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Applying online for public liability insurance cover

Applying online for public liability insurance cover

Compare Public Liability Insurance

Today’s Public liability insurance is cover suitable for businesses or organisations that need protecting from third party claims that may be made against them by the public.

If a business has caused a member of the public to suffer in any way then it is possible that a claim could be made.

Most business owners may not have the time to worry about or understand public liability insurance. They may be paying for cover that they do not even understand. This means that may have insufficient or inappropriate cover for their individual requirements.

If in any doubt responsible business owners should contact specialist providers in this field, such as JQM, to find out what is included and what is excluded from their public liability protection.

What does public liability insurance protect?

If you damage any third party property, when you are working, then you are liable to pay to repair those damages. This makes this insurance eminently suitable protection for tradesmen such as carpenters, plumbers, plasterers and tilers. Others that could benefit from protection include Kitchen and Bathroom fitters, roofers, builders, electricians or gas engineers working on client’s property.

Working out the level of cover required

When arranging such cover, your insurer needs to work out the level of financial cover that is required for you.

This could range from £1million to £10 million or more, depending on your job and the value of any financial losses that could occur as a result of your work.

Public Liability Cover for contracts in the public sector

For some contracts, especially in the public sector, there will often be a minimum level of financial cover required.  Your public liability insurance would therefore need to meet the required level of cover in order for you to work on such contracts.  In this day and age £5 million is a fairly standard amount of cover for council and local authority work.

It is often the simple issues that crop up in life that can catch many companies out. Imagine operating a window cleaning company with the contract to clean the glass on a skyscraper such as the shard skyscraper in London – it’s a long way down from the top if anything goes wrong!

You should compare different public liability insurance policies online

If you use insurance comparison websites such as JustQuoteMe, you will be able to more easily compare various policies together side by side. Bear in mind that the public liability insurance cost is not the only consideration!

It is the small print that you need to check as all policies will be different to an extent, some more than others!

It is best to come up with a short-list of the policies that you have selected based on your own set of criteria. Once you have entered your information you will be presented with the various options or, if you prefer, can request a phone call allowing you to decide if the cover is what you are looking for.

Apply online for a public liability insurance quote!

Insurance comparison websites are great because they allow you to compare the various different policies available in the market together.  Once you have entered your details into one you should be able to start comparing policies straight away saving time, money and trouble.

We hope that this has helped to show you the real benefits of getting your own insurance quote comparison online. If you would like to talk to an insurance professional then we are happy to help so, if you have any questions, then please call to speak with one of our experienced and UK based consultants right away.

To Compare Public Liability Insurance Quotes Online:

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The biggest celebrity insurance cover claims ever investigated

The biggest celebrity insurance cover claims ever investigated

We all have our own favourite celebrities and often follow any news related to them avidly, but their being in the public spotlight is not always a good thing for them.

Take for instance those odd occasions when, whilst being the subject of celebrity news and gossip, they would rather have been less visible to the public!

When things go wrong for celebrity’s big money is often involved!

We are talking about when things do not go according to plan, resulting in embarrassing incidents and often subsequent insurance claims. These are often incidents that they would rather not have been involved in and would likely not want everyone to know about! Sometimes they may need to call on their Public Liability cover or Employers Liability and Business Insurance, and sometimes perhaps on the other insurance cover that they have got.

In fact, some celebrities have been at the centre of some truly massive insurance claims, often perhaps due to the lavish lifestyles that they lead in the public eye. Let’s take a look at some of the more noteworthy ones!

Well known Black Adder and Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson’s F1 McLaren claim

Rowan Atkinson was driving his McLaren F1 in 2013 when he slid on a patch of ice. No great shakes you might think, but this particular supercar was thought to be worth a cool £3.5 million!

The accident resulted in the biggest car insurance claim that has ever been made; it was for a whopping £910,000!

We all laugh at the sight of Mr Bean driving around squashed up in his old green mini ,but this accident was no laughing matter for the comedian at the time!

In the end there was a happy ending because the car was sold, after the accident was repaired, for an eye-watering £8 million!

Famous singers Jay Kay’s Ferrari Enzo is attacked after he crashed his Lamborghini Diablo

Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay was staying at a quaint old hotel in Aldeburgh, Suffolk and had been enjoying drinks at the bar. Unfortunately there were harsh word between the star and the hotels chef ultimately resulting in the chef damaging the windscreen and side window of the supercar resulting in £30,000 of public liability related damage!

Jay Kays Lamborghini insurance claim

This wasn’t the first time Jay Kay was involved in a prang related to a car because he famously crashed his Lamborghini Diablo in 2006! This was after taking a corner at high speed resulting in a crash and a big insurance claim. He was also given a fine of £750 for his troubles too!

This was a real shame for the Jamiroquai singer because his pride and joy was valued in excess of $300,000 at the time. It was sadly a total write-off, much to his insurance companies consternation too!

A simple test drive that went horribly wrong for Mr anonymous!

This incident was not related to a famous individual, just an ordinary guy out for a test spin one afternoon! Aviva had to pay out over £300,000 when an Italian Pagani Zonda S Supercar, worth over £500,000, was taken out for a test drive that went horribly wrong!  The driver managed to lose control along a country lane close to Aberdeen in Scotland. The car, which has a top speed of 220mph, left the road and hit a telegraph pole and then smashed through a fence. Luckily the motorist, who wanted to remain anonymous naturally, was unhurt. If he had been famous we would all no doubt have heard more about this accident!

At the time this was one of the biggest pay-outs for a British insurance cover claim for car repairs. Only ten of these famous and highly sought after Italian cars were made every year, so the vehicle had to be sent to Italy for the repairs to be completed. Ouch!

So there you have it, some unwanted insurance cover claims that these celebrities would rather had never happened in the first place!