Motor Fleet Insurance

Are you responsible for insuring a fleet of company vehicles with a need for competitive fleet insurance cover?

Motor Fleet insurance is normally provided for a company or family that has 2 or more vehicles, and it means that one policy covers all vehicles and drivers – this saves the company or family having to insure each vehicle separately. The benefiting company is responsible for ensuring that all drivers fit the criteria of the policy (eg, it could state that all drivers must be over 25 have a totally clean driving licences, etc). The benefiting company then pays one annual premium to get all fleet vehicles covered, and any of their drivers can drive any of the fleet vehicles. If the company purchases a new vehicle or gets rid of an existing vehicle then they advise the insurance company and the motor fleet insurance policy is amended. For a very large company that has a big turnover of vehicles, they will notify the insurer quarterly by means of a declaration and they must, if selected, update their own Motor Insurance Data Base records. If they fail to do so the company can receive a maximum fine of £5000.

A Motor Fleet Insurance Policy is far more flexible than an individual motor Insurance Policy. The declarations allow group changes rather than the notification of every single amendment. However, Just Quote Me recommend that you inform your Insurers or brokers on an ‘As and When basis’ just to be on the safe side.


A blanket motor certificate for all your vehicles under one umbrella

Basically, a fleet policy is used where several motor policies would otherwise need to be issued, the policy wording is far wider in range as the policy schedule will usually state ‘Any Motor Vehicle owned by or hired or leased to the policyholder’. Where there are no individual registration numbers specified this is called a ‘blanket motor certificate’. This basically takes away most of the hassle from you when it comes to arranging comprehensive cover. You can rest easy knowing that we have got you covered, whatever your need!
It is good to note, however, that all vehicles to be Insured must be owned by and registered to the policy holder, whether that be a company or an individual.
There may be an exception where the Insurer, at their discretion, may include a registered Director of the company to Insure their own personal vehicle under the company fleet policy but noting the registered owner as the Director.