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Soft Play Insurance: Not an Optional Choice

Soft Play Insurance: Not an Optional Choice

Soft play areas are hugely popular with parents of preschool children throughout the year and older children during the holidays and weekends. They can be extremely busy and the high volume of people, particularly children, increases the potential risks and hazards. It is not responsible or safe to run this kind of business without appropriate soft play insurance. All businesses need some kind of insurance and ones with additional risk such as this, require more specialist cover.

Why Do you need Soft Play Insurance?

Soft play insurance, at a minimum, will cover your business should an employee, visitor or other third party suffer an injury and claim you are negligent. Your insurance also protects your business should any of the above claim their property is damaged due to your business. After an incident is too late to get insurance and you should have the cover in place for your own protection. The costs of a compensation claim can easily ruin a business and it is also unsafe to operate without appropriate cover.

What kind of Cover do you Need?

The only compulsory insurance in the UK is employer’s liability insurance. If you have any employees this is essential to comply with UK law. Most soft play businesses should also consider:

  • Public liability insurance: to protect against claims from the general public
  • Product liability insurance: to protect against claims made against your business’ products/services

Some soft play insurance may incorporate other elements such as legal expenses insurance, loss of income or business interruptions cover. If you are not sure the level of cover you need, it’s time to speak to the experts.

Soft Play Insurance Quotes from Just Quote Me

At Just Quote Me we work with businesses from all backgrounds. We can discuss a range of soft play insurance quotes with you, giving you a range of options to choose from. Our expert insurance advisors can discuss the policies available too, helping you to make an informed decision. Call us today on 0800 084 2325 or contact us via our online form


Soft Play Insurance for your New Business Venture

Soft Play Insurance for your New Business Venture

Soft play is big business, whether mobile or in a single venue, kids and parents alike love the freedom it offers. If you have invested in a new children’s play business then you must make sure you have an adequate level of soft play insurance. There are many risks in this kind of business and all sensible business owners will do all they can to protect their company and also their guests and customers.

Soft play businesses are not a cheap investment and you probably already know it is a large commitment before you begin to turn a profit. Therefore, by not getting adequate soft play insurance cover, you are effectively leaving your expensive new business open to risks and potential compensation claims.

Soft Play Insurance to Protect against Risks

Soft play businesses thrive on children running around, throwing themselves about and getting in many situations where they could be at risk of injury. This makes it a relatively high risk business and not investing insurance leaves you wide open to claims from parents and others who may suggest your business is responsible for their child’s injury or accident. It is imperative you have adequate cover for your business. Both public and personal liability insurances should be a key consideration and if you have anyone working for you it is a legal requirement to have employer’s liability insurance in place too.

Discussing your business with Just Quote Me gives you an opportunity to discuss all your potential soft play insurance needs. Our professional advisors may be able to provide suggestions as to the levels you need and the different types of cover which your business really needs.

Running a business for children is great fun and comes with vast amounts of satisfaction but you still need to be mindful and adult when it comes to protecting it. You need to invest in soft play insurance.