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What Is New Build Insurance?

What Is New Build Insurance?

Building your own home from scratch can be incredibly exciting. In fact, custom build homes are increasingly growing in popularity. To help give protection to home builders whether they work independently or as a property developer, providers offer new build insurance.

New build insurance can provide peace of mind for all new build projects. The policy can begin from the point where an existing property is demolished, or land is cleared to the end of the work. Insurance can be there to provide coverage for accidents, theft or damage.

Why do I need New Build Insurance?

During a new build project, there is a variety of risks. At the beginning of the project, you have liability exposure. When work is underway, there are risks relating to the quality of the job as well as the tools and materials you use.

Insurance will cover the expensive tools, plant machinery and equipment that you need to complete the project. Should anyone steal the tools, new build insurance can cover the cost of replacement, allowing you to continue the project quickly, minimising disruption.

Another aspect of a new build policy is to provide coverage in the event of an accident. New build insurance will include public liability insurance as well as employer’s liability insurance. This means that as the policyholder if any friends, family or third-party contractor suffer damage or injury as the result of the new build project can receive compensation in the event of a claim against you.

New build insurance can be incredibly flexible, so you can tailor the policy to suit your exact specifications. Simply call Just Quote Me for more details.

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What Is Conversion Insurance?

What Is Conversion Insurance?

A property conversion can be an exciting project to undertake. However, it can also be incredibly stressful and come with a huge range of risks.  Conversion insurance can provide sufficient protection which you are conducting a property conversion project. Whether you are converting a barn, flat, farm buildings or commercial property, having insurance can bring peace of mind.

Why do I need Conversion Insurance?

Conversions will typically be a massive undertaking. Furthermore, they are often undertaken on buildings in a poor condition. Projects are not only expensive, but costs can rise further when things go wrong, or accidents happen.

Having conversion insurance means you have the protection in place for the project duration. It can cover the tools and equipment you need for the conversion which is often an oversight for people. Thieves can pray on construction sites due to the expensive tools that may be available. If your tools are stolen, then you not only face extra costs but a longer, more expensive conversion project.

Another essential aspect of conversion insurance is the coverage for accidents. It is likely that there’ll be many people involved in the conversion. From third-party contractors to friends and family, you’ll want to make sure everyone is safe and protected while on site.

Conversion insurance typically covers both employer’s liability and public liability. This means you can have complete peace of mind that you have cover in the event of an accident or injury.

One aspect of conversion insurance that you may want to include is coverage for legal expenses. This can help with any legal wrangles you may face regarding contract issues and disputes. With this in place, you have the chance of a safer, in-budget conversion project.

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Do I Need Renovation Insurance?

Do I Need Renovation Insurance?

If you’re looking to upgrade your home, it can come with risks. Renovations can lead to property damage, mistakes can occur, and issues appear. All of which can be time-consuming as well as expensive to put right. With this in mind, renovation insurance can provide the peace of mind that you need when you’re doing up your property.

What is Renovation Insurance?

Renovation insurance is a type of property insurance that can provide protection for the home while it is being upgraded and renovated. The insurance can cover the existing structure as well as the materials and new work completed. Renovation insurance can also cover the tools, equipment and plant machinery on site during the completion of the work.

Is my Builder’s Public Liability Enough?

Most reputable builders will have public liability insurance. However, in order to make a claim on their insurance, you need to prove their work was negligent. This can often be difficult to determine and can take an incredibly long time to process.

What’s more, many people undertake their own renovations or get family and friends to help. In which case, any damage caused to the property or people on site would not have insurance. Regular home insurance policies do not cover periods of renovation. When people have the potential to suffer harm or injury from home improvements, then having renovation insurance will mean you have the necessary protection. It means you can cover the cost whether you are defending or pursuing a claim.

When considering the cost of renovations and the additional costs if work suffers damage by fire, flooding or storms, the small sum for renovation insurance can undoubtedly pay off in the long-term as well as providing much-needed peace of mind during a usually stressful time.

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What Is Consultant Insurance?

What Is Consultant Insurance?

Every consultancy business is unique. Furthermore, every consultant operates differently. With this in mind, it is essential to have consultant insurance that is specifically tailored to the work you do. Content insurance not only protects you and your business, but it also protects your clients who rely on you. As you rely on your clients too, it is wise to protect both of you.

Content insurance can cover a range of policies. However, instead of having a range of different plans to keep track of, with consultant insurance you have one premium, one renewal date and one set of documents. You can be sure to have the specific coverage you need, with less of the hassle.

