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Why recruitment agencies need insurance

Why recruitment agencies need insurance

In today’s litigious society, recruitment and employment agencies are exposed to all number of risks. Employee’s getting injured at work, a contractor working negligently, a client claiming wool has been pulled over their eyes regarding a candidate’s qualifications. The scope for recruitment agencies being sued is huge, which is why you need recruitment insurance.

Know your exposures:
  • Failure to perform required background checks on candidates
  • Placing a candidate who does not have the suitable experience or qualities for a role
  • Passing a CV to an existing employer or third party without a candidate’s expressed consent
  • Vicarious liability arising out of actions of on-hired employees

A few years ago a Recruitment Agency specialising in the legal industry learned of a potential job opening at a law firm. The Agency was not on a retainer or contract with the firm but sent a candidate’s CV through as a starting point. They never heard back.

The firm never advised that they had hired the candidate, but 6 years later they sued the Recruitment Agency. The candidate was found to have misappropriated funds and had a prior conviction for similar offences. The firm claimed the Agency should have conducted reference and criminal history checks.

The Recruitment Agency immediately notified their insurer, who successfully argued that they were not responsible and had not recommended the candidate.

The moral of the story? A recruitment process can give rise to claims many years after they’ve concluded, so recruitment agencies need insurance. Remember:

  • Have professional indemnity insurance
  • Keep good records of all your interactions with clients
  • Understand your obligations when prospecting and vetting candidates
  • Notify your insurers of potential claims and incidents immediately
The main covers to opt for when taking out recruitment agency insurance are;

Professional Indemnity Insurance – Addresses the legal costs of defending claims and meeting compensation payments that may arise from negligent advice or services provided by a business or an employee.

Public Liability Insurance – Covers your agency against legal proceedings should a member of the public be injured or client property damaged as a result of negligence by your company.

Employers’ Liability Insurance – Covers the cost of compensation should an employee get injured or ill whilst working in connection with your business. £5 million Employers liability insurance is a legal requirement for all businesses.

Cyber Liability and Crime Insurance – Protect your businesses against the threat of cyber-crime. Whether you are a sole trader working from home or an established high street employment agency it pays to have adequate insurance in place to protect you and your business, so you can continue to thrive.

Insurance helps take some of the worry and stress out of running your business and can also help your business to grow. You should be aware that it is difficult to acquire preferred supplier status without proving to clients that you have suitable cover in place.

Don’t risk it. Cover your business with recruitment insurance today by getting in touch, or see more information on our website.

Self-Employed Insurance: What Cover Do You Need When You Work for Yourself?

Self-Employed Insurance: What Cover Do You Need When You Work for Yourself?

The Office for National Statistics report that the number of self-employed people is increasing massively year on year. The number of people self-employed in the UK increased from 12% of the labour force in 2001 to 15.1% of the labour force in 2017.

While many self-employed people made the move due to lack of job availability, almost all are reaping the benefits of being their own bosses. It gives you the opportunity to have full control over your career, but it also comes with a range of risks you cannot ignore. With no protection or support from an employer, self-employed insurance is more important than many people realise.

What is Self-Employed Insurance?

Self-employed business insurance policies protect you and your business financially in the event of an unexpected scenario. It protects you should the worst happen. Dependent on the cover you opt for, it can protect obvious things such as damage to your property. It can also cover less obvious things such as financial protection should your advice cause loss to your clients. If you work for yourself then it is likely you will need some kind of self-employed insurance. What you need will depend on factors including:

  • Whether you have any employees
  • Whether your business has shareholders
  • If your business has a high volume of valuable assets
  • The type of business you run
  • Whether you sell or create products
  • Whether you give out advice or information as part of your service

These are just some of the factors which will influence the kind of self-employed insurance you may need.

Protecting your Business against Liabilities

The most important kinds of insurance for a self-employed person relate to liabilities from clients and other third-parties:

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance or professional liability insurance is essential if you offer advice or specific services. This insurance covers compensation costs should a client suffer financial loss due to a mistake or negligence made by you or an employee. Mistakes can happen and should your advice lead to a loss for your customer, they may need to make a claim against you. Professional liability insurance provides financial protection should this happen.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

If you have any employees you are legally required to have correct insurance cover in place. Most businesses must have at least £5 million of employers’ liability cover. This insurance protects your employees and business should the worst happen. This type of insurance will ensure legal fees and compensation are covered if an employee makes a work-related injury or illness claim.

