Shop Insurance

Shop Insurance

Shop Insurance

Shop Insurance

The right insurance for your retail business is essential. However, we appreciate how complex shop insurance can be which is why we have created a dedicated and straightforward Shop Insurance Quotation System. This allows you to specify the details of your shop or retail outlet and provide all relevant information about your business, to ensure you get the exact level of cover you need, suitable for your business.

The individual needs of each retail business need to be considered to ensure the perfect shop insurance quote. Different businesses require very different types of cover, as their needs can vary greatly. A grocery store needs a very different type of cover to a hair salon for example and at Just Quote Me we appreciate the individual nature of every retail premises.

What is included in Shop Insurance?

Shop insurance will differ from policy to policy and be highly dependent on the individual business. It may cover elements such as public and employers’ liability insurance, stocks and contents insurance, glass cover and business interruption insurance. These are just some examples of what you may find in your Shop Insurance policy and you can tailor it to the specific features that suit your requirements.

It is extremely important to look very closely at the small print and look out of hidden clauses. Hidden clauses and warranties can often be found within insurance policies and in complex wording which may be difficult to decipher. Handily at Just Quote Me our unique quotation system will clearly highlight any clauses and warranties which are relevant to your business. With this clarity you can see how the additional elements of the contract are relevant to your business and be safe in the knowledge you are only signing up to something which is suitable.

At Just Quote Me we are committed to transparency and we want you to have a complete understanding of everything relating to your policy. It is all laid out clearly and simply so you can make an informed decision and get the shop insurance policy which suits your business.

Flexible and Tailored to your Shop

Shop insurance ensures your business is fully protected against almost all potential financial pitfalls which could occur. It may cover your business in the event of burglary and theft, it may cover your business for public and employers’ liability insurance and it may also provide your business with specific product liability cover too. Some shop insurance also has business contents insurance and specialist stock cover.

At Just Quote Me we use our industry knowledge and intuitive software to make finding the right insurance for your shop as easy as possible. There are no hidden clauses, additional fees or anything beyond what we lay out transparently in front of you. We will make sure you are aware of any specific clauses and warranties which may affect how you need to organise your shop and store your stock, ensuring you understand your obligations to remain within the terms of your insurance policy.

Just Quote Me will help you achieve peace of mind about your retail business, as you know it is protected against financial loss.

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