Hotels & Guesthouses Insurance

Hotels & Guesthouses Insurance

Small Hotel and guesthouse Insurance Quotes

Every owner of a small hotel or guesthouse needs to be confident that your insurance policy will cover your business should the worst happen. Owning and running a successful small hotel or guesthouse takes years of dedication and is often a labour of love. Therefore, ensuring that it is fully protected at all times its vital to ensure it remains prosperous for many years to come.

Small hotels and guesthouses can see a high turn over of staff and guests which may increase the risk of potentially libelous situations arising. Whether your business is at maximum capacity during the high season, or winding down for the off peak months, the right comprehensive, year round insurance cover will take care of protecting your business all year round.

Insurance Types

The very nature of the hotel and catering industry means that as an owner you will need a variety of products to cover both your hotel and your staff, as well as guests and visitors to the premises. From public liability insurance through to stock cover, and everything in-between, a successful and well managed small hotel or guest house will be protected by an insurance policy that offers a high level of cover.

You should be protected against many potential risks, including:

Public Liability Insurance – to cover a claim made by a many of the public who suffers an injury against themselves of their belongings whilst staying on hotel property.

Buildings Insurance – to cover against damage to the structure, or to any improvements you have made. It may also provide cover against for subsidence or acts or terrorism, or you can request these separately should you wish to. Outbuildings, swimming pools and playing surfaces should also be included.

Contents Insurance – to cover everything within the hotel including furniture, hotel, alcohol, stock, money and electronic equipment. Cover can be also be extended to include property belonging to guests and staff if you require it.

Employer Liability Insurance – to cover you and your business if an employee suffers an injury whilst working for the hotel. This is a legal requirement for every employer.

Business Interruption Insurance – If your hotel suffers a claim for theft or damage you may then suffer a reduction in income. This type of insurance is designed to cover the shortfall in income until any action has been remedied.

Personal Accident & Illness Insurance – to pay a financial benefit if an employee is unable to wrk as a result of injury or illness.

Legal Expenses Insurance – to provide legal advice and cover costs of legal representation during legal situations and disputes.

Because you are busy with the day to day running of your establishment, a policy that offers everything in one place is an efficient way of covering any potential risks. A policy can easily be purchased that will cover all of the above, and sometimes more on request. One policy means one easy payment to one insurer, keeping your costs and man hours to a minimum.

Insurance Policy Quotes

Obtaining a quote for small hotel insurance should be a personalised transaction, that takes into account the individual requirements of your establishment. Most insurers will only offers direct quite after they have fully evaluated your business, and are confident that they are able to offer you the best product for your business. Any insurance policy must be correctly assessed to be of any worth to the owner. After all, insurance is designed to protect you, not leave you wanting should the worst occur.


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