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Plumber’s Public Liability Insurance

Plumber’s Public Liability Insurance

As a plumber working in the property of your clients, you have a higher chance of risk. Every property is different and one mistake, not being aware of your surroundings can lead to damage. This is why it is essential to have plumber’s public liability insurance.

Why do plumbers need plumber’s public liability insurance?

All tradespeople need public liability insurance to protect themselves. Public liability can help to cover compensation should you cause property damage or injury to an individual. For plumbers, the risk is often greater. Furthermore, plumbers have the chance to cause even greater (more expensive) property damage as a result of a mistake.

It is important to remember that compensation can be exorbitant. However, defending a claim in court can lead to costly legal costs too. Not having this money could significantly damage your business. With insurance, you have peace of mind that you can cover the cost of a claim.

What is plumber’s public liability insurance?

Plumber’s public liability insurance is a specific form of public liability insurance. The cover options can have levels of indemnity of £1 million. This is usually the minimum amount. However, can extend to £5 million and beyond, depending on the needs of your business. It is up to your business to decide on the most appropriate cover for your business.

Don’t forget that it can help to pay for expensive legal fees, which you will have to pay even if you are not responsible.

The cost of plumber’s public liability insurance can vary depending on the risk and size of your business as well as the level of cover you want. Just Quote Me will scour the market to find you the very best deals at the best possible price.

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Why do you need specialist Plumbers’ Insurance?

Why do you need specialist Plumbers’ Insurance?

Specialist protection is something plumbers shouldn’t ignore. Investing in specialist plumber’s insurance helps to bring together all the covers a plumber may need in a single package. Whether self-employed or running a larger plumbing business, plumber’s insurance is an essential and it gives you the chance to ensure your business has comprehensive cover.

Plumbers insurance incorporates many different types of cover dependent on the needs of the individual or business. Most plumbers’ insurance will provide:

Public Liability Insurance

While you don’t legally need this type of cover, public liability insurance is one of the most vital types of insurance out there. It will cover any financial liability which may come from a claim being made against your business by a third party. Maybe a third party says they were injured due to your work. Or maybe they suggest damage was done to their property because of your negligence. Public liability insurance will cover their compensation should the claim be successful, as well as your legal fees. Some larger contractors will also only work with plumbers with valid public liability insurance.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

The Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 makes it a legal requirement to have employers’ liability insurance in place if you employ one or more people. This type of insurance provides protection should your employees fall ill or be injured at work and allege that the business caused their illness or injury.

Additional Plumbers’ Insurance Options

Plumbers may also wish to consider additional cover dependent on the nature and size of their business. Common plumbers’ insurance extras include:

  • Tools Cover: you can get cover to ensure your tools are quickly replaced should they be stolen or damaged.
  • Buildings Cover: if you have premises for your business then you will want your policy to cover damage against it.
  • Vehicle cover: usually you will need separate commercial vehicle cover in additional to your plumbers’ insurance

Arranging all the insurance cover you need as a plumber is easy with Just Quote Me. Contact us today to arrange your quotes and discuss the level of cover you require.