Home Business Insurance Explained

Home Business Insurance Explained

Running a business from home is becoming increasingly popular. Because there is no expensive office space, no commuting and flexible hours, this way of working is on the rise. Even working in the comfort of your own home, there are some legal requirements to follow. Having the correct home business insurance in place is vital, but what cover do you really need?

Professional Liability Insurance

Sometimes known as professional indemnity insurance, this cover is not always a legal requirement but often worth considering. It’s a type of home business insurance that will protect you if you make a mistake or provide inadequate service. Because industries such as accountants, IT professionals and designers deal primarily with skills and knowledge, this insurance is good to have. Some clients may only agree to work with businesses that have professional liability insurance in place.

Public Liability Insurance

This insurance will protect you if a client suffers damage to their property or injury because of your business. It will cover the legal costs that could be incurred if a claim is made against you. When you work from home, this is necessary if you have clients come to you for meetings or consultations. Also, if you regularly visit clients’ homes, then you will require this policy.

Home Insurance

Home insurance is often broken down into buildings insurance and contents insurance. Building insurance covers damage to the property itself, and it is likely you will already have this because it’s part of a home insurance package. If you are using your home as office space, you may need to check your existing policy as some won’t cover for this. Contents insurance covers the possessions within your property. Again, it is likely you already have this, but you may need to amend this to cover business devices.

Where To Get Home Business Insurance

If you are confused about which types of insurance you will need for your home business, then our expert team can help. At Just Quote Me, we are specialists in insurance and can help you find the best options for your unique needs. Find out how much your cover will be by filling out our free quick quote form.

Stately Home Insurance

Stately Home Insurance

The term stately home can mean different things to different people. In general, however, it means a ‘grand’ property that has a ‘stately’ appearance. For example, country homes, historic properties and listed buildings are often described as stately homes. One critical thing that these properties needs is stately home insurance.

Charities such as English Heritage own many of our stately homes, as do local authorities (who use them as offices). Others are now hotels. However, some are still privately owned. Owning a stately home means owning something that is unique; a part of our history, which is wonderful.

What is perhaps not so wonderful is how much it can cost to maintain a stately home. As with the home itself, how much it costs to maintain will be different. Conservative estimates, however, suggest it could be around 2% of the property’s value each year. And this is without anything major going wrong, which is where Stately Home insurance comes in. Because, without it, things could get very expensive indeed for homeowners.

Stately Home insurance cover

Owners of stately homes will need specialist insurance cover. For example, most stately homes are older buildings and might need repairing using traditional building methods. If the building is Grade-Listed, then it will certainly need specialist care.  As a result, it’s important insurance policies include repairs. Insurance should also include the physical ‘bricks and mortar’ building, land and contents. If the building is open to the public, this needs to be taken into account too. For example, owners will need employer’s liability insurance if they employ staff.

Buying Stately Home insurance

With so much to consider, it’s important to get specialist advice. Which is why you should speak to an independent insurance broker such as Just Quote Me, who can find you the best policy for the best price. Contact them today on 0800 084 2325 for a free, no-obligation, stately home insurance quote.

Personal belongings Insurance – are you fully covered?

Personal belongings Insurance – are you fully covered?

If you’re never without your mobile phone or you like catching up with shows on your tablet every morning during the long commute, you might want to consider adding personal belongings insurance to your current buildings or contents policy.

While your contents/home insurance protects these items in your house, the cover stops as soon as you take them outside the boundaries of your home.

We get claims for:

  • Phones left in taxis
  • Cameras lost on holiday
  • Rings and jewellery that slip off in the sea
  • Wallets and purses left in the supermarket by mistake
  • Leaving your iPod on the train
  • Having your watch stolen from a hotel room

To insure against these kind of things, you’d need to add Personal belongings cover. It’s there to help when you’re out and about.

There are multiple aspects that make up insurance policies. While you may not fully understand each section of the contracts, it’s important that you learn and understand what the contract specifies, including your limits. That way, if you need to file a claim, you will know what the insurance company will and will not cover.


Why is personal belongings insurance important?

Personal belongings insurance offers protection for your personal effects when they are removed from your home. If an item of yours is lost, stolen, or damaged while away from your home, it would allow you to replace that item.

Most of us don’t realise how much the items we carry around with us every day are worth. A tablet and mobile phone could be worth several hundred pounds by themselves, let alone any money we may have in our bags and pockets.


Is there anything Personal belongings cover won’t cover against?

Yes. It doesn’t cover:

  • Wear and tear
  • Things that are damaged through everyday use (e.g. sports equipment)
  • Things stolen from cars or vans, unless they’re out of sight and someone had to break in to find them. (So a handbag that’s locked in the boot and can’t be seen from the street would be covered. But a Tom-Tom that’s there on the dashboard wouldn’t).
  • Pets and other animals.

