Zoo Insurance – Do you have adequate cover?

Zoo Insurance – Do you have adequate cover?

The busiest time of the year for zoos, farms and wildlife businesses is coming up, is your business ready to trade? Zoo insurance or the relevant wildlife or farm insurance for your business helps to guarantee you have a protective buffer against any worst case scenarios.

Many zoos have recently faced closure and there are very close guidelines and regulations to follow in this industry. These considerations plus general business sense have made getting a good level of zoo insurance cover more important than ever before. A compensation claim could be enough to close a struggling business so ensure yours is protected.

What will my Zoo Insurance Cover?

At Just Quote Me we specialise in helping business owners getting the level of cover essential for their individual circumstances, which may change from company to company. Your zoo insurance will depend on many different elements but most policies may include:

  • Public liability: for financial protection against claims made by third parties such as customers
  • Employer’s liability: for financial protections against claims from employees (a legal requirement if you have any employees in your business)
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Livestock insurance
  • Cover for transit of animals

As you can see many of these kinds of cover are very specific and niche. It is important you consider your options carefully. Specialist insurance cover can be expensive. However, when you choose to run a business in a niche area it is unfortunately necessary. Work with an experienced insurance partner like Just Quote Me to make your options easier and clearer. Our knowledgeable team can discuss your zoo insurance options to ensure you get the level of cover required.

Please get in touch today to discuss zoo insurance quotes and any other questions you may have about your cover.