Public Liability Insurance

Not all self-employed insurance policies will include public liability insurance. Public liability insurance is not a legal requirement. However, it ensures you are protected if clients or third parties visit your business premises. There are also policies which will provide cover if you visit client’s homes or their premises too. Public liability insurance provides compensation and legal fees cover if a third-party makes an accident, injury or damage to personal property claim.

Self-Employed Insurance with Just Quote Me

Just Quote Me works with business people from all backgrounds, including many self-employed business people. We can help talk you through a range of self-employed insurance quotes so you can find the right option for your business.

How Much Does Business Insurance Cost?

How Much Does Business Insurance Cost?

Business insurance is essential for every type of business. It is usually an incredibly flexible policy that you can tailor to suit your business and its unique needs. However, many people forget about business insurance due to the perception that it is expensive. So, how much does business insurance cost?

The cost of Business Insurance

The cost of insurance will depend on the amount of coverage your business needs. As well as this, it depends on the different policies that you want to include in the overall policy. This means that business owners can control the cost of business insurance by building a unique policy with a range of different covers.

One essential aspect of business insurance is employers’ liability insurance. If your business employees any member of staff, then it is a legal requirement to have employers’ liability insurance in place.

Other aspects of the insurance are not a legal requirement but can still be incredibly beneficial include public liability insurance. This provides coverage to third-party individuals such as customers or contractors in the event of an injury or property damage as a result of your business.

Another popular option is to include professional indemnity insurance. This is particularly useful for business that offers advice to customers that could prove to be faulty. If your advice may cause financial loss to your customers, then having this protection means you can pay in the event of a claim against you.

The main factor that will affect the cost is the risk of your business. Small businesses with less risk will pay a much small price. Rather than a large business that comes with a great deal of risk. The best way to determine the cost of business insurance for your needs is to get in touch with Just Quote Me. You can discuss your individual needs and the team will explain the various premium costs depending on what level of cover you would like.

Do you have questions about Business Insurance?

Call Just Quote Me for FREE on 0800 084 2325 or get a quote online using our Quick Quote Form.

What Is Consultant Insurance?

What Is Consultant Insurance?

Every consultancy business is unique. Furthermore, every consultant operates differently. With this in mind, it is essential to have consultant insurance that is specifically tailored to the work you do. Content insurance not only protects you and your business, but it also protects your clients who rely on you. As you rely on your clients too, it is wise to protect both of you.

Content insurance can cover a range of policies. However, instead of having a range of different plans to keep track of, with consultant insurance you have one premium, one renewal date and one set of documents. You can be sure to have the specific coverage you need, with less of the hassle.

What’s Included In Consultant Insurance?

As each consultancy is different, policymakers will design consultant insurance to suit your individual needs. However common areas of coverage include;

Public liability insurance – This protects you if a client, supplier or member of the public suffers property damage or injury because of your business.

Professional indemnity insurance – This can protect you and your client if they suffer financial loss because of your work for them.

Business contents insurance – This covers your equipment and content should they be stolen or suffer damage. You can read more about business contents insurance here.

What To Check With Consultant Insurance

It is important to read your policy documents carefully and to amend any issues you see straight away. It is essential that your insurance provides adequate coverage, so make sure you know the full costs of items you are covering when you ask for a quote.

Finally, some businesses will ask that you have a specific level of professional indemnity insurance in place before you work with them. You are usually able to increase your cover throughout your policy for a small fee.

Do you have questions about Consultant Insurance?

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How To Compare Business Insurance Quotes

How To Compare Business Insurance Quotes

For any business, it is essential to have the right insurance coverage in place. Moreover, you want to make sure high-quality insurance coverages comes at the best possible price. With this in mind, it is vital for your business to compare business insurance quotes. So, what is the best way for you to compare business insurance quotes? Here we offer our guide on how to interpret the quotes you receive.

