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How To Get The Right Pub Insurance

How To Get The Right Pub Insurance

Pubs and other late-night venues can be challenging and rewarding to run, but sometimes getting the correct insurance is not always easy. This is especially true if there are special features, such as a thatched roof. However, it’s well worth the effort to avoid costly fines and legal bills. Here’s a quick guide to what insurance you need. 

Public liability insurance

This is essential to protect you, should a member of the public file a claim for injury incurred on your premises, such as slipping on a spilt drink. Claims can also be made if a person falls ill after consuming food or drink that you have supplied. Be aware that in most cases, areas such as dancefloors and kid’s playgrounds need separate cover.

Employer’s liability insurance

This is legally binding, even if you only employ a few part-time staff members. It is also in your own interests to protect your business from claims of illness, accident or injury to staff, or claims of unfair dismissal and other types of grievance.

Events insurance

If you hold gigs or other events, you may need separate cover. It may be covered by your public liability insurance, but its best to check the small print first. You may need to declare extended opening hours, extra equipment, or an above average volume of customers.

Contents and building insurance

This is to protect you from events such as fire and flood, and also violent theft and damage.

Business interruption

If for any reason your business needs to close for a length of time, this will help you to cover your running costs and compensate for lost trading.

This may sound like a lot of paperwork, but it’s best to bite the bullet, and ask for help if you need advice. If you have specific needs, shop around because you will find that there is a broker out there with exactly the right deal for you.

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Tradesman’s Tools Stolen From Van As He Worked On House

Tradesman’s Tools Stolen From Van As He Worked On House

A tradesman lost an ‘extensive’ amount of tools from his van as it was parked outside a house in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire Live reports. The thieves pulled up in broad daylight behind the van, which was parked in a residential area of the town. The tools were quickly transferred to a white Ford Transit van, which drove off before the theft was noticed.

Fortunately CCTV footage has been obtained, which has provided vital evidence to help the police track down the criminals.

PCSO Sean Elliott, of Uttoxeter Rural, said: “It is a timely reminder to keep your vehicles secure at all times, even when working at a location. Opportunist thieves will quickly take advantage. With good information coming in from the local residents, and enquiries going well, the police, alongside the communities which they work, can often bring good results.

According to Security News Desk, only 1% of stolen tools are recovered. Furthermore, in London last year, £17.5m worth of tools were stolen, which amounts to £57,000 worth every day. For tradespeople, who are often self-employed, the thefts lead to loss of work and income, and cause extra stress and anxiety.

For those with adequate insurance cover, it is a case of going through the necessary paperwork to claim the cost of replacing the tools. If the tools were not adequately insured, or sufficient security methods weren’t followed, then some tradespeople may not be able to afford to replace the tools, and never recover financially from the loss.

To reduce the chance of theft, police advise people not to store tools in their van overnight. If it is unavoidable to leave tools in the van, the advice is to park in a busy area, preferably one that is monitored by CCTV. Vehicles should be alarmed, and tools kept in lockable interior cabinets, which if possible should be bolted or locked to the floor.

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