Shop Insurance

What to look for when buying shop insurance

Shop Insurance can, in reality, be a complicated purchase decision for you and your business. Our simple online Shop Insurance quotation system allows you to put in the type of shop/retail premises you are operating and the details that matter to you and your individual cover needs. In fact, the individual needs of your business will be carefully evaluated by us to ensure that your shop insurance quote is just right for you and your business needs.

Always check for any hidden clauses in the small print of the policy

Many such insurance policies have hidden clauses and warranties built within the back of the policy wording or schedule. Our unique quotation system will highlight the clauses and warranties that are specific to you and your occupation and therefore you will be fully aware of what they are from the get go! This means that you can make sure that you are fully compliant in the full knowledge of what they are. We believe that the best way to operate is with transparency, which is why we strive to make everything as clear as possible to you from the start of our relationship. Buying insurance for shops is not an easy task but our objective is to basically help you to make an informed decision by providing you with exactly the information that you need.

What is a ‘Stillage’ warranty and what does one mean to my business?

For instance, a shop that stores perishable goods, such as a Greengrocer for instance may well have a stillage warranty which means in simple terms that the stock stored must be stored on racking or similar and it must be raised off the floor level by a certain distance. But unless you are aware of the warranty how can you be expected to fully comply with it?

An insurers stillage warranty should, in our opinion, really be called a ‘storing stock off the floor warranty’. In a nutshell, this is all that it really is. For instance, in the event of a flood, or burst water pipe, even if only the lowest centimetre of stock is damaged then you would normally have to throw away all of the stock. A stillage warranty cannot prevent a major flood from destroying your stock but, if its conditions are fully adhered to, it may help to prevent light water damage to it. What the warranty will say would be along the lines of your stock being stored on pallets or shelving at least say 10cm or 20cm above floor level. So, all in all, a stillage warranty could be pretty useful to have,. It may help to save you time trouble and money in the future should you have an issue with water ingress which would otherwise cause rather costly damage to your stock and therefore your business to boot!

Highlighting clauses and warranties for your protection and peace of mind

At Just Quote Me we will highlight, and where necessary, discuss any such clauses and warranties to make you fully aware of your responsibilities to make sure that the Shop Insurance Policy that you decide upon will indeed pay out in the unfortunate circumstance of a claim arising.

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