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GDPR: What You Need To Know about the New Data Protection Regulation

GDPR: What You Need To Know about the New Data Protection Regulation

General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR

The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is an expansion and development of previous data protection law. At present the UK relies on the Data Protection Act 1998 but things have changed significantly since this time. The new legislation introduces harsher fines for non-compliance and data breaches, and it also gives people more rights to their personal data.

The GDPR is a way for the EU to make a simpler and clearer legal environment for businesses handling volumes of data. It will come fully into force from 25th May 2018. It is applicable to all EU member states, but the UK is also affected.

The UK actually passed its own data protection legislation in September 2017 and it implements the majority of the GDPR in the UK.

Does GDPR affect my Business?

All businesses that control and process data must abide by the GDPR legislation. Your business needs to have a data controller who states how and why personal data is used. Data controllers have full responsibility for ensuring all data processed is compliant with data protection law.

Almost every business will be impacted by GDPR. If your business is currently effected by the Data Protection Act, then the same will apply to the GDPR.

Personal data and sensitive personal data come under GDPR. It is relevant to the smallest start-ups and also the largest companies.

Accountability and Protection against Breaches

Companies affected by the GDPR will see themselves much more accountable for data breaches. Their handling of personal data and sensitive personal data has to be properly managed and stored. Companies may want to review their data protection policies. It may also be worthwhile considering data protection impact assessments and fully auditing record keeping within your business.

Data breaches are becoming increasingly common. Companies such as Equifax, T-Mobile and Yahoo experienced breaches within the last 12 months. Smaller companies also need to be vigilant. The GDPR states that “destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to” personal data must be reported to the country’s data protection regulator. In the UK we have the ICO and they require notification within 72 hours of an organisation finding out about a breach.

The ICO has prepared some information about the GDPR with more expected before the regulation comes into effect in May 2018. All professional business owners should ensure they have a good understanding and are prepared for the regulation before this tim

Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance

Looking for Farm Insurance?

Just Quote Me have a new approach to Farm Insurance in the UK.

We’ve teamed up with one of the UK’s fastest growing Agricultural Insurance companies who provide specialist Insurance to Farmers in the UK.  Prices are amongst some of the best available in the UK today.

We offer a wide range of Farm Insurance cover from:

  • Farmhouse
  • Farm buildings
  • Livestock
  • Personal accident
  • Machinery
  • Cattle straying
  • Milk contamination
  • Produce
  • Employers’ liability
  • Public liability
  • Commercial

Just Quote Me are confident that we can provide you with the lowest premiums with our Insurers.

Our team of  experts will at the very beginning of the quotation process advise you of any potential clauses or warranties that the policy may have, so you can adhere to these and therefore any potential claims that may arise will be met in full, protecting you and your business.

Our policies include the usual Public Liability Insurance, Employers Liability Insurance.

If you would like a free no obligation quote then call Just Quote Me on 0800 084 2325 or fill out our Quick Quote Form.


Compare Business Insurance Online

Compare Business Insurance Online

Looking to compare Business Insurance quotes online?

Compare Business Insurance Online with Just Quote Me – our Small Business Insurance Online quote and Buy facility is exclusive to Just Quote Me and within just a few minutes you can have your instant online Business Insurance Quote for you to compare.

Our quotes will help you to make an informed decision – should you still require further advice then one of Just Quote Me Business Insurance Experts will call you at a time suitable for you to discuss the small print other providers seem to brush over or indeed not discuss with you.

Just Quote Me are experienced Insurance Brokers and with over 30 years Industry expertise we can provide bespoke covers for any business in the UK and also advise on what covers are needed for New Company Business Insurance and also we offer a free service where our experts will check your current Insurance and advise where there are any missing covers or hidden clauses or excesses and it’s all free to use.

So many policies are bought as a quick fix just to obtain the correct paperwork for people to gain access to properties they want to work on but when a claim arises its then and only then they start to fear the covers they have are not correct and they panic is the policy going to pay out, with our experts we make sure you never have to worry about this again after all we are professional Insurance Brokers not merely a comparison site we make sure you are fully aware of the pitfalls of buying online are removed and you are fully aware of what your Business Insurance is covering.

To Compare Business Insurance Quotes Online:

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Compare Tradesman’s Liability Insurance

Compare Tradesman’s Liability Insurance

Tradesman’s Liability Insurance is available from Just Quote Me

Just Quote Me offers Tradesmen the ability to compare prices from various Insurers for Tradesman’s Public Liability and Tradesman’s Employers Liability. We have the added benefit of adding tools cover and Contractors All Risks Insurance if required.

There are also various sums Insured from £1m to £5m as standard and then higher limits are available on request.

