Dog Insurance Helps Keep your Furry Friend in the Best of Health

Dog Insurance Helps Keep your Furry Friend in the Best of Health

Approximately 1 in 2 households in the United Kingdom is home to a pet and over 8 million of these are dogs. If you are a dog owner or even thinking about getting your first pup, then you know just how precious these animals can be. They become a genuine member of the family and deserve protection for their health just as much as we do. There is no National Health Service for animals and so trips to the vet come at a price. Having dog insurance in place ensures your pet is protected should the worst occur. You can also have financial piece of mind.

Dog Insurance Policy Types

There are a range of different types of dog insurance you can choose from including:


This covers your pet on an annual basis and must be renewed each year. It will cover any new illness or injury with a set monetary amount. It will provide cover for long-term and recurring illnesses if it is renewed.

Maximum Benefit

This kind of policy sets aside a maximum amount of money for each illness or injury your dog may suffer. Once the amount is paid out, it won’t be covered again.

Time Limited

A time limited policy covers just twelve months (usually). In this type of policy, a fixed sum of money is available for each separate illness or injury. Treatment will only be provided for a specific time period.

Accident Cover

Accident only dog insurance helps towards treatment after an accidental injury. No illnesses are covered by this kind of policy.

We have to pay privately for our dog’s healthcare, so it makes sense to lighten the costs where possible. Vet bills can quickly escalate and without insurance it can be difficult to manage. Just Quote Me can help you explore the dog insurance quotes available to you and make the right choice.