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Warehouse Insurance Quote Online Today

Warehouse Insurance Quote Online Today

Get A Warehouse Insurance Quote Today

Whether you manufacture, store or sell wholesale goods, warehouses generally hold large volumes of stock which would be expensive to replace if they were stolen or damaged. The same is true of the building itself and the equipment inside. This is why businesses need warehouse insurance. Without it, you won’t be able to protect your property, workforce, clients or customers.

Warehouse Insurance Policies

You can buy a single comprehensive, warehouse insurance policy or separate policies that will offer full protection altogether. Whichever option you choose, your insurance cover should include:

  • Buildings Insurance, including water, fire and accidental damage. Malicious damage is also included in some policies, or business can ask it is added.
  • Stock Insurance, which replaces damaged stock.
  • Content Insurance, which includes all the non-stock elements of a business that might be housed in a warehouse. For example, shelving, computers, and other equipment.
  • Product Liability Insurance, which protects businesses if the products they sell are faulty.
  • Employers Liability Insurance, a legal requirement for all warehouses who employ staff. This covers for accidents and incidents that happen in the warehouse itself, including the use of tools and equipment.
  • Warehouse Public Liability Insurance, which provides cover against claims made by visitors to the warehouse due to a company’s negligence.

Where businesses use drivers to deliver goods, you might also want to consider additional insurance for forklifts or trucks used to make deliveries.

Because there are so many elements to warehouse insurance it is essential that businesses get it right. If you don’t, you could find yourself covering costs for replacing stock or equipment or liable if staff or visitors are injured.

Get A Warehouse Insurance Quote Today

Do you have questions about warehouse Insurance? Call Just Quote Me for FREE on 0800 084 2325 or get a quote online using our Quick Quote Form.

Public Liability Insurance Quote Online Today

Public Liability Insurance Quote Online Today

Get A Public Liability Insurance Quote Online Today

Looking for a public liability insurance quote that’s tailored to your company’s needs? Then contact Just Quote Me today to see how we can help – go to our online Quote System or call us on 0800 084 2325.

The team at Just Quote Me understands that every business is different and that insurance should reflect this. Whether you have a pub, restaurant, shop or manufacturing plant – we can help.

The Importance of Public Liability Insurance

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that Public Liability Insurance is a luxury that you do not need. On the contrary, both public liability insurance and employers liability insurance (if you employ one or more employees) are legal requirements.

To ensure that you’re staying on the right side of the law and that you are fully protected from any loss that might arise from a claim, get yourself Public Liability Insurance from Just Quote Me. The company has been a leader in insurance for nearly 30 years, which should assure you that the team are experienced and highly knowledgeable in the insurance arena.

FREE no obligation Public Liability Insurance quote

To get a FREE no obligation Public Liability Insurance quote go to our online Quote System or call us on 0800 084 2325.

News Brief January 2021

News Brief January 2021

Supreme Court Upholds COVID-19 Business Interruption Ruling

Provided by: JustQuoteMe Ltd

A new ruling by the Supreme Court will help thousands of business interruption insurance policyholders recover from the financial ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting closures. The ruling was issued on 15th January 2021.


The court’s decision stemmed from an appeal of a test case brought by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in June 2020. The test case inquired about the application of business interruption policies to reimburse organisations for losses related to the pandemic and subsequent lockdown restrictions. While setting up the original test case, the FCA estimated that approximately 370,000 policyholders, 700 types of policies and 60 insurers could potentially be impacted by the ruling.

The FCA’s test case analysed 21 sample wordings from eight different insurance providers. While some business interruption policies may only cover losses caused by physical damage to property, the sample policies used for the FCA’s test case included clauses relating to infectious disease, prevention of access to premises and hybrid clauses that deal with both disease and access issues.

On 15th September 2020, the High Court ruled that the sample wordings from six of the eight insurers should be triggered and therefore provide cover. Those six insurers—Arch, Argenta, Hiscox, MS Amlin, QBE and Royal & Sun Alliance—went on to appeal the ruling, leading to the Supreme Court’s decision.

Expanded Decision

In addition to upholding the High Court’s ruling, the Supreme Court also expanded upon it. The previous ruling stated that cover for losses was limited to those caused by mandatory public shutdowns. But, the Supreme Court’s decision stated that that scope was too narrow. As such, losses resulting from any instructions from public authorities can now qualify as having constituted prevention of access.

The Supreme Court’s ruling will also allow policyholders to make claims for losses stemming from pandemic-related reductions in service. Furthermore, disease clauses will be triggered and provide cover for COVID-19 cases occurring within 25 miles.