As we know there are vastly different types of Tradesman in the UK from one man bands to Multi national organisations Employing thousands of employees.  We can offer superb bespoke covers for all of them, some obvious covers required would be Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance.  We then have the option to add your tools to the policy whilst you are working away from your home or business premises, this can be invaluable as a Tradesman’s tools are his or her life blood, if they are stolen or damaged beyond repair more than often the replacement costs can be expensive, as they may have be added to year on year and often replacements can run into thousands of pounds.  This is where tools cover can be a must for Tradesman to Insure against possible total loss or theft.

Contractors All Risks Insurance can be a more complex cover, and our team of experts are on hand to advise clients of what exactly this cover is, and what sections each unique risk may need if not all sections available.

Contractors Insurance can cover various things such as your materials being used or in use during a contract, the contract value itself, theft of tools and or work in progress which can include materials already fixed to the fabric of a premises but still being worked upon, after all until a job is signed off to your customer the materials in trade are your responsibility for Insurance purposes, as is own Plant and Machinery, Hired In, or Hired Out Plant can also be included under this particular insurance cover.

What ever covers you need we at Just Quote Me Ltd will be able to tailor make a policy to suit your demands and needs.

To get a FREE no obligation Tradesman’s Liability Insurance quote:

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Compare Small Business Insurance Online

Compare Small Business Insurance Online

Compare Small Business Insurance Online

A new facility is now available for all Small Businesses owners in the UK, Just Quote Me have a new website quote and buy facility which caters for any Small Businesses needing Insurances where they can visit and Compare in seconds the best Insurance prices for their exact Business activities.

“Our Quote and Buy Small Business Insurance comparison site is the latest and one of the most Innovative systems in the UK today” said Oliver Roberts Managing Director of Just Quote, we want to combine the opportunity for Small Business Owners in the UK to get their own quotations online but then we as Professional Insurance Brokers will arrange to call the Business Owners and at our expense and spend quality time to explain any potential hidden warranties or clauses that the policy may contain this then not only reassures our clients that they have indeed got the best price available in the UK today but also they can adhere to the small print and therefore any potential claim will be paid not repudiated!”

To get a FREE no obligation Small Business Insurance Online quote:

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Business Insurance Quote

Business Insurance Quote

Looking For Online Business Insurance Quote?

There are various ways to get a Business Insurance quote in the UK. We are experts in the provision of Business Insurance and our team of experts have over 30 years experience in placing risks both over the phone or during a face to face meeting.

Using our online Business Insurance system you are able to get a quick insurance quote or you can call for FREE on 0800 084 2325.  You can choose to pay in full or set up monthly direct debit payments to suit your individual business needs.

Other more complex risks will need our traditional approach were we sit with you at your premises or via a conference call and collate all the information needed to create and provide the best policy that suit your individual company demands and needs.

To get a FREE no obligation Business Insurance quote:

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Compare Business Insurance Online

Compare Small Business Insurance

Compare Small Business Insurance online

Contact Just Quote Me for all your small business insurance quotes online.

Do you need to provide proof of cover for your clients contracts?

Can’t get on site without proof of Public Liability Insurance or Employers Liability Insurance , then look no further than Just Quote Me, we have, over the last two years been busy creating a fantastic platform for you to login and get your own personalised quotations to suit the individual needs of your business.  Please remember that your policy will only cover the business description listed on the schedule, so it’s imperative you make sure all your business activities no matter how small are included in this schedule.

Our small business insurance experts

Our business insurance experts are on hand, and can in an instant give you the expert advice you need if you are unsure of any of the sections needed to complete the online quotation process.  We also offer instalments so you can spread the cost over a ten month period.

Many Tradesman’s insurance policy have warranties and clauses that are not always easy to see or indeed to understand at Just Quote Me we make it our business to ensure you are fully aware of the warranties and clauses so you can be informed whilst running your business on a day to day basis that will help to ensure your policy will indeed indemnify any loss of an insured peril.

Contractors Insurance is also a complex policy often having Contractors all Risks Insurance to cover Contractors tools equipment and materials whilst on site or whilst being used on a contract, this of course accompanies Contractors Public Liability and if required Employers Liability, please be aware that you will need to notify Insurers of any Labour only Sub Contractors and also any Bone-fidelity Sub contractors as to ensure you are fully protected in the event of such a claim arising.

Quality Business Insurance is, in the event of a claim priceless, let us guide you through the buying process and keep you protected.

To get a FREE no obligation Small Business Insurance quote:

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Compare Professional Indemnity Insurance Quotes

Compare Professional Indemnity Insurance Quotes

A guide to Professional Indemnity Insurance

What exactly is Professional Indemnity Insurance? And do you need it?

