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Construction Insurance in the UK

Construction Insurance in the UK

Construction insurance (often called builder’s risk insurance) protects against financial expenditure throughout the erection phase of a build.

It is different to homeowner’s insurance, which  protects a property once it is occupied, as it protects the structure whilst it is being built. It also protects the materials that have been purchased for the structure from loss due to theft or damage due to fire, high winds or other factors.

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A Bespoke Insurance Policy

Just Quote Me has been in the business of insurance for 28 years and during this time it has helped hundreds of local and national businesses to find the right insurance policy to suit their specific needs.

The company believes in the importance of helping businesses to find bespoke insurance policies that are designed to meet their unique requirements. All too often, insurers provide standard policies that do not provide companies with the necessary cover when they need it most.

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