Next Steps

The latest ruling reaffirms the High Court’s previous decision. As such, in general, insurers may begin to pay out claims that had been previously denied or in question. However, policyholders should understand that the rulings do not encompass all possible disputes. It is possible that each individual case and policy may still be analysed on its own merit.

The FCA has praised the Supreme Court’s decision and plans to work with insurers to make sure that affected claims are handled properly. For more information, contact us today.


Contains public sector information published by GOV.UK and licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

The content of this publication is of general interest and is not intended to apply to specific circumstances or jurisdiction. It does not purport to be a comprehensive analysis of all matters relevant to its subject matter. The content should not, therefore, be regarded as constituting legal advice and not be relied upon as such. In relation to any particular problem which they may have, readers are advised to seek specific advice from their own legal counsel. Further, the law may have changed since first publication and the reader is cautioned accordingly. © 2021 Zywave, Inc. All rights reserved.

Get a Small Business Insurance quote online today

Get a Small Business Insurance quote online today

You can get a Small Business Insurance quote online today with Just Quote Me

At Just Quote Me we can help with your small business insurance quote.  We offer a free no obligation quote through our online Quote System or by calling us on 0800 084 2325.

Our business insurance experts are on hand, and can in an instant give you the expert advice you need if you are unsure of any of the sections needed to complete the online quotation process.  We also offer instalments so you can spread the cost over a period of time.

Do you need to provide proof of cover for your clients contracts?

Can’t get on site without proof of Public Liability Insurance or Employers Liability Insurance , then look no further than Just Quote Me, we have, over the last two years been busy creating a fantastic platform for you to login and get your own personalised quotations to suit the individual needs of your business.  Please remember that your policy will only cover the business description listed on the schedule, so it’s imperative you make sure all your business activities no matter how small are included in this schedule.

Our small business insurance experts

Many Tradesman’s insurance policy have warranties and clauses that are not always easy to see or indeed to understand at Just Quote Me we make it our business to ensure you are fully aware of the warranties and clauses so you can be informed whilst running your business on a day to day basis that will help to ensure your policy will indeed indemnify any loss of an insured peril.

Contractors Insurance is also a complex policy often having Contractors all Risks Insurance to cover Contractors tools equipment and materials whilst on site or whilst being used on a contract, this of course accompanies Contractors Public Liability and if required Employers Liability, please be aware that you will need to notify Insurers of any Labour only Sub Contractors and also any Bone-fidelity Sub contractors as to ensure you are fully protected in the event of such a claim arising.

Quality Business Insurance is, in the event of a claim priceless, let us guide you through the buying process and keep you protected.

To get a FREE no obligation Small Business Insurance quote:

Go to our online Quote System or call us on 0800 084 2325

Cyber Insurance Quote Online

Cyber Insurance Quote Online

Cyber/ Data Protection For Your Business

Cyber insurance is specialist business insurance to help protect you in the event of a cyber-related attack or event. This could be a regular cyber-attack, a hack into your company system, a ransomware attack or any number of other cyber assaults. It can even include hardware failure and data breaches.

If your business, like almost all in the present day, uses IT, you are at risk of cybercrime. This is a concern for all businesses of all sizes. Small to medium sized enterprises are actually more at risk than larger companies when it comes to serious company damage, as you may not have the capital to recover in the aftermath of an event.

Cyber insurance comes at many different levels and can protect you from a wide range of technological issues and failures. Securing cyber insurance with Just Quote Me ensures you get a good value, comprehensive policy.

Why does Cyber Insurance matter for your Business?

Cyber-attacks have brought some of the largest companies in the world to their knees. Imagine this happening to your business. With companies such as Equifax, the NHS and FedEx effected by cyber-attacks, it can happen to anyone. Cyber insurance provides financial peace of mind should a cyber event effect your company. No business owner can afford to ignore this potential threat.

Do all Businesses need Cyber Insurance?

Cyber insurance protects your business from cyber risks. If any aspect of your business is run online or uses the internet, then it should be a consideration. It protects against risks which could damage both your business’ financial position and reputation. Almost all businesses now rely on IT for some element of their services, so there are probably very few who can honestly say they can do without cyber insurance!

You may find your existing policies such as business interruption and professional indemnity insurance have a degree of cyber protection, but is it comprehensive enough? These policies are not designed with the latest cybercrimes and threats in mind, whereas the best cyber insurance policies are.

What does your Cyber Insurance cover?