Quite simply Professional Indemnity Insurance is a type of Insurance to cover any individual or company that provides a service or advice for a fee. In other words, if you have certificated a piece of equipment as an Electrical contractor and then the equipment causes a loss to the client then this would be a Professional indemnity claim.

Another example would be if, as a professional, you give advice to a company and they follow that advice that causes them a loss then they would be able to make a claim on your Professional Indemnity Insurance too!

More businesses should have this cover

Less than 25% of UK businesses that really should have PI insurance cover actually do so, why is this? Basically it is because either they, or their current insurance providers, don’t understand it. They have more than likely not identified that such an exposure exists within the business and have therefore not catered for it fully.

This is where we can help with our over 30 year’s relevant Insurance industry experience. We can offer not only a free quotation but also specialist advice on how to fully to protect you and or your companies exposure thereby providing you with Professional Indemnity cover that fully suits your requirements.

Why choose Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover?

Why should you purchase this cover if you already have Public and Products Liability cover you may well ask? Well, Public Liability Insurance will basically provide cover for injury etc. to the Public. Products Liability will, in essence, pick up any loss or damage to a third party should a Product that you have supplied fail or be faulty. These will pick up the tangible asset damage but what about the financial loss arising from any advice that you have given? This is where PI (Professional Indemnity) becomes a must have cover.

Do you design something for a professional fee, such as an architect would? If you do, and then, for instance, a builder or manufacturer goes on to build or make the product to your specification, what happens if the item or build isn’t correct and then, as a result, causes a loss to a third party? This again would be a Professional Indemnity claim against you and your insurers which you need to make sure that you, as a responsible business, have got covered.

We can help you with your Insurance questions!

If you are unsure of your real world exposure then please do get in touch with our experts now and, even if only for peace of mind, let us advise you correctly so that you can make a fully informed decision regarding your insurance requirements.

To get a FREE no obligation Professional Indemnity Insurance quote

Go to our online Quote System or call us on 0800 084 2325.

Compare Landlord Insurance Quotes

Compare Landlord Insurance Quotes

Landlords Insurance is a different type of Insurance to standard Home Buildings and contents Insurance, standard Home Insurance policies do not cover many of the contingencies required by Landlords Insurance.

There are various specific unique insurance covers needed such as Property Owners Liability Insurance, this is cover for the Landlord or Property Owner. This will cover for injury to the general Public as part of the Landlords buildings Insurance. A common claim could be, for instance, where a loose roof tile comes off in a storm and hits either a third party person or third party’s property. In such a case it is then that Property Owners Liability Insurance, which is part of the covers JustQuoteMe Landlords Insurance provides, comes into its own.

How do you compare Landlords Insurance quotes and what does it cover?

First of all, compare the small print detail of the Landlords Insurance. Look at each individual section of the policy and compare your shortlisted policies side by side.

Another cover section that is unique to Landlords Insurance or Property Owners Insurance is that this type of Insurance cover helps with Loss Of Rent.

Quite often, during a major loss, the landlord or property owner can be left waiting to get repairs effected and will be in the hands of builders until the repair work is completed. It is one thing to rebuild the property, or repair property damage, but what about the loss of rental income during this period? Well this is where this cover section can prove to be invaluable for property owners and landlords. It means that any of our clients, with Landlords Insurance and Property Owners Insurance cover, can continue with their lives whilst the bricks and mortar are replaced!

And what about the all-important buildings sum insured amount you may ask? Well, what on earth do you, as a landlord seeking property owners insurance, set the sum insured to? Here is a bit of a tip regarding the buildings sum insured – it should be set for the cost of any potential rebuild and not the saleable value of the property!

Remember, a property in for instance London, may sell for ten times the value of a property in the North of the UK, but the rebuild cost is virtually the same. It is the same give or take the varying builders rates in different areas, so be careful when setting the building sum insured! Make sure that it covers just the rebuild cost. We would also always advise a contingency of, say 15%, on top of that figure for debris removal too. This is because the builders will have to clear the site before they can actually make a start and commence the rebuild!

Our Property Owners Insurance and Landlord Insurance Cover

Our unique Landlords Insurance can also accommodate ‘Landlords contents Insurance’. This is great if you provide, for instance, white goods or basic furniture which in the event of a total loss you would want repayment for. In this way, you can mitigate your risk as a property owner and this is another option we can incorporate for you.

Rent guarantee and Landlords legal expenses are another key area that a lot of providers forget to either advise on or can’t actually offer cover for. JustQuoteMe can offer both and, bear in mind, Rent Guarantee Insurance covers the Landlord for loss of rent subject to the tenant not paying the rent. This is known as an insured peril! If you have a large portfolio of property then this type of cover can prove to be invaluable. Finally, Landlords legal expenses covers you for legal disputes with Tenants etc. and assist both parties in, hopefully, coming to an amicable agreement.