The best way to compare business insurance quotes

  1. Don’t focus solely on the premium

It can be tempting when you compare business insurance quotes to concentrate solely on the price you have to pay for insurance. However, it may sometimes be worthwhile spending a little bit more to receive a greater amount of coverage. Furthermore, you also need to check that the limits of cover are high enough to cover any client contracts you have or potential problems you face.

  1. Flexibility

As a business grows, you want to make sure that you always have the right insurance to cover your needs, plans and risks. While you do not want to buy new insurance every time there is a change in your business, it is wise to check the flexibility of the policy and the insurance provider. It is wise to ensure your limits have wiggle room in case your business grows. It is also worthwhile checking with the insurance provider to see how it would cost for you to update the policy if you need to.

  1. Talk to Just Quote Me

While our state-of-the-art comparison engine makes it easy to compare quotes at a glance, our insurance experts are always on hand to help. We will be able to explain any industry jargon to ensure you know the complexities of your policy. Furthermore, we can also assess your needs to make sure you have the right level of cover in place for your business activities and size.

Do you have questions about Business Insurance?

Call Just Quote Me for FREE on 0800 084 2325 or get a quote online using our Quick Quote Form.

Do you have adequate Sandwich Shop Insurance?

Do you have adequate Sandwich Shop Insurance?

As the summer season sets in, shops get busier and trade increases. As a sandwich shop owner, you need to be ready both for more custom and the risk this brings. Owners of shops of any kind, especially one serving food, you need adequate insurance in place. Sandwich shop insurance policies are tailored exactly to your needs and ensure you are protected financially against a range of unexpected eventualities.

Sandwich shop insurance takes into account that you deal with the public, may run a commercial kitchen with sharp utensils and equipment and also have employees. Insurance policies typically include:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Employers’ liability insurance
  • Content and stock cover
  • Goods in Transit cover
  • Business interruption cover

There may be additional insurances you want to consider such as food hygiene ratings insurance and each policy will be tailored to the unique nature of your business.

Why do you need Sandwich Shop Insurance?

Most types of insurance are not a legal requirement. However, it is dangerous and risky to work without insurance in place. As a shop owner there are a range of financial risks you should mitigate against. From theft to electrical faults causing stock spoilage, footing the bill after an emergency is not something any business wants to do.

Protecting yourself from financial loss is the most sensible thing to do as a business looking to succeed and prosper. Only employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement. The other types help guarantee your business financially should an unexpected accident, injury or event occur. It is worth remembering should a member of the public or third party make a claim against your business due to an accident or injury, there is the risk of both compensation payments and legal costs. Without insurance most small businesses find this kind of financial burden too hard to deal with.

Sandwich Shop Insurance Quotes with Just Quote Me

Just Quote Me is proud to be a business insurance specialist. We support and advise many businesses in their options for insurance, including sandwich shop owners. We appreciate the individual nature of all businesses and are ready and waiting to discuss your requirements and help find the right sandwich shop insurance quotes for you. Contact us today to begin your application.



Soft Play Insurance: Not an Optional Choice

Soft Play Insurance: Not an Optional Choice

Soft play areas are hugely popular with parents of preschool children throughout the year and older children during the holidays and weekends. They can be extremely busy and the high volume of people, particularly children, increases the potential risks and hazards. It is not responsible or safe to run this kind of business without appropriate soft play insurance. All businesses need some kind of insurance and ones with additional risk such as this, require more specialist cover.

Why Do you need Soft Play Insurance?

Soft play insurance, at a minimum, will cover your business should an employee, visitor or other third party suffer an injury and claim you are negligent. Your insurance also protects your business should any of the above claim their property is damaged due to your business. After an incident is too late to get insurance and you should have the cover in place for your own protection. The costs of a compensation claim can easily ruin a business and it is also unsafe to operate without appropriate cover.

What kind of Cover do you Need?

The only compulsory insurance in the UK is employer’s liability insurance. If you have any employees this is essential to comply with UK law. Most soft play businesses should also consider:

  • Public liability insurance: to protect against claims from the general public
  • Product liability insurance: to protect against claims made against your business’ products/services

Some soft play insurance may incorporate other elements such as legal expenses insurance, loss of income or business interruptions cover. If you are not sure the level of cover you need, it’s time to speak to the experts.