What’s Included In Consultant Insurance?

As each consultancy is different, policymakers will design consultant insurance to suit your individual needs. However common areas of coverage include;

Public liability insurance – This protects you if a client, supplier or member of the public suffers property damage or injury because of your business.

Professional indemnity insurance – This can protect you and your client if they suffer financial loss because of your work for them.

Business contents insurance – This covers your equipment and content should they be stolen or suffer damage. You can read more about business contents insurance here.

What To Check With Consultant Insurance

It is important to read your policy documents carefully and to amend any issues you see straight away. It is essential that your insurance provides adequate coverage, so make sure you know the full costs of items you are covering when you ask for a quote.

Finally, some businesses will ask that you have a specific level of professional indemnity insurance in place before you work with them. You are usually able to increase your cover throughout your policy for a small fee.

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Do I Need Renovation Insurance?

What Is Building Contractors Insurance?

Building contractors face many risks in their jobs and sites can be hazardous. For all building contractors, it is essential to eliminate as many hazards as possible to reduce the risk of harm. While it is important to be as well-prepared and safe as possible, accidents and unforeseen events can happen. For these slip-ups and situations, it is vital to have building contractors insurance in place.

What Does Building Contractors Insurance Do?

Building contractors insurance helps to protect contractors from the risks associated with the site and work. A tailored insurance policy for your business needs will give you the financial protection and to cover the cost of issues that could potentially devastate your business. For building contractors, a single mistake could spell disaster, but with insurance in place, you know help is at hand.

What Does Building Contractors Insurance Include?

You can tailor building contractors insurance to suit the specific needs of your business. Typically, aspects of insurance for building contractors include;

Public Liability – Protect injuries or damage to third-parties as a result of your work or site. This can protect anyone who isn’t involved in your business but suffers damage, injury or loss as a result of it.

Employer’s Liability – This is a legal requirement for businesses who employ staff or contractors for a job. This provides cover in case a worker claims damages if they suffer injury or damage to property while working for you.

All Risks – All risks can protect your business if the job you are working on suffers damage before completion. As the name suggests, it covers all risks to a building contractor, such as theft and damage.

Personal Accident – This protects the business owner with regular income if they face an injury or are sick and cannot work. Typically, this only comes into force after seven days of illness or injury.

There are also many other aspects you can include in your cover such as legal expenses, professional indemnity and financial loss insurance.

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Builders Public Liability Insurance

Builders Public Liability Insurance

Builders Public Liability Insurance – Looking to compare Builders Insurance?

At Just Quote Me our Quick Quote facility allows anyone to compare Builders Insurance or Building Company Insurance in a few minutes.  You will get some of the best rates and covers available in the UK today!

What Insurance do Builders and Building Companies need?

Well to start with they need Builders Public Liability Insurance, Builders Employers Liability Insurance and then after these two core covers they can also add, Tools cover including overnight cover, Goods In Transit Insurance, or they can opt for full Contractors ALL Risks Cover to cover their tools and materials in trade whilst working on a project or job where they are responsible for the work in progress materials until the job is finished and signed off.  Then it becomes the responsibility of their customer to insure.

Many Builders either don’t insure this risk or are not fully aware of what this cover insures and if they haven’t been advised correctly, then they may not be correctly insured and if they are on a big job where a theft has occurred, the potential loss of materials and plant and equipment could be catastrophic.

Our Builders Insurance experts are at hand following initial contact or quote to fully advise you of what covers are right for your specific company or individual needs so contact us today and get the right cover for the right premiums.

Contact Just Quote Me today for FREE using our Quick Quote form or by calling 0800 084 2325

Extra Protection with Industrial Rope Access Insurance

Extra Protection with Industrial Rope Access Insurance

Many people who work at height invest in specialist insurance, but it is possible to go even further with industrial rope access insurance. This is a very specific but extremely vital type of cover. It ensures those utilising industrial rope access themselves, for their employees or contractors, have the additional cover needed to protect themselves against the financial risks that come with claims of negligence.

What is Industrial Rope Access?

Those outside of the sector may be confused even by the term industrial rope access. The International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) define the system as a safe way of working at height where ropes and associated equipment are used to gain access to and from the work position, while also providing necessary support. Many Industrial Rope Access insurance policies are designed in line with IRATA guidelines. Some are exclusively for members of the association.

Industrial rope access insurance is suitable for individuals and businesses in many different sectors but is usually most applicable to those in the oil and gas energy, those working with petrochemicals, in civil engineering, construction or mining. People working in this sector already know how tricky it can be to get adequate insurance cover, because of the high risk involved, but at Just Quote Me we will work with you to organise the right insurance for your needs.