Landlords and Property Owners Insurance cover can be a bit of a minefield but, with the right policy in place, you can rest easy with Just Quote Me!

To get a FREE no obligation Landlord Insurance quote go to our online Quote System or call us on 0800 084 2325.

Working At Height Insurance

Working At Height Insurance

Working At Height Insurance

If you are working at height then you will need an Insurance policy that can allow cover and Indemnity for various heights such as up to 15 metres or even a policy that offers an “Unlimited Height restriction” these policies can be provided by our expert insurance staff who quote for all different types of occupations who work at unusually high situations.

Just Quote Me can cover all aspects of height work including platform access, rope access, slings cradles, scaffolding platforms, in fact we can cover any modern day method of working at height insurance you can think of.

Some of our clients include safety Netting Installers, Scaffolders and Builders – in fact we cover many different professions that work at above normal heights, standard Insurance policies will cover 0-3 metres or 3-5 metres but bespoke policies are available at great prefixes from Just Quote Me.

With over 30 years experience our experts on on hand every day to give help and advice to anyone working above ground level including those who may use of heat.

Contact us to find out more about Working At Height Insurance:

Get a FREE Working At Height Insurance quote by filling out our Quick Quote form or by calling 0800 084 2325.


Public Liability Insurance Claims

Public Liability Insurance Claims

Public Liability Insurance Claims

Lets first give an example of what Public Liability Insurance Claims are and what they were designed to cover people and businesses:

– If you have an accident or suffer from an injury to your body whilst on public property that was not your fault.

– If you are injured or fall ill during the course of employment then you may be able to claim against your existing or former employer.

The person responsible for the maintenance of public areas must ensure that they are as safe as possible for the public. Public Liability Insurance is a must so that they are able to compensate members of the public for any injury they sustain on the property caused by negligence. Any injury claim, for public liability compensation, would be made against the insurance policy.

How are such public liability compensation claims made?

To achieve a successful public liability compensation claim you need to prove that another person or company was responsible for any injuries that you have sustained as a result of negligence.

Many companies operate to achieve public liability insurance compensation for their clients on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. Many companies on the internet can pursue a claim for you on a ‘no win and no fee’ basis. This means that if your case is not won then you will not be out of pocket financially! This gives many people the confidence to make a claim where they may not have done so before through no fault of their own.

Let’s look at a public liability compensation claim:

The Royal Oak public house is in Fishguard. Here, an incident reminiscent of the famous scene where Grandad fell down a trap door into the cellar took place some time ago.

Mr Parkinson fell down into the pubs cellar after the cellar trap door was left open.  Mr Parkinson was on his way back from the Gents and, as he was returning back to his lady wife, fell through the open cellar trap door. He was left with injuries to his chest and had restricted movement in his arm apparently due to pain and weakness causing him great distress.

There was no warning sign erected or protective barrier erected to ensure that the public were safe.

He stated: “It was a hell of a shock” and “You don’t expect there to be a gaping hole in the floor without any warning signs or protective barrier” said Mr Parkinson at the time!” – Mr Parkinson’s solicitor stated that “It sounds like something out of a comedy sketch” and “this was no laughing matter”

His subsequent Public Liability insurance claim was won and he obtained £3,750 in compensation for his personal injuries.

Do you have questions about Public Liability Insurance?

Call Just Quote Me for FREE on 0800 084 2325 or get a quote online using our Quick Quote Form.

Builders Public Liability Insurance

Builders Public Liability Insurance

Builders Public Liability Insurance – Looking to compare Builders Insurance?

At Just Quote Me our Quick Quote facility allows anyone to compare Builders Insurance or Building Company Insurance in a few minutes.  You will get some of the best rates and covers available in the UK today!

What Insurance do Builders and Building Companies need?

Well to start with they need Builders Public Liability Insurance, Builders Employers Liability Insurance and then after these two core covers they can also add, Tools cover including overnight cover, Goods In Transit Insurance, or they can opt for full Contractors ALL Risks Cover to cover their tools and materials in trade whilst working on a project or job where they are responsible for the work in progress materials until the job is finished and signed off.  Then it becomes the responsibility of their customer to insure.

Many Builders either don’t insure this risk or are not fully aware of what this cover insures and if they haven’t been advised correctly, then they may not be correctly insured and if they are on a big job where a theft has occurred, the potential loss of materials and plant and equipment could be catastrophic.

Our Builders Insurance experts are at hand following initial contact or quote to fully advise you of what covers are right for your specific company or individual needs so contact us today and get the right cover for the right premiums.

Contact Just Quote Me today for FREE using our Quick Quote form or by calling 0800 084 2325