Soft Play Insurance Quotes from Just Quote Me

At Just Quote Me we work with businesses from all backgrounds. We can discuss a range of soft play insurance quotes with you, giving you a range of options to choose from. Our expert insurance advisors can discuss the policies available too, helping you to make an informed decision. Call us today on 0800 084 2325 or contact us via our online form


Tailored B&B Insurance for your Business

Tailored B&B Insurance for your Business

The high footfall in the average B&B makes them relatively risky businesses to run. Guests come in and out all the time, cooking and cleaning is a constant process, so as a B&B owner, you have to be aware of risk. Quality and comprehensive B&B insurance is designed specifically to cover your business against risk. What level of cover do you need and what elements should you policy incorporate? We’ll look at that in more depth below.

Insuring your Great British Bed and Breakfast

The Bed and Breakfast is a British tradition and has provided a steady income for many for years. It is possible to get B&B insurance for both licensed and unlicensed premises although the requirements are a little different. Importantly though, do you know what types of cover should be incorporated in your B&B insurance? B&B owners should definitely consider:

Public Liability Insurance

This protects you and your business against compensation claims made by members of the public. Claims are usually for injury or damage to property which the claimant blames on your business. It would cover your business if a guest were to trip over for example.

Business Buildings and Contents Insurance

Even if your B&B is also your home, you should update your buildings and contents insurance to reflect its business status. It will protect your business should there be a burglary, fire or flood.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

All businesses which employ staff must have employers’ liability insurance. It is likely your B&B employs at least some staff members, so this type of insurance is compulsory. It protects you and your business against compensation claims made by employees and former employees. Not having employers’ liability insurance in place can result in large fines.

B&B owners may also want to consider more specialist insurance cover such as business interruption cover and you can discuss your individual needs when you contact Just Quote Me. Our professional insurance specialists can talk through your options with you.

Just Quote Me can provide you with a range of B&B insurance quotes, allowing you to decide which is best for your needs. Contact us today to find out more.

Protect your Business with Cyber Liability Insurance

Protect your Business with Cyber Liability Insurance

A study carried out by the UK government shows nearly half of UK businesses identified at least one cyber breach or attack in the last year. This shows how vital protecting your business against cyber-attacks is and this is why cyber liability insurance has become essential.

 What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Cyber liability insurance is designed to support and protect your business financially in the event of a cyber-attack. It will also protect your business should there be a data breach or hackers break into your system. Cyber liability insurance is comprehensive cover to help cover the costs of a potentially damaging attack.

How can a Cyber-Attack Cost your Business?

If you’re not aware of how cyber-attacks can effect your business then it is unlikely you’re aware of the costs involved. Cyber-attacks can result in downtime and it can result in breach of client data, which can be both reputationally and financially damaging. A comprehensive cyber liability insurance policy will offer:

Ransomware Protection

Should you find a hacker or cyber-attacker wants to extort funds from your business your insurance policy should cover the cost of the ransom.

Breach Protection

A quality cyber liability policy will offer practical as well as financial support. You may be able to access forensic investigative services, legal advice and support services for your affected customers.

Business Interruption

Your policy should provide cover for loss of income due to business interruption during the cyber-attack. It may also provide cover for loss of income due to reputational damage.

Hacker Protection

If a hacker accesses your website, systems or other connected servers, your insurance policy will reimburse you repair and replacement costs.

Cyber-attacks are not something to take lightly. They are becoming increasingly common. All prudent business owners should consider cyber liability insurance a necessity, rather than optional cover. At Just Quote Me we can talk through your options at any time. Our team will help you find the right policy for your business.

Business Insurance Quote Online

Business Insurance Quote Online

Get A Business Insurance Quote Online Today

As specialists in this sector, Just Quote Me asking the very simple question ‘What is business insurance?’ may seem a bit strange but it is a common query from new business owners. What’s more even some experienced owners aren’t entirely sure what it is and why they need it so here we’re looking more closely and fully answering the question: what is business insurance?

Business insurance protects companies against losses suffered in the day to day activities of their business. It is especially important should there be a compensation claim made against your company and it covers a range of different types of insurance usually.

