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Late Night Bar Insurance

Late Night Bar Insurance

Looking For Late Night Bar Insurance?

Are you a looking for cover for your bar premises?

If you own or manage a late night bar in the UK you will need cover to protect members of the Public at all times whilst on or about your premises.

You will also need to protect them against the possibility of injury or discomfort caused by any products sold by you to them.

This would be covered by our online late night bar Insurance, and there are a number of other covers such as stock, food and frozen food insurance plus beers wines and spirits cover.

We also offer property protection such as buildings insurance or indeed fixtures and fittings cover for which you may be responsible under a tenancy agreement or any other improvements that you personally have paid for to enhance the public’s experience at your premises.


Cover for injuries that occur at your premises

What happens if a customer injures themselves on your premises or alleges that an injury occurred on your premises?

Do you have the correct procedures in place to monitor all slips and trips on your premises?

Do you have a cleaning up process already in place for spills?

Do you have an accident book to report any such injuries and state what action was taken to prevent further injuries taking place?


No win no fee claims on the rise

With the rise of no win no fee the licensed trade has seen the number of claims rise drastically over the recent years as members of the Public have alleged incident where they have injured themselves have actually happened whilst they have attended a licensed venue.

Could be your late night bar be able to provide evidence to defend any such allegation if indeed untrue?

With late licence venues being able to open 24 hours a day then this has created a difference in drinking and socialising habits in the UK and our Insurance policies have changed to cater for this.


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Security Insurance for Events

Security Insurance for Events

Whether you are hosting an event or are contracted to provide security for one, you need to make sure that you are fully covered. Events can be unpredictable, and it is best to have appropriate security insurance for events to protect your business in any eventuality.

What sort of events need security insurance?

If you are going to be providing security as part of an event then you should have security insurance. This includes things like sporting events, festivals, conferences and fun days.

What security insurance for events includes?

When you are looking for security insurance for an event, you need to find a policy that is tailored to your needs.

If you are the employer, then you be legally required to have employer’s liability insurance. You may already have this type of insurance, but your provider may not include external events in your policy. It is always best to check. Public liability cover will also be a necessity. This provides you protection in the event that someone is injured or property is damaged during the event.

You may also need to consider including professional liability insurance, especially if you are responsible for planning the security for the event. Cover for loss of keys is worth considering if you are acting as a key holder. Wrongful arrest insurance might be appropriate depending on the type of event. If there is a lot of equipment on-site, then contents insurance might be necessary.

Consequently finding the perfect security insurance for your event is going to require some thought. A conversation with Just Quote Me can really help to determine exactly what you need.

Where to find security insurance for events

If you need security insurance for an event, then contact Just Quote Me. They are experienced insurance brokers who can provide you with all the cover you need. Because they have worked with many different companies, they can assess your needs and guide you to the right policy for your event. Alternatively, find the right insurance for your needs with the quick quote form.

Thatched Pub Insurance: Essential for your Business

Thatched Pub Insurance: Essential for your Business

If you have a thatched roof, your business will be harder to insure. However, the charm and beauty of a traditional thatched pub keeps the punters coming and can be a great business investment. You do need specialist thatched pub insurance to mitigate against the higher risks that come with this kind of property. A thatched roof will limit the range of insurers you can choose between, but it doesn’t stop you from finding insurance altogether.

The fire risk of thatched rooves is often in the news and owning this kind of property does come with additional risks.

Specialist Thatched Pub Insurance

Most pub owners will compare different thatched pub insurance options before making a decision. This is best practice as you may find varying costs, although all specialist insurance is more expensive than a standard policy. Best practices in maintaining and mitigating the fire risk will also work in your favour.

Fire isn’t the only risk with a thatched roof, although it is the main consideration for most insurers. Thatched pub insurance should also provide cover for situations such as nesting and infestation form birds or rodents. You may also get cover for the risk of high winds or similar damaging the property.

Thatching isn’t a weak and short-lived roofing option though. A good quality, well-thatched roof should last fifty years or more, offering full weather resistance.

Minimising the Fire Risks of a Thatched Roof

Fire precautions are essential in all businesses but especially when you have the added risk of a thatched roof. Best practice recommends:

  1. Placing smoke detectors in the roof space and at key locations around the pub
  2. Have the electrics and chimneys checked regularly be a qualified professional
  3. Ensure fire-resistant barriers are in place for your thatching
  4. Ensure all thatching is coated in fire-retardant spray

Thatched Pub Insurance with Just Quote Me

Just Quote Me works with businesses of all shapes and sizes. We help many different kinds of pub and bar owner find the right insurance they need. We recognise the specific needs of a thatched pub and can help you secure a policy which fully suits your needs.

Call Just Quote Me for FREE on 0800 084 2325 or get a quote online using our Quick Quote Form.

Get Summer ready with the right Pub Insurance

Get Summer ready with the right Pub Insurance

The weather is finally getting warmer. This means your customers will want to get out in your beer garden to enjoy their drinks al fresco. But combining alcohol with heat, pint glasses and gazebos can create certain problems. However, just by taking some preventative measures, you can ensure your pub garden remains a safe place for your customers to enjoy.

Check the condition of garden furniture

Last year’s garden furniture might have looked great then, but it can have to endure a lot in a year. Bad weather and general wear and tear will affect the condition of your furniture. Check over all the furniture and make sure it’s in good enough condition. If you have smoking shelters, then check they survived too. In fact, over the winter, storm damage to smoking shelters can often be the most common claims insurers receive. You should also check all the umbrellas still remain firmly stuck into the ground and that decking and patio isn’t slippery after rain.