Cyber insurance may cover several different things, dependent on the level you opt for. You will find policies which offer scalable cover including elements such as:

  1. Financial cover for dealing with data breaches
  2. Financial cover for dealing with any cyber liability compensation claims
  3. Financial cover for business losses and interruption
  4. Financial cover for supporting your business through the aftermath and impact of the cyber event
  5. Financial cover for hardware and data repair and replacement
  6. Forensic investigation, expert advice and IT support

Cyber Insurance Quotes with Just Quote Me

At Just Quote Me we can help you find the right level of cyber insurance for your business. Our many years’ experience in business insurance allows us to quickly and efficiently get a good understanding of your company and its needs. Contact us today to get your cyber insurance quotes.

You can get a FREE no obligation Cyber Insurance quote today on 0800 084 2325 or fill out our Quick Quote Form.

Care Home Insurance

Care Home Insurance

Looking for Care Home Insurance?

All health and social care businesses need insurance cover. Running a care home efficiently and responsibly is not possible without care home insurance. What types of cover should be part of your care home insurance cover? This will vary from business to business but below are just some of the most popular and in some instances compulsory types to consider:

Employer’s Liability Insurance

Employer’s liability insurance is not a choice for any care home business that has even a single employee. It covers you as the owner against legal action or claims made by employees and ex-employees relating to accidents and injuries in the workplace. Compensation claims can be very expensive. UK law requires all businesses to have employers’ liability insurance to avoid costly fines and penalties.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Less common but a consideration for care environments. Nursing and medical care involves judgement and it is possible a resident or their family may disagree with your judgement. If they choose to make a claim on this basis and claim there has been medical malpractice, you will want specialist support to protect your business and your staff.

Buildings and Contents Insurance

If you own your care home premises, then you need to ensure you have the appropriate business and contents insurance for it. The contents insurance covers the fixtures and fittings, as well as furniture, office equipment and any specialist stock. Contents insurance will also cover medication and medical equipment.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is a key element of nearly every insurance policy. It protects your business should a third party, such as a resident or one of their family members, take legal action against your business. This could be because of an accident or injury or due to damage to their property. In a care home environment there are many people coming in and out regularly, raising the risk of accident and injury.

Contact us to find out more about Care Home Insurance:

Go to our online Quote System or call us on 0800 084 2325

Home Renovation Insurance Quote Online

Home Renovation Insurance Quote Online

Get A Home Renovation Insurance Quote Today!

If you’re keen to renovate your property but want to avoid the costs that come with correcting mistakes or accidental damage during the work, then you’re likely to need renovation insurance. It may be the peace of mind you need when creating your ideal property.

Who is Just Quote Me?

Just Quote Me is a company dedicated to securing business and personal insurance. The team of independent brokers has nearly 30 years of industry experience and have placed cover for both local and national businesses.

What is renovation insurance?

Renovation insurance is necessary for providing properties protection for the home while it is being upgraded and renovated. The insurance covers the existing structure as well as the materials and new work that is completed. It can cover tools, equipment and plant machinery on site during the renovation.

What are the benefits of using Just Quote Me?

  1. The insurance you need

It recognises that under regular home insurance, any injuries obtained during renovation is not covered in the policy. Even the builder’s public liability insurance can mean that claiming is a long process, difficult to determine and might not cover you if there is no proof that work is negligible.

  1. The best deals

The company is made up of independent brokers, which means that the team searches insurance providers to find you the best deal. It also saves you the time it takes to search for yourself and uses their expertise to filter out to the least desirable deals.

  1. Instant documentation

The policy documents are emailed to you instantly, so there is no need to wait for paperwork to come in the post. This means they make the whole process quicker and more efficient.

  1. Three simple steps

The approach we take is in three simple steps. 1) You complete online forms and receive an instant online quote. 2) We use quick quote forms for the customer to explain their needs. 3) Just Quote Me will then come back to you with the most appropriate insurance.

  1. Trusted and accredited

Just Quote Me is a member of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association which validates our business as a reputable and knowledgeable company.

Do you have any questions about Home Renovation Insurance?

If you would like a FREE renovation insurance quote that’s tailored to your unique needs, call Just Quote Me on 0800 084 2325 or use our quick quote form. Visit for more information.

Manufacturing Plant Insurance

Manufacturing Plant Insurance

Get A Free Manufacturing Plant Insurance Quote Today

One thing every business owner knows is that if something can go wrong, it will. For those involved in manufacturing, however, the impact of this ‘something’ can be significant in a way it might not be for other, office-based, businesses. That’s because manufacturing businesses need machinery to operate. They also need factories or warehouses to operate that equipment from.