Why do I need Business Insurance?

Most types of insurance are not compulsory. However, you need business insurance if you want your business to be protected against every day risks. It can cover everything from professional mistakes to accidents and theft and damage.

Also, some companies only work with others which have particular types of cover in place. If you want to secure bigger contracts and more clients, it is often prudent to ensure you’re insured. The only type of insurance which is a legal requirement is employers’ liability insurance. This is only the case if you have any staff at all.

However, you may also find that your industry regulatory body only accepts members with certain insurance covers too so investing in business insurance is a sensible move.

What type of Business Insurance Cover do I need?

As mentioned, if you have staff, it will be essential to have an employers’ liability policy in place. It is also common for most business insurance packages to include public liability insurance and also professional indemnity insurance. The latter is a particular good choice if your business deals with advice, client data or intellectual property.

At Just Quote Me we have worked with many businesses over the years. We work to ensure they have the level of cover they need at a price which is suitable for their business. If you would like to find out more and discuss your options, please call us today.

Finding the right B&B Insurance for your Small Business

Finding the right B&B Insurance for your Small Business

Whether you have turned your home into a business or have invested in a B&B elsewhere, it is imperative you have the right B&B insurance to protect your guests and your business. Many people are choosing to open their homes to paying guests or invest in holiday business properties to earn a little extra income. Whether you are a first-time B&B owner or a veritable veteran, you need B&B insurance for the benefit of your business.

Specialised B&B Insurance

Wherever your business is based in the United Kingdom, you will need adequate B&B insurance. IN most instances, B&B insurance is a fairly specialised arrangement with your chosen insurer, with many specific clauses relating to your business and customised specifically to your business needs. Whether you let out a single room in your home or have a large B&B, there is an insurance package out there for your business and it can be found at a price to suit your budge. At Just Quote Me we have worked with many B&B owners to help secure the perfect level of cover for their business.

B&B Insurance Cover

The cover you arrange for your Bed and Breakfast may cover many different areas. It is illegal to operate without employer’s liability insurance if you employ a single person and you may also find it best to invest in public liability insurance to protect your business from the legal costs of compensation and to fight against claims made. B&B insurance may also incorporate more specialist elements such as:

  • Loss of bookings cover
  • Legal protection
  • Cover for guests’ belongings
  • Personal liability insurance

When you discuss your insurance needs with Just Quote Me one of our experienced professionals will help find the best provider and customised package for your business needs. We recognise every business has its own unique elements and work with you to find the insurance which works best and ensures the best value and level of cover.

Affordable Office Insurance from £225 a Year

Affordable Office Insurance from £225 a Year

Your office is the hub of your business and where all the important stuff happens. With this in mind investing in a good level of office insurance is vital for the successful business. Most office insurance policies have three key elements:

  • Protection of your premises and equipment
  • Protection of your staff and customers
  • Financial support should their be a pause in trading

The level of cover you need in each area will depend on many different business factors and the overall cost too will be effected in this way. However, Just Quote Me can organise your office insurance from just £225 a year, giving you that extra level of protection and peace of mind for your business.

Office Insurance Cover

Office insurance cover may factor in many different elements but most policies will include:

Public Liability Insurance

For protection of your business and your customers. Public liability insurance cover loss, damage or injury to third parties in your office and in its immediate area such as private car parks etc.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

A compulsory requirement if you have a single employee. The legal minimum of employers’ liability insurance is £5m and ensures your business is prepared should an employee or ex-employee sue for compensation.

Office Buildings and Contents Insurance

If you own the building your office is in then you need buildings insurance to protect it. Office contents insurance is essential if you rent your offices unfurnished as it protects your equipment and other ‘contents’ essential to your business including shelving, desks, furniture etc. Unless you rent a furnished office then contents insurance should be a real consideration.

Business Interruption Insurance

If your office is damaged, ruined or becomes unusable, business interruption insurance will keep your rent paid as well as other overheads such as wages and expenses which still need to be paid despite the interruption of your business duties.

Just Quote Me can arrange office insurance for practically any business. As mentioned our prices are competitive and if you get in touch today we will quickly and efficiently help find the right solution for your business.