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Cafe Insurance

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Running your own café business comes with many responsibilities. You may be the heart of your local community or an up and coming venue for the local arts scene, but whatever type of café you run, you have to run it legally. Café insurance is designed to protect your business should a number of financial issues occur. It is made up of a range of different types of insurance to cover you in many different situations.

Café insurance quotes come in all shapes and sizes, much like the businesses themselves. Whether you’re an experienced business owner or opening your first café ever, café insurance doesn’t need to be an issue. With Just Quote Me you can compare quotes online, speak to our business insurance experts and guarantee a good level of café insurance for your business.

What kind of cover is included in Café Insurance?

All insurers will offer slightly different policies so it is important to look closely and compare quotes online to find what’s right for your business. Typically café insurance may include:

  • Public liability insurance: not a compulsory requirement for your business but highly recommended. This provides cover should a member of the public be hurt on your business’ premises as a result of your actions or negligence.
  • Employer’s liability insurance: this is the only compulsory insurance for businesses in the UK. You must have employer’s liability insurance to operate legally. It provides cover should a member of your staff be hurt or become ill while at work or due to their working practices.
  • Buildings and content cover: as commercial premises you cannot simply get a regular buildings insurance policy. This is especially the case as you serve food. You need buildings and contents insurance specifically designed for cafes.
  • Stock cover: the stock required to run a busy café can be extensive and you may want to protect it due to its value to your business. If your systems should fail and you lose stock due to refrigerators or freezers breaking down.
Additional insurances such as business interruption and key personnel insurance may also be considerations for your business.

Café insurance can differ from business to business and you simply need to consider your individual business and your requirements. If you have even a single employee you must have employer’s liability insurance in place but all other insurances are your choice and it is up to you how much you value your business and how you plan to protect it.

Just Quote Me is available to help you compare café insurance quotes online and can discuss your options with you too.

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