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Personal belongings Insurance – are you fully covered?

Personal belongings Insurance – are you fully covered?

If you’re never without your mobile phone or you like catching up with shows on your tablet every morning during the long commute, you might want to consider adding personal belongings insurance to your current buildings or contents policy.

While your contents/home insurance protects these items in your house, the cover stops as soon as you take them outside the boundaries of your home.

We get claims for:

  • Phones left in taxis
  • Cameras lost on holiday
  • Rings and jewellery that slip off in the sea
  • Wallets and purses left in the supermarket by mistake
  • Leaving your iPod on the train
  • Having your watch stolen from a hotel room

To insure against these kind of things, you’d need to add Personal belongings cover. It’s there to help when you’re out and about.

There are multiple aspects that make up insurance policies. While you may not fully understand each section of the contracts, it’s important that you learn and understand what the contract specifies, including your limits. That way, if you need to file a claim, you will know what the insurance company will and will not cover.


Why is personal belongings insurance important?

Personal belongings insurance offers protection for your personal effects when they are removed from your home. If an item of yours is lost, stolen, or damaged while away from your home, it would allow you to replace that item.

Most of us don’t realise how much the items we carry around with us every day are worth. A tablet and mobile phone could be worth several hundred pounds by themselves, let alone any money we may have in our bags and pockets.


Is there anything Personal belongings cover won’t cover against?

Yes. It doesn’t cover:

  • Wear and tear
  • Things that are damaged through everyday use (e.g. sports equipment)
  • Things stolen from cars or vans, unless they’re out of sight and someone had to break in to find them. (So a handbag that’s locked in the boot and can’t be seen from the street would be covered. But a Tom-Tom that’s there on the dashboard wouldn’t).
  • Pets and other animals.

It doesn’t cover things that are used for business, either, which would include:

  • Business cash, credit or debit cards
  • Tools, even if they’re locked up and can’t be seen.


Just Quote Me Personal Belongings Insurance Quotes

You can contact Just Quote Me today to discuss your personal belongings insurance and we can help you find quotes to suit your specific items. Contact us to find out more.

Considerations to keep in mind when choosing Home Insurance

Considerations to keep in mind when choosing Home Insurance

When looking for a new home insurance policy or arranging your insurance for the first time, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Exploring home insurance quotes online is a great place to start so you can get a good feel for your options and at Just Quote Me we can help out too. First though, keep these considerations in mind so you can make the right decision when exploring your quotes.

Building and Rebuilding Costs

As a homeowner, buildings insurance is almost always a necessity. Most mortgage companies will not approve your application without buildings insurance in place. It provides protection should something terrible happen to your home such as flood or fire damage. Buildings insurance requires you to estimate the rebuild cost of your home. It is best to get expert advice for this to ensure you do not overestimate and end up paying too much for this part of your insurance.

Contents and Valuables

Working out how much home insurance you need is essential for getting the right amount of cover. We can help you with this and there are various contents calculators online too. Underestimating your contents value can be devastating should you need to make a claim.

What’s more, if you have specific valuables then they may need specific insurance such as valuable items cover or gadgets cover, dependent on the items in question. If you itemise your contents clearly, you can be sure you have the cover you need. Your policy may also have a single-item limit and you need to check this covers your most expensive possession.

Accidental Damage Cover

Not all basic buildings insurance policies include accidental damage cover, so you should be sure to take a look at all policies in depth before choosing. Accidental damage would cover incidents such as cars crashing into your home or damage to the drains or pipes, or even windows. It is important to check policies in full before committing to anything, so you can be sure you have cover should the worst happen.

Considering your Excess

A higher insurance excess typically means your premium price is lower. This can be useful if you don’t plan to claim for low amounts and are only keeping the insurance in place for significant claims. It is important to weigh up the cost of your excess against the monthly or annual premium you are hoping to budget for.

Home Insurance Quotes with Just Quote Me

Just Quote Me work with many homeowners on a daily basis helping to organise their insurance and talk through their requirements and options. We work with individuals living in regular homes as well as those in specialist properties such as stately homes.

Get Home Insurance Quotes Online with Just Quote Me

You can compare cheap home insurance with Just Quote Me today. Use our online quote form or call us on 0800 084 2325 today.

Why Compare Cheap Home Insurance Online?

Why Compare Cheap Home Insurance Online?

Searching for home insurance online is a normal process for people who are looking to renew their policy and also those who may be looking for their first policy. It can be easy to visit an insurer’s site and just choose the first policy you find. However, taking time to compare cheap home insurance online ensures you get a policy fitting for your home.

What is Home Insurance?

Home insurance protects your property. It protects it against things such as fire, flood and damage to the home and also your belongings. Home insurance combines two distinct covers: buildings insurance and contents insurance. You can buy these separately but it is more common to buy them in a package.

Buildings insurance specifically protects the structure of your house. This includes permanent fixtures and fittings such as fitted kitchens and toilets.

Contents insurance relates to your possessions. It protects personal possessions and valuables against accident, damage and loss, but they usually have to be listed in an inventory.

Information Needs to Compare Cheap Home Insurance Online

When you are looking for home insurance online, some questions will occur regularly. To compare home insurance online you’ll probably need to provide the following information:

  • Specific property details including when it was built, the type of lock on the front door and whether it has a flat roof or not
  • An estimated rebuild value for your home
  • An estimated value of your personal belongings
  • Details of your current home insurance if you have any, including any claims made
  • Number of occupants living in the home

Does Everybody Need Home Insurance?

Home insurance is not a legal requirement. Although you do not need to have it, it is definitely a good investment should the worst happen to your home. What’s more, mortgage lenders usually insist you have buildings insurance. Many lenders will not arrange your mortgage without appropriate buildings insurance in place.

Annual home insurance policies differ from company to company which is why it’s important to compare quotes. Similarly, if you have a special kind of home such as a listed building or a home with a thatched roof, you will need specialist insurance.

Compare Cheap Home Insurance Online with Just Quote Me

You can compare cheap home insurance with Just Quote Me today. Use our online quote form or call us on 0800 084 2325 today.

Compare Home Insurance

Compare Home Insurance

Home insurance is a significant investment which cannot be avoided. Your home is probably the most expensive thing you own and therefore it needs and deserves protecting. The right home insurance is entirely dependent on the type of property you live in and what you want to spend. Comparing the home insurance market helps to ensure you get the best value policy for your needs.

You will find great variation in what home insurance policies offer so taking the time to go through a proper comparison ensures the best product for your circumstances. You can compare home insurance with Just Quote Me with ease.

What is Home Insurance?

It probably seems like a very basic question but there are different elements to a home insurance policy.

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance is cover for the physical fabric or makeup of your home, including its fixtures and fittings. It protects this part of the home against disasters and events such as fire, storm and flood. Almost all mortgage providers will expect you to have buildings insurance before giving you approval.

Accidental damage and unforeseen emergencies are not usually covered by standard buildings insurance. You may need to look into home emergency cover as an addition to your regular policy.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance refers to cover for your possessions within your home. The things you take with you when you move into a new property such as your furniture, kitchen appliances, home entertainment systems and similar. It will also cover valuables up to a stated limit.

As with buildings insurance, contents insurance varies from provider to provider. Not all people choose to have both policies together, but this is a common option. When you compare home insurance you can look at the best value way of getting both types of insurance.

Compare Home Insurance with Just Quote Me

Just Quote Me has provided guidance and quotes for home insurance to many people. We can help compare home insurance quotes to help you find the right one for your property. Get in touch today or fill out our callback form to hear from one of our advisers very soon.