New activities, services or equipment

If you want to introduce some new activities this year, consider what implications these could have on your existing insurance. Even something as simple as a temporary bouncy castle or a BBQ. So, check your current policy or contact your insurer to make sure you have the right cover.

Switch to plastic cups

Ideally, pubs should aim to collect in all glasses, pint pots and tumblers after dark. This will help reduce theft and keep your customers safe. Alcohol makes people dehydrated a lot quicker when the weather is hot. So, you need to keep an eye out for those customers who are getting very drunk. The easiest way to minimise the risk of broken glass is by removing it altogether. Switching to plastic cups will be much safer for everyone. You will find that some customers won’t be happy about it though. So you’ll need to explain that you are just considering their safety.

Take on extra staff

If you are planning to hold events during the summer, you might want to consider employing extra staff on site. With potential underage drinking, drunken arguments and other antisocial activities regulated, your bar staff can concentrate on their job. If you’re a small establishment, make sure at least one member of staff regularly walks around the premises to check on things.

Always know who is buying from the bar

When the bar becomes exceptionally busy, it can become difficult to control who is at the receiving end of a round. This can be particularly true when parties have hidden themselves away at the back of the beer garden. Therefore, always operate the Challenge 25 or Challenge 21 rule. Ask the person buying the round who they drinks are for. Never worry about asking these questions. It’s your job and license on the line after all.

Know the law

You can’t expect to remain claim-free if you don’t follow rules outlined in your licence or within UK law. Avoid extended drinking hours if you don’t have the appropriate licence. Also, try to reduce the noise after 11pm if your pub is in a residential area. If someone submits a claim, things will become more difficult for you if you are already breaking the law.

Choose the right pub insurance

Choosing the right insurance package to suit your pub is essential. Business insurance is a legal requirement for all pub owners, but cover requirements will vary. You should make sure you have insurance for:

  • Public liability in case someone becomes injured or property becomes damaged due to negligence on your part. Both of which become more likely when people have been drinking a lot of alcohol.
  • Employer cover. This will protect you in case your employees become injured or ill as a result of working for you.
  • Protection from theft and accidental damage.
  • Business interruption in the event of losing your liquor licence or if the pub becomes flooded.
  • The pubs convents, which includes all fixtures and fittings.
Consider the Risks: Investing in Club Insurance

Consider the Risks: Investing in Club Insurance

he night-time economy in the UK is worth billions of pounds. There are hundreds of popular clubs up and down the country. As the owner of one of these businesses you are probably all too aware of the costs and risks involved. Without the right club insurance, the risks are much more likely to cause an issue.

You need to prepare your business for all the potential risks it faces. This means making a considered decision with your club insurance and ensuring your business is fully protected. Some of the most common risks in the night club industry include:

  • Injuries to customers: if a customer suffers an injury they may claim it was due to negligence on the part of your club. With proper club insurance, including public liability cover, you are protected against the legal costs and potential compensation in this scenario.
  • Injuries to employees: if you employ anyone in your club then your club insurance must include employer’s liability insurance. Employees are at risk of accident and injury. You need to be covered in case they make a claim and suggest their injury was the fault of the business.
  • Damage to the venue: your venue may utilise a range of special equipment for your events and club nights. Specialist property and buildings insurance can be sought out and included in your club insurance so you have protection in the worst case scenarios.

Your business may be something you enjoy running as well as earn an income from but you have to treat it seriously. Both when it comes to protecting its future and your customers. The right club insurance is a protective measure for everyone in your business. It stops the worry and stress of finding cash, should there be an allegation or claim and the worst happen.

Just Quote Me Club Insurance

Just Quote Me is proud to have worked with businesses in the night club sector. Our experience in recommending and advising on the right club insurance will help ensure your business is adequately cover. Contact us today to discuss your options.

Pub Insurance: All the Cover You Need

Pub Insurance: All the Cover You Need

Pub Insurance

Running a pub is a unique experience and it has its own set of challenges. There are many different considerations to keep in mind at any one time but a priority amongst them must be ensuring you have a good level of pub insurance. Specialist pub insurance premiums will incorporate the tailored covers needed for your individual establishment. Different venues require different levels of cover and even different types of cover, which is why Just Quote Me is here to help to organise the right level of pub insurance for your site.

Although there are different requirements in every venue, the following kinds of pub insurance may make up part of your policy:

Public Liability Insurance for Pubs

You may need commercial property insurance as well as public liability insurance for your pub. However, public liability insurance protects your business should a third party or member of the public claim they were injured on your premises or because of it. It will also cover any claims made on the basis of your pub being responsible for damage to a third party’s property.

Employer’s Liability for Pubs

Almost every pub insurance policy will incorporate employer’s liability cover. Even if you only have one part-time staff member, employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement. It covers you should an employee make a claim against you. This could be due to an accident or injury or damage to their property.

Additional Pub Insurance Cover

You may require temporary or short-term entertainment and events insurance cover throughout the year. This will depend on the types of activity that take place at your pub. If you have specific events and entertainment planned, discuss it before choosing a policy as you may need additional covers. You may also want to consider contents insurance for the fixtures, fittings, equipment and stock in your pub. Pub contents insurance should cover you against a range of risks including storm damage, malicious damage and theft.

Specialist pub insurance gives you peace of mind. It protects your pub so you can get on with the day to day graft of running it. At Just Quote Me we are ready and waiting to help, simply get in touch today.

To Compare Pub Insurance Quotes Online:

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