasons why you may not be paid out for Landlords Insurance claims

Landlord Insurance

Landlords have a touch enough job as it is, often holding down a nine to five career whilst, at the same time, doing their best to keep on top of their sometimes unruly tenants!

The last thing that any owner letting property needs is to have a problem with one of their properties that then requires expensive repairs or other remediation works.

This would only be made worse for them if they thought they had insurance in place to cover the risk but then found out that, due to a policy exclusion or similar wording, they were not covered!

It can be an expensive lesson to learn for some property owners!

Such a situation can be a hard and expensive lesson to learn for some Landlords so, to help them avoid an unsuccessful insurance claim in the future, we thought it would be prudent to share the major issues we know of, that may result in such a claim being denied!

So then, without further ado, here are our top five reasons that result in Landlords Insurance Claims not being settled.

  1. Your tenant sublets your property

In the case where your property is sub-let by your primary tenant renting out accommodation to sub-tenants your landlord insurance could be void. This means that you would not be covered if you were to make an insurance claim.

This means effectively that, in this type of case, even though you have been accepted for cover, the policy exclusions will mean that you are still not covered by your insurance provider.

  1. You have an unoccupied property

Another policy exclusion would be one that has a clause stating, for instance, that you are not covered if your property remains unoccupied for more than 45 days. This period of time can of course vary depending on the provider. If you have gaps between your properties tenancies due to your tenant not being able to move in for a month or two then you need to consider this important factor carefully.

  1. You have an unusual property

You will often find that when you first sign-up to purchase a policy, that you will often have to agree that your rental property is of standard construction. This refers to the fact that normally, it would be constructed from brick or stone walls under a standard tiled or slate roof.

In those unusual cases where you have a property that was built with a timber frame, pre-fabricated sections, or perhaps has a concrete construction, then you may not be able to agree to such a clause.

You must tread carefully because, should you not have a standard type of construction that you have already agreed to, then you will not be covered. Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to arranging cover.

  1. Be careful if you are performing major renovation work

Some insurance policies will have a limit on the amount of renovation work that you can perform whilst still maintaining your policy cover. Reputable companies policies will, for instance, cover a property that’s undergoing renovation work up to say a total of £250,000. Some may be higher than this figure and some may be lower, always be sure to check the small print to see what it includes and excludes.

  1. Do you let a flat-roofed property?

When you are arranging your cover, you may be asked if a certain amount, or percentage, of your roof, is flat. This can be a problem when obtaining insurance, particularly for those properties with a completely flat roof.

The other thing to bear in mind is that some roofs will have varying types of construction. If in any doubt you should discuss these matters with your insurance provider to help mitigate your own risk.

Make sure that you have got it all covered!

It is, as we said before, important to be as honest as possible disclosing anything that you think is pertinent to your cover policy. If you do not do this, this is when you may have trouble when you need to be getting a claim paid out.

We are always ready here at Just Quote Me, on hand to answer any of your Landlords Insurance related questions.

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