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What Are The Working At Height Regulations?

What Are The Working At Height Regulations?

During particularly bitter and brutal winter weather, one of the UK’s most prominent workplace hazards becomes even more dangerous, and the need for working at height insurance is more pronounced.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, one of the biggest causes of major life-changing injuries and fatalities in UK workplaces is due to the inherent risks of working at height.

However, it took until 2005 for workers outside of the construction sector to receive the same level of legal protection via the current active legislation, the Work At Height Regulations 2005.

To understand the importance of this legal instrument and why a major industry body is campaigning to protect it from repeal, we need to explore the regulations and why they were needed in the first place.


Working At Height Insurance

Working At Height Insurance

Working At Height Insurance

If you are working at height then you will need an Insurance policy that can allow cover and Indemnity for various heights such as up to 15 metres or even a policy that offers an “Unlimited Height restriction” these policies can be provided by our expert insurance staff who quote for all different types of occupations who work at unusually high situations.

Just Quote Me can cover all aspects of height work including platform access, rope access, slings cradles, scaffolding platforms, in fact we can cover any modern day method of working at height insurance you can think of.

Some of our clients include safety Netting Installers, Scaffolders and Builders – in fact we cover many different professions that work at above normal heights, standard Insurance policies will cover 0-3 metres or 3-5 metres but bespoke policies are available at great prefixes from Just Quote Me.

With over 30 years experience our experts on on hand every day to give help and advice to anyone working above ground level including those who may use of heat.

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