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Small Business Insurance Quote

Small Business Insurance Quote

Are you looking for a Small Business Insurance Quote?

Just Quote Me is one of the UK’s fastest growing Small Business Insurance Providers.  We offer insurance for small businesses – anything from Shops, Offices to Landlords, Restaurants and the Motor Trade.  So if you are a small to medium business or SME – contact Just Quote Me to see how we can help.

You can receive a FREE no obligation quote by contacting us on 0800 084 2325 or by filling out our Online Quote System that quotes some of the best Business insurance prices available in today’s every changing insurance market., our online quotes cover all the specifics sections needed to ensure you have not only the best price but also the best cover for your exact business needs.

Our Online Quote System ensures you have not only the best price but also the best cover for your exact business needs.

How we can help with your small business insurance

Our team of highly trained staff will ensure that you are fully aware of not only the cover limits but also the warranties and clauses specific to your policy so that you know what you have to do to make sure the policy will pay out in the event of a claim.

Warranties and clauses can vary from policy to policy and occupation to occupation but a typical clause will be regarding minimum security to your premises such as five lever mortise dead locks, window locks for all accessible downstairs windows etc – theses are extremely important to know so that you can ensure you are meeting these requirement and then in turn your claim will be paid.

Get your small business insurance quote today

For expert small business insurance advice call Just Quote Me FREE  on 0800 084 2325 or by fill out our Online Quote System.

Discount Food Hygiene Ratings Insurance for Top Businesses

Discount Food Hygiene Ratings Insurance for Top Businesses

The best-rated food businesses can benefit from a discount on food hygiene ratings insurance quotes at Just Quote Me. We’re offering all businesses with over three ratings for food hygiene a discount off their business insurance premium.

The food hygiene rating your business has is closely linked to its reputation. Picking up a single bad rating can damage your business’ chance of repeat custom. All businesses that sell food, from restaurants to pubs and cafes to hotels and even food shops, need a good reputation. Without this they cannot effectively trade and sell food.

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) in England, Northern Ireland and Wales helps customers choose where to eat and where to shop for food with information about the hygiene standards they keep. Customers can make an informed decision on their next purchase or their next meal out. As a business in the food sector you want to be recognised for the right reasons and with good ratings you’ll attract a better standard of customer.

Get your Food Hygiene Ratings Insurance Discount Today

Food hygiene ratings in England, Northern Ireland and Wales go on a scale from zero to five. Five is the highest score you can get with zero the lowest. Food safety officers determine the food hygiene rating on three standards:

  1. Hygienic handling of food including preparation, cooking, reheating, cooling and storing
  2. Condition of the building: how clean is the building? They will check lay out, ventilation and lighting.
  3. Management and records: how the does the business manage and record food temperatures

Every food safety inspection will cover these areas. At the end, the food safety officer will give the owner or manager of the business a rating on the 0-5 scale. Finally, they will also make recommendations on how to improve and ensure a higher rating is possible next time.

All businesses awarded three ratings or higher can enjoy a 10% discount on their Food Hygiene Ratings Insurance with Just Quote Me. Simply mention JQM10 to the team member you speak to when getting your quote. Remember, we’ll need to see a copy of your ratings certificate to guarantee your discount.

Business Insurance Quote

Business Insurance Quote

Looking For Online Business Insurance Quote?

There are various ways to get a Business Insurance quote in the UK. We are experts in the provision of Business Insurance and our team of experts have over 30 years experience in placing risks both over the phone or during a face to face meeting.

Using our online Business Insurance system you are able to get a quick insurance quote or you can call for FREE on 0800 084 2325.  You can choose to pay in full or set up monthly direct debit payments to suit your individual business needs.

Other more complex risks will need our traditional approach were we sit with you at your premises or via a conference call and collate all the information needed to create and provide the best policy that suit your individual company demands and needs.

To get a FREE no obligation Business Insurance quote:

Go to our online Quote System or call us on 0800 084 2325


Compare Small Business Insurance

Compare Small Business Insurance

Compare Small Business Insurance online

Contact Just Quote Me for all your small business insurance quotes online.

Do you need to provide proof of cover for your clients contracts?

Can’t get on site without proof of Public Liability Insurance or Employers Liability Insurance , then look no further than Just Quote Me, we have, over the last two years been busy creating a fantastic platform for you to login and get your own personalised quotations to suit the individual needs of your business.  Please remember that your policy will only cover the business description listed on the schedule, so it’s imperative you make sure all your business activities no matter how small are included in this schedule.

Our small business insurance experts

Our business insurance experts are on hand, and can in an instant give you the expert advice you need if you are unsure of any of the sections needed to complete the online quotation process.  We also offer instalments so you can spread the cost over a ten month period.

Many Tradesman’s insurance policy have warranties and clauses that are not always easy to see or indeed to understand at Just Quote Me we make it our business to ensure you are fully aware of the warranties and clauses so you can be informed whilst running your business on a day to day basis that will help to ensure your policy will indeed indemnify any loss of an insured peril.

Contractors Insurance is also a complex policy often having Contractors all Risks Insurance to cover Contractors tools equipment and materials whilst on site or whilst being used on a contract, this of course accompanies Contractors Public Liability and if required Employers Liability, please be aware that you will need to notify Insurers of any Labour only Sub Contractors and also any Bone-fidelity Sub contractors as to ensure you are fully protected in the event of such a claim arising.

Quality Business Insurance is, in the event of a claim priceless, let us guide you through the buying process and keep you protected.

To get a FREE no obligation Small Business Insurance quote:

Go to our online Quote System or call us on 0800 084 2325

FSB Members Insurance

FSB Members Insurance

Federation Of Small Businesses (FSB)

Are you a member of the Federation Of Small Businesses (FSB) and looking for the best prices in the UK for Small Business Insurance? Then we can help – Just Quote Me the UK’s fastest growing Online Business Insurance comparison site and just what you need to get the expert advice and fantastic prices that you need on insurance.

Paying too much? Does your Renewal price seem to go up year after year then use our FREE Quote System to get your own prices and see if your current providers are indeed charging you way too much.

So for the best Small Business Insurance prices for FSB members Insurance visit our FREE Quote System or call us on 0800 084 2325.