Industrial Rope Access Insurance Options

Many of the specialist providers of this niche insurance offer a range of options. Their cover may depend on the number of people requiring it. Some policies offer cover for single workers and others for much larger groups. It may also incorporate both employers’ and public liability insurance. This protects the business against claims made by both employees and third parties. The short-term nature of some contracts also means you may only be looking for a short-term policy. There are industrial rope access insurance providers who offer this too.

Contact Just Quote Me today to discuss your industrial rope access insurance options. We’re ready and waiting to talk through what’s available and help you find the best option for your needs.

Compare Home Insurance

Compare Home Insurance

Home insurance is a significant investment which cannot be avoided. Your home is probably the most expensive thing you own and therefore it needs and deserves protecting. The right home insurance is entirely dependent on the type of property you live in and what you want to spend. Comparing the home insurance market helps to ensure you get the best value policy for your needs.

You will find great variation in what home insurance policies offer so taking the time to go through a proper comparison ensures the best product for your circumstances. You can compare home insurance with Just Quote Me with ease.

What is Home Insurance?

It probably seems like a very basic question but there are different elements to a home insurance policy.

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance is cover for the physical fabric or makeup of your home, including its fixtures and fittings. It protects this part of the home against disasters and events such as fire, storm and flood. Almost all mortgage providers will expect you to have buildings insurance before giving you approval.

Accidental damage and unforeseen emergencies are not usually covered by standard buildings insurance. You may need to look into home emergency cover as an addition to your regular policy.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance refers to cover for your possessions within your home. The things you take with you when you move into a new property such as your furniture, kitchen appliances, home entertainment systems and similar. It will also cover valuables up to a stated limit.

As with buildings insurance, contents insurance varies from provider to provider. Not all people choose to have both policies together, but this is a common option. When you compare home insurance you can look at the best value way of getting both types of insurance.

Compare Home Insurance with Just Quote Me

Just Quote Me has provided guidance and quotes for home insurance to many people. We can help compare home insurance quotes to help you find the right one for your property. Get in touch today or fill out our callback form to hear from one of our advisers very soon.



Protection at Height with Professional Roofers Insurance

Protection at Height with Professional Roofers Insurance

Working in construction is one of the most high-risk occupations and this increases further when you begin working at height. Roofers are a prime example of workers who put themselves in high risk positions every day. The unique nature of this role means insurers offer specialised roofers insurance for your peace of mind and safety. Many insurers offer a select range of different covers under a single policy for your convenience too. At Just Quote Me we can provide a range of roofers insurance quotes to give you plenty of choice.

Arranging your Roofers Insurance

You may or may not know the type of insurance cover you need within your roofers insurance policy. Most roofers will want their cover to include:

  • Public liability insurance: the key type of insurance for most businesspeople. Public liability insurance protects your business against the costs of a claim made by a third party. Whether they claim they were injured due to your work or that their property was damaged.
  • Employers’ liability insurance: this type of insurance is the only compulsory kind in the UK. If you have a single employee, even on a casual or temporary basis, you must have employers’ liability insurance. It provides financial protection when an employee or ex-employee makes a claim of injury or illness due to working for you.
  • Tool and machinery insurance: the equipment used in your every day work can be expensive and if it is damaged or stolen, your business it at risk. Tools, plant and/or machinery insurance provides financial compensation should either theft or accidental damage occur.
  • Personal accident insurance: the high risks of working at height as a roofer make personal accident insurance a popular addition to roofers insurance policies. It will provide financial cover for lost earnings and medical costs after serious injury.

The types of insurance relevant to your business will be unique. Furthermore, you must consider other elements of the business too. Some contractors may want to look at more comprehensive policies for a wider range of construction workers. Sometimes it seems like investing in additional insurance cover is just another way of spending valuable business capital. However, if a claim is made against you, you’ll be happy the cover was in place.

Roofers Insurance with Just Quote Me

At Just Quote Me, you will deal with our specialist insurance advisors from day one. All advisors are dedicated to finding the best quotes for every client. We regularly work with construction companies and individuals providing a choice of insurance options for them. This includes many high-risk workers, such as those looking for roofers insurance. We appreciate every business has individual needs and can discuss your requirements before looking at quotes if you simply request a call back. Alternatively you can contact us directly through our website.

