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Small Business Insurance Quote

Small Business Insurance Quote

Are you looking for a Small Business Insurance Quote?

Just Quote Me is one of the UK’s fastest growing Small Business Insurance Providers.  We offer insurance for small businesses – anything from Shops, Offices to Landlords, Restaurants and the Motor Trade.  So if you are a small to medium business or SME – contact Just Quote Me to see how we can help.

You can receive a FREE no obligation quote by contacting us on 0800 084 2325 or by filling out our Online Quote System that quotes some of the best Business insurance prices available in today’s every changing insurance market., our online quotes cover all the specifics sections needed to ensure you have not only the best price but also the best cover for your exact business needs.

Our Online Quote System ensures you have not only the best price but also the best cover for your exact business needs.

How we can help with your small business insurance

Our team of highly trained staff will ensure that you are fully aware of not only the cover limits but also the warranties and clauses specific to your policy so that you know what you have to do to make sure the policy will pay out in the event of a claim.

Warranties and clauses can vary from policy to policy and occupation to occupation but a typical clause will be regarding minimum security to your premises such as five lever mortise dead locks, window locks for all accessible downstairs windows etc – theses are extremely important to know so that you can ensure you are meeting these requirement and then in turn your claim will be paid.

Get your small business insurance quote today

For expert small business insurance advice call Just Quote Me FREE  on 0800 084 2325 or by fill out our Online Quote System.

How To Compare Business Insurance Quotes

How To Compare Business Insurance Quotes

For any business, it is essential to have the right insurance coverage in place. Moreover, you want to make sure high-quality insurance coverages comes at the best possible price. With this in mind, it is vital for your business to compare business insurance quotes. So, what is the best way for you to compare business insurance quotes? Here we offer our guide on how to interpret the quotes you receive.

The best way to compare business insurance quotes

  1. Don’t focus solely on the premium

It can be tempting when you compare business insurance quotes to concentrate solely on the price you have to pay for insurance. However, it may sometimes be worthwhile spending a little bit more to receive a greater amount of coverage. Furthermore, you also need to check that the limits of cover are high enough to cover any client contracts you have or potential problems you face.

  1. Flexibility

As a business grows, you want to make sure that you always have the right insurance to cover your needs, plans and risks. While you do not want to buy new insurance every time there is a change in your business, it is wise to check the flexibility of the policy and the insurance provider. It is wise to ensure your limits have wiggle room in case your business grows. It is also worthwhile checking with the insurance provider to see how it would cost for you to update the policy if you need to.

  1. Talk to Just Quote Me

While our state-of-the-art comparison engine makes it easy to compare quotes at a glance, our insurance experts are always on hand to help. We will be able to explain any industry jargon to ensure you know the complexities of your policy. Furthermore, we can also assess your needs to make sure you have the right level of cover in place for your business activities and size.

Do you have questions about Business Insurance?

Call Just Quote Me for FREE on 0800 084 2325 or get a quote online using our Quick Quote Form.