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Mini Fleet Insurance

Electric Car And Van Fleets Insurance

With a ban on diesel vehicles coming to the UK soon, more and more businesses are looking for more sustainable ways to power their car. Electric cars and vans are becoming increasingly popular for businesses to add to their fleets. Of course, for these new ways to power the vehicle, you need the right insurance; electric car and van fleets insurance.

How Can Electric Car And Van Fleets Insurance Save You Money?

Of course, for the cost of fleet insurance, there are several variables that may affect the price. However, by having a fleet of electric cars and vans, fleet managers often find that they make significant savings with their insurance.

Typically, electric cars and vans have fewer maintenance requirements. This means the vehicles are less likely to break down or have an accident due to lack of maintenance. As a result, with fewer accidents on the road, insurance providers can reduce the cost of their electric car and van fleets insurance.

Furthermore, electric cars often have advanced safety technology. The technology on board your fleet can help to reduce the chance of accidents and collision. This is not only a plus for you but for your insurer too. This benefit is enhanced if your fleet also opts for advanced telematics insurance too – which is another excellent way to keep your insurance costs down.

Finally, studies by insurers find that drivers of electric vehicles are more likely to be responsible drivers. While this focus is mainly for individuals, research has found that it is helping fleet managers too. So, by actively choosing a more sustainable transportation method, you could be saving money on fuel costs and insurance.

What Is Gas Powered Fleets HGVs Insurance?

In a bid to reduce their carbon emissions, many companies are turning to gas powered fleets HGVs. Innovate UK is even funding trials for these low emission vehicles as part of the Low Emission Freight and Logistics Project. Some of the big fleet operators to take part include ASDA. Great Bear, Brit European and Howard Tenens. However, what does this energy source mean for insurance and what is gas powered fleets HGVs insurance?

Understanding gas powered fleets HGVs insurance

Regardless of how many vehicles you have in your fleet and what fuel or power they use, they all need vehicle insurance. Of course, each vehicle having its own insurance can be a nightmare for fleet managers. This is why fleet insurance is ideal as it covers all of your vehicles in one policy.

All insurers will have a different number of vehicles to class the insurance as a fleet. Often there is a minimum number of two vehicles for fleet insurance. However, the maximum number could stretch into the thousands.

The benefit of having gas powered fleets HGVs is that the vehicles have lower CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the gas powered fleets HGVs tend to have lower power. This makes the vehicles safer in the eyes of the insurer. As a result, the insurance premiums tend to be much cheaper.

The benefits of gas powered fleets HGVs insurance

  1. The vehicles have less power which means they are safer to drive which lowers premiums
  2. Gas powered fleets HGVs insurance makes it easier to manage your whole fleet
  3. You are doing your bit for the environment and reducing your carbon footprint
  4. Furthermore, you could save money through insurance and fuel costs.

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