Full Cover with Specialist Scaffolders Insurance

Full Cover with Specialist Scaffolders Insurance

Working at height makes any job high risk and this is especially through or scaffolders. Working at height presents many risks and this is why specialist scaffolders insurance is recommended. Scaffolders insurance can be made up of a range of different covers, protecting you against different potential risks and claims. Many insurers allow you to build your own policy dependent on your needs, all under a single premium.

What does Scaffolders Insurance include?

One of the most important types of insurance for scaffolders is public liability insurance. It helps protect you and your business should a third party (such as your customer) be injured or their property damaged due to your work.

Scaffolders who employ others even on a casual or temporary basis need employers’ liability insurance. This is a legal requirement and there are hefty fines possible if you do not have adequate cover for your employees. It will cover any claim from an employee or ex-employee. Without this insurance in place you are breaking the law if you employee even a single individual.

Considering the high-risk nature of scaffolders’ work, you may also want to consider personal accident insurance. It’s a type of cover all construction workers consider. It will cover medical costs as well as loss of earnings which come after a serious injury. No one wants to think about the worst happening but when working at height is key to a profession, it is prudent to do so.

Scaffolders Insurance with Just Quote Me

Just Quote Me specialise in helping professionals and businesses find the right insurance for their needs. This includes many in the construction industry, such as scaffolders. We work with you to find affordable scaffolders insurance quotes, offering a range of options to suit various budgets, business sizes and circumstances. Fill out your Quick Quote form today or request a call back from our specialist advisors.

Why Become an Appointed Representative?

Why Become an Appointed Representative?

Do you want to become an appointed representative? Do you know what it means for your business or whether it is a good idea for your company? Deciding to become an appointment representative has its benefits but it is important to understand the process before making any final decisions.

What is an Appointed Representative?

An appointed representative is an individual or it can also be a firm which is allowed to undertake the sale of general insurance business, without direct Financial Services Authority authorisation. The company or individual is required to work with a Principal directly authorised by the Financial Services Authority.

What is the benefit of becoming an Appointed Representative?

The main advantages of the decision to become an appointed representative are time and money. The FSA authorisation process takes six months as a minimum. On top of that there is the requirement of creating a structured business plan, find agencies, put strategies in place and more. The whole process can in fact end up as many as 12 months or even more.

Furthermore, another key advantage of becoming an appointed representative is that you have protection of a principal. The principal takes on the full responsibility of ensuring your business’ compliance with Financial Services Authority regulations.

How to Became an Appointed Representative

To become an appointed representative, you need to:

  1. Decide which regulated activities (listed on the FCA website) and find a principal which works in that business area.
  2. Choose between becoming an appointed representative or what is known as an introducer appointed representative. There are fewer rules involved in an introducer appointed representative but the responsibilities are the same.
  3. Decide how many principals you want. This will usually depend on your business type and also the type of customers you have.
  4. Find out the contractors you need to put in place.
  5. Ensure your principals inform the FCA of your appointment so it is added to the register.

The process is relatively straightforward and there are real benefits to it. It is something you should consider at any stage in your business’ development. It is especially relevant to businesses looking to reach their next growth level.

What does Fish and Chip Shop Insurance cover?

What does Fish and Chip Shop Insurance cover?

There are over 10,000 specialist fish and chip shops in the UK according to the National Federation of Fish Fryers. Every reputable business in this sector will have tailored fish and chip shop insurance in place. If you run a traditional English takeaway, a seaside café or other fish and chip restaurant then you need to have insurance in place to protect your business and customers. What should be covered by your fish and chip shop insurance though?

Compulsory and Optional Fish and Chip Shop Insurance

From a legal perspective, the only cover a fish and chip shop must have in place is employers’ liability insurance. If you employ a single person, casual worker or temporary staff member then it is your legal obligation to have this kind of fish and chip shop insurance in place. All other covers are optional but many of them are vital to the smart and prudent business owner.

Sensible business owners will make sure they have public liability insurance in place too. It protects your business against any claims made by third parties who allege they have an injury or damage to their property damaged because of your business. Most policies available offer cover from £1 million upwards, which ensures peace of mind should the worst happen. Other insurances you may want to consider include business equipment and other business cover offers. Contacting Just Quote Me will allow us to find the best fish and chip shop insurance package for your business.

Fish and Chip Ship Insurance with Just Quote Me

Working with businesses in all sectors, has given the professional team at Just Quote Me experience in many niche areas. Our professional expertise allows us to offer a fair and honest appraisal of the insurance cover you may need for your fish and chip business. Call us today to discuss your insurance requirements.

To Compare Fish & Chip Insurance Quote Online:

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