Comprehensive Cat Insurance Protects your Feline Family Members

Comprehensive Cat Insurance Protects your Feline Family Members

Pets are members of the family and cat lovers are well known for their absolute adoration of their feline pals. However, unlike humans, our feline family members aren’t entitled to free healthcare. If your cat develops a health problem, then there will be costs involved. Rather than worry about extensive vet bills, conscientious cat owners invest in the right level of cat insurance, covering their pet’s medical expenses.

Is Cat Insurance a Worthwhile Investment?

Your cat is a member of the family and deserves the same protection as everyone else. Average pet insurance claims sit somewhere between £700 and £1000, and this can increase significantly if your cat develops a long-term condition.

The main thing to keep in mind is affordability. Could you afford a large vet’s bill if it came your way? How would you handle an emergency vet bill without cat insurance? If you aren’t sure then considering insurance for your cat is essential.

Balancing the cost of your premiums and the likelihood of a claim is also important. Older cats may cost more to insure but they are more likely to be ill too, so this is worth keeping in mind.

Types of Cat Insurance

You can look at different types of cat insurance policy to see which is best for your needs and your pet. If you have several pets in the household, you may also want to consider multi-pet policies which some insurers offer. The main types of cat insurance policy include lifetime insurance, maximum benefit insurance and time limited insurance. Some insurers also offer accident only cover which will ensure you have financial support should your pet need treatment in the event of an accidental injury.

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Our expert insurance specialists can help you find the right cover for your cat. Whether you already have your pet home or are hoping to adopt one soon, we can discuss your policy options. You can get in touch today to discuss your requirements.