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Insure your Pop Up Shop as they Boost the UK Retail Sector

Insure your Pop Up Shop as they Boost the UK Retail Sector

Pop up shops have been popping up everywhere over the last few years. But did you know that you still need pop up shop insurance? In fact, pop-up retail has taken the UK by storm over the last few years. Temporary shops have become a regular sight across the country. Worth around £2.3 billion, the UK’s pop-up industry accounts for about 0.76% of overall retail revenue. That’s according to a report by telecoms company, EE. And given the hikes in business rates now facing retailers, the number of pop up shops will likely grow.

Why open a pop up shop?

It’s impossible to miss the many empty shop fronts scattered along the UK’s high streets. Some of the largest retailers have shut up shop over recent years, leaving a number of empty lots behind. But this is where pop-up shops can be extremely beneficial. Pop up shops only require the shop owner to pay rent for a short period of time. They don’t need to worry about making a long-term investment or committing to a lease. Pop up shops allow you to either start out or boost your business. They can become a great marketing opportunity too and even becoming increasingly popular with some of the largest high street brands.

Starting your own pop up shop

A pop up shop provides a great opportunity to sell your items or services. You can also use it to test out new products and promote your brand. You can do all of this, without the cost and commitment of a permanent shop. However, make sure you think about these following points before you pop up your pop up shop.

  1. Design your pop up shop experience. Make your shop more than just a temporary place to sell your products.
  2. Find the right pop up space. You can search for pop up shop opportunities in your city by looking at websites like You’ll need to think about the size of the space you need and any specific facilities you require.
  3. Consider the logistics. You’ll need to think about how you will accept customer payments, get your products to the pop up shop. Also, give plenty of thought to how you want to set it up and who will run it.
  4. Get the right insurance cover. Before you open the doors of your pop up shop, make sure you have appropriate pop up shop insurance. Your pop up shop is just like any other shop on the high street. Therefore, you need the protection of pop up shop insurance, in case of an accident or damage to your property.
  5. Think about your budget. A clear budget for your pop up store is essential to understand whether it’s a worthwhile investment. Consider how much rent will cost you, staffing, the cost of designing the interior and marketing of the shop.
  6. Promote your pop up. There are a number of creative ways you can promote your pop up shop. From reaching out to local bloggers, contacting local reporters to organising a flash mob.

Pop up shop insurance

Pop up shops offer businesses an exciting, short term product driven, sales opportunity. However, they still need to follow the same regulations, just like any other business. And this includes full insurance cover. Just like insurance for traditional shops, pop up shop insurance covers you for:

  • Employer’s liability.
  • Public liability.
  • Contents, fixtures and stock.
  • Accidental damage.
  • Business interruption.
  • Loss of profits.

But don’t forget, if your pop up shop is a success and you want to transform it into a permanent fixture, then it’s important that you contact your insurer to change the details of your shop insurance as soon as possible.

Remain Open with the Right Shop Insurance

Remain Open with the Right Shop Insurance

The retail industry in the UK has taken a bit of a battering but there are still plenty of popular and bustling shops up and down local high streets. Running a shop is not the easiest job but it can be very rewarding and as a business owner in a difficult area it makes sense you want to do all you can to protect your business. Investing in the right shop insurance can help as you have additional protection should the worst happen. What’s more, one claim made against a smaller shop or struggling business can be enough to see them permanently closed. The cost of shop insurance seems minimal when you consider the closure of your entire business.

What Shop Insurance Cover Do I Need?

A good insurance package will provide you with a range of covers for different scenarios. With help from Just Quote Me you can arrange a bespoke shop insurance package covering those areas you most need protection. A typical shop insurance package may cover:

  • Buildings and contents insurance
  • Window and glass insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Employer’s liability insurance
  • Loss of key cover

These are just a few possibilities however and dependent on the nature of your business there may be other types of insurance you want to explore. Different types of shop have different levels of risk and this is another consideration for your policy. If you sell dangerous and hazardous products then you should be ready for a higher premium than a shop which simply sells clothes, for example. There are also specific laws in place for shops which sell food and food safety insurance may also be necessary.

Your Shop Insurance with Just Quote Me

Just Quote Me can help you with your shop insurance whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or are unsure. Our professional team can make suggestions and offer guidance as well as provide a range of shop insurance quotes within your budget for you to choose from.

To discuss your retail business and insurance requirements contact us today.