It doesn’t cover things that are used for business, either, which would include:

  • Business cash, credit or debit cards
  • Tools, even if they’re locked up and can’t be seen.


Just Quote Me Personal Belongings Insurance Quotes

You can contact Just Quote Me today to discuss your personal belongings insurance and we can help you find quotes to suit your specific items. Contact us to find out more.

Shop Around for Affordable and Reliable Thatched Home Insurance

Shop Around for Affordable and Reliable Thatched Home Insurance

Living in a thatched property comes with many benefits. You can enjoy a beautiful atmosphere like no other and the unique nature of your home makes it a talking point. However, investing in a property with a thatched roof does come with some additional concerns and requirements. Properties with thatched roofs need very specialised home insurance. This is to ensure the roof is fully protected and covered by the insurance. Thatched home insurance is specialised due to the additional risks of having a thatched roof.

Should a problem occur to a thatched roof, the costs to fix it are much higher than a regular roof. Insurers of thatched homes also expect you to provide evidence that the roof is properly maintained and risks are kept to a minimum. Another additional point to keep in mind is that most thatched properties are also very old and many are listed buildings, and this too, comes with additional insurance requirements. Should something in a listed building be damaged, the owners are legally required to return it to as close to its former state as possible.

Choosing Thatched Home Insurance

When you have a thatched roof the number of insurance policies you have to choose between is limited. This is when you compare your choices to regular home insurance. You should also be prepared for it to cost more than regular home insurance. However, there are a number of providers so you can still look at different options and find the right cover for your property. It is also essential you do all you can to minimise the risks a thatched roof comes with, as your insurer may ask for evidence of this.

Minimising Fire Risk and Other Thatched Roof Concerns

Thatched roofs are more likely to be a fire risk than regular roofing. It is important, therefore, that you put additional fire precautions in place including:

  1. Electrical wiring and chimney checking provided by professionals
  2. Have fire-resistant barriers and fire-retardant spray on your roof
  3. Position smoke detectors both in the roof space and around your property

Other common risks of thatched properties include bird and rodent infestation. Winds can also pose a risk if the roof is not properly maintained. It is important to have a regular maintenance schedule. It is also helpful to find and work with experienced professionals should you need repairs.

Thatched Home Insurance Quotes

At Just Quote Me we help many homeowners, including those in specialist properties, find the right cover for their home. We can talk through different quote options and help you to compare the range of thatched home insurance quotes available.

Compare Insurance Quotes Online with Just Quote Me

You can compare the range of thatched home insurance quotes with Just Quote Me today. Use our online quote form or call us on 0800 084 2325 now.

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Holiday Home Insurance

Holiday Home Insurance

If you enjoy time away in your own holiday home, then you’ll need holiday home insurance to protect it if anything goes wrong. Holiday home insurance protects your getaway when you are staying there, and when you not.

A holiday home is vulnerable to the same risks as your own home. It may suffer from flooding. Alternatively, it may suffer from roof damage. As well as the building of your holiday home being at risk, the contents may also be at risk of damage or theft. Your holiday home insurance is there to protect both your buildings and contents.

Why Do I Need Holiday Home Insurance?

While holiday home insurance is similar to a standard home insurance policy in what it covers, there is a critical difference. Standard home insurance policies will be invalid if the property is empty for over 30 days a year. Your holiday home is likely to be vacant for 30 days in a year, which will mean it needs a specific insurance policy to ensure it remains valid.

If you also rent out your holiday home, then your insurance policy will need to cover this aspect of your business. You can tailor your holiday home insurance to your needs. As well as covering your contents and buildings, it can also include the loss of rent and public liability too.

What Can I Include In Holiday Home Insurance?

Building cover is usually part of the policy as standard, but other aspects you may see in a policy include;

  • Contents insurance
  • Emergency travel cover
  • Personal possessions insurance (for items that you store outside of the home)
  • 24-hour helpline.

All policies will vary in what they offer. It is essential to state exactly what you want your plan to include and also read the small print carefully.

Do you have questions about Holiday Home Insurance?

Call Just Quote Me for FREE on 0800 084 2325 or get a quote online using our Quick Quote Form.

Personal Belongings Insurance – Are you fully covered?

Personal Belongings Insurance – Are you fully covered?

Personal possessions can be the most valuable thing for many people and the idea of losing or damaging a treasured item can even be traumatic. When at home, most of our personal belongings are protected by home contents insurance but what about otherwise and what about specialist items?

Personal possessions or personal belongings insurance covers your personal items against loss, damage or theft outside the home. The items covered varies vastly from policy to policy but as we all carry much more expensive items, from smartphones to watches, than before, it is an increasingly important type of insurance to consider.

