Security Company Insurance

Security Company Insurance

In some areas of business, insurance is particularly essential. Security insurance for example can protect businesses with a high level of responsibility in protecting the valuables of others and can be devastated to the point of closure should a claim occur.

In conjunction with some of the UK’s leading insurance companies, Just Quote Me has created specialist Security Insurance, in the form of a policy which is specific to those working in the security industry. The insurance is specifically designed for anyone working in the security sector with an SIA certificate and training.

Security company insurance needs to be specific and unique because of the intricacies and nuances of the sector. Everything from installing security alarms to guarding shops, car parks and offices carries risk and some elements of this risk can be mitigated with a good insurance policy.

What is Included in Security Insurance?

Security insurance is specific to each individual business. Most security insurance packages are bespoke, ensuring unique cover for the specific business duties and activities that take place in the company. Just Quote Me Security Insurance can include:

  • Public liability insurance for security companies
  • Employers’ liability insurance
  • Loss of keys cover
  • Misuse of telephones cover
  • Wrongful arrest cover
  • Security industry inefficacy cover

The most vital and most wanted cover within this range, specifically for security companies, is inefficacy cover. Below is a closer look at exactly why this type of insurance is so vital to security professionals.

Security Industry Inefficacy Cover

Inefficacy cover simply means cover on the basis of failure to perform. It is a very bespoke type of policy which is almost entirely unique to the security industry. It is very specific to each kind of security role. Inefficacy cover can cover staff, for example if there are issues with a premises which they are guarding and the client sees them as not halting or controlling the issues. It can also relate to alarms and equipment. Inefficacy is almost impossible to guard against at the time of an event taking place which makes it even more essential that you have security inefficacy cover in place.

The cover available through Just Quote Me provides an automatic level of £5 million in public and products liability and £10 million in employers’ liability. Both of these are often requirements for working with local and national government, so you are primed to work on bigger contracts and ready to deliver your security services to any client that comes your way.

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At Just Quote Me we are highly experienced in working with professionals in the security industry. We appreciate the individual nature of each client and especially understand the importance of bespoke cover, specific to the security tasks at hand.

To find out more about discuss your particular business you can complete our security insurance quote form. For more advice and guidance in the level of insurance you may need or the ins and outs of how our quotes work you can contact us directly.

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