SMAS Worksafe Accredited Insurance

SMAS Worksafe Accredited Insurance

If your business prides itself on its Safety Management Advisory Services (SMAS) Worksafe accreditation, then you need high-quality insurance to match. SMAS Worksafe accredited insurance is a policy plan designed to suit your specific business needs and demonstrate your commitment to exemplary health and safety standards.

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SMAS Worksafe is a nationally recognised award that demonstrates your commitment to health and safety. As a contractor, it is a fantastic way to show the high standards that your business upholds. Furthermore, a qualification such as this can help your business to outshine the competition when it comes to tendering for business or quoting for projects. In some cases, having a qualification such as SMAS Worksafe may even be a requirement.

Alongside SMAS Worksafe, you’ll need to show that you not only have the correct health and safety practices, but you also protect yourself with the necessary insurance. As a competitive contractor that focuses on being a leader in the industry, you need to make sure your insurance policy does not fall short. Fortunately, there are SMAS Worksafe accredited insurance can ensure you have comprehensive cover to protect your business at all costs.

What is SMAS Worksafe accredited insurance?

The most essential aspect of risk management for your business is having the right insurance. As a contracting business, you need to ensure you can limit the financial loss in the event of an accident or disaster. SMAS Worksafe accredited insurance can ensure your business has comprehensive cover for all of the risks your business faces.

Liability insurance

As a SMAS Worksafe contractor, your business prides itself on working safely. However, unfortunately, accidents can happen. If your business is responsible for damage or harm to another person or a person’s property, then liability insurance can help to protect you. In the event of a liability claim, your insurance company will pay the damages in a settlement claim. This will be up to the value you insure your business for.

Worker’s compensation insurance

Your business relies on your team, and subsequently, your team relies on their ability to work. If a team member suffers an injury while working for your business, then this policy will cover a loss of wages. It will also cover any necessary medical expenses.

Commercial vehicle insurance

As a contractor, it is likely you rely on your vehicles for work. This aspect of SMAS Worksafe accredited insurance will ensure you have the financial protection in case something happens to your vehicles such as theft or a crash.

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