What does Personal Belongings Insurance Cover?

Policies for personal belongings insurance vary greatly but you can find policies covering all kinds of items from laptops to smartphones to tablets and cameras. Policies may cover your wallet, purse, keys, jewellery and even clothing. Some policies will also cover more specialist items such as bicycles, musical instruments and specialist equipment. The key thing with personal belongings insurance is making a true and accurate list of the possessions you want to be covered under the policy, otherwise you may not be able to make a claim.

Don’t forget to consider your excess

When you make a personal belongings insurance claim, there is usually an excess to pay. It is important to check this in advance. Make sure you find a quote which has an excess payment you are happy with. You may want a higher excess level because it can reduce the cost of your premium. Be aware the excess does need to be paid should a claim be made.

Personal Belongings Insurance Caveats

Not all items are covered by this kind of insurance. Crucially, you need to remember to include that itinerary of items for your insurer. This kind of insurance may not cover:

  • Cash amounts of more than £500
  • Very valuable items, usually in excess of £1000 – these may need individual policies of their own
  • Expensive specialist equipment such as sports goods, especially if it is damaged during regular or intended use

Just Quote Me Personal Belongings Insurance Quotes

You can contact Just Quote Me today to discuss your personal belongings insurance and we can help you find quotes to suit your specific items. Contact us to find out more.

Invest in your Pet: Protect your Pet with Horse Insurance

Invest in your Pet: Protect your Pet with Horse Insurance

Horses are amongst the most expensive pets on the market. Many are more than just pets and become lifelong friends. The costs of keeping a horse are high but it is imperative you invest in horse insurance to protect your pet. Vets bills for horses can easily run into the thousands and so without the right insurance your pet could become extremely expensive.

Whether it’s known as horse insurance, equine insurance or even equestrian insurance, it’s the same thing. You need appropriate cover for your horse if you want to protect yourself financially. It also ensures you can look after your pet responsibly and cover any costs that come with looking after your horse should it become ill.

There are different kinds of horse insurance available and it can be a little more complex than a standard pet insurance policy.

Your Horse Insurance Policy

Horses can be insured from a few weeks old, but you will need to customise your policy to suit your need. Most standard horse insurance policies will provide a basic level of cover which pays out should your horse be stole, stray or unfortunately pass away. There are other elements you may want for your policy too, including:

Vet Bill Cover

Vets bill cover is a key element of a horse insurance policy which most people look for. Bills can be very high should your horse be ill or injured. Without horse insurance in place, how would you cover a large vets bill?

Dental Cover

Horses’ teeth often cause them quite a lot of trouble. Specific dental cover for horses is often available as you may find their dental bills become expensive.

Veteran Horse Cover

You may find you need a specific policy for an older horse. Older horses are more susceptible to health problems, so you may find it is more expensive. It is still essential you protect your horse, whatever their age.

At Just Quote Me we are experts in helping all of our customers find the right insurance for their needs. Make sure your beloved pet is fully protected with quality horse insurance, with our help.

Organise your Caravan Insurance BEFORE you get out on the Road

Organise your Caravan Insurance BEFORE you get out on the Road

Driving uninsured is one thing but it is equally important to ensure your caravan is insured before you attach it to the back of your car. Millions of Brits love a caravanning holiday. If you’re lucky enough to own your own then the summer season is bound to be your favourite. Making the most of your holiday is easier if you make sure you’re fully prepared and this includes ensuring you have appropriate caravan insurance in place.

Is there a law relating to Caravan Insurance?

Motorhomes which your drive along are classed as self-propelling vehicles and so must definitely be insured. They need a minimum of third-party vehicle insurance. A towed caravan is a different matter but it is still highly recommended for your safety that you have a good level of caravan insurance. Your caravan is a significant investment, imagine trying to deal with the costs if it is damaged or stolen. The cost of caravan insurance is more than worthwhile in these situations.

Your car insurance will only cover towing of a small trailer usually so it is unlikely to be enough to cover your caravan. Of course, before investing in caravan insurance you can ring your vehicle insurer to be safe.

Arranging Specialist Caravan Insurance

At Just Quote Me we can help ensure you get the right level of caravan insurance. Specialist caravan insurance takes into account many different factors and may cover many different things including:

  • New for old replacement cover
  • European travel cover
  • Loss of use cover
  • Accident damage cover
  • Theft
  • Legal expenses cover

This is just an example of what may be available but it will vary from case to case.

If you want to discuss your caravan insurance and get ready before you head out on the road, please contact us today.



We’ve launched our business and personal insurance website

We’ve launched our business and personal insurance website

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