If machinery breaks, a factory or warehouse is accessible, or manufacturing supplies aren’t available, a business could fail. Which is why insurance for manufacturing plants is essential.

What do Insurance for Manufacturing Plant policies cover?

While manufacturing businesses may be different from office-based ones, the insurance they need is actually very similar. It needs to cover them for:

  • Accidents or injuries to their employees where the business can be found negligent (Employer’s Liability Insurance)
  • Accidents or injuries to visitors (including customers) where the business can be found negligent (public liability insurance)
  • Damage to equipment, including computers and phone systems, required to run the business
  • Damage to machinery required to produce goods
  • Loss of access to premise used to manufacture products, whether temporary or permanent.
  • Loss of access to the supplies needed to manufacture goods.

There will be risks attached to each of these. Some will be higher than others. Where a factory or warehouse is, for example, to increase the risk of flooding, which could reduce access. Whether a business sells direct to customers could increase the risk of accidents to visitors.

Get A Manufacturing Plant Insurance Quote Today

Just Quote Me will work with a business to assess these risks and find the right policy or combination of policies to meet their needs at the right price. Which is why, if you are looking for insurance for your manufacturing business, you need to call Just Quote Me for FREE on 0800 084 2325 or get a quote online using their Quick Quote Form.


Builders Public Liability Insurance

Builders Public Liability Insurance

Get A Builders Public Liability Insurance Quote Today!

At Just Quote Me our Quick Quote facility allows anyone to compare Builders Insurance or Building Company Insurance in a few minutes.  You will get some of the best rates and covers available in the UK today.

What Insurance do Builders and Building Companies need?

Builders and Building Companies need Builders Public Liability Insurance, Builders Employers Liability Insurance and then after these two core covers they can also add other insurances such as:

  • Tools cover including overnight cover
  • Goods In Transit Insurance
  • Full Contractors ALL Risks Cover

Having this extra cover helps you to cover your tools and materials in trade whilst working on a project or job where you are responsible for the work in progress and signed off. Many Builders either don’t insure this risk or are not fully aware of what this cover insures and if they haven’t been advised correctly, then they may not be correctly insured and potential loss could be very expensive and time consuming.

Our Builders Insurance experts are at hand following initial contact or quote to fully advise you of what covers are right for your specific company or individual needs so contact us today and get the right cover for the right premiums.

Get A Builders Public Liability Insurance Quote Today!

Contact Just Quote Me today for FREE using our Quick Quote form or by calling 0800 084 2325

Consultant Insurance – An Insight Into Protection

Consultant Insurance – An Insight Into Protection

Running your own consulting business brings many rewards. You are your own boss, it is challenging, and you have a sense of achievement and making a big difference for the lives of your clients. However, it doesn’t matter how experienced you are or even how capable, when you are advising other professionals often, things do not go as you have planned them. This may leave you in financial distress unless you have the protection of consultant insurance.

Consultant insurance: Who is it for, and why might you need it?

So, what is this type of insurance for, and why might you need it? Well, let’s answer those questions right now.

As a consultant, you have clients relying on your advice. Clients rely on you getting things right when you advise them. However, mistakes can happen, no matter how careful you plan.

Additionally, there is a risk that a disagreement may crop up, even if it is unjustified. It could end up in court and costing you and your business dearly. This is where insurance comes into its own.

In short, anyone who advises others on a professional level can benefit from taking out cover.

There are many reasons why you might need to fall back on insurance for a financial helping hand.

  • You could unintentionally give the wrong advice and be subject to a claim
  • You might be the victim of a ransom cybercrime targeting sensitive client data
  • A client might suffer an accident on your premises and claim for damages
  • A client’s computer or other equipment could suffer damage because of your advice and take you to court.

Let Just Quote Me find your consultant insurance

We can help you find the perfect consultant insurance tailored to your business. A policy that provides financial support for legal fees and compensation that results from a claim made against your company. Call Just Quote Me on 0800 084 2325 or fill out our quick online form.

Small Business Insurance Quote

Small Business Insurance Quote

Are you looking for a Small Business Insurance Quote?

Just Quote Me is one of the UK’s fastest growing Small Business Insurance Providers.  We offer insurance for small businesses – anything from Shops, Offices to Landlords, Restaurants and the Motor Trade.  So if you are a small to medium business or SME – contact Just Quote Me to see how we can help.

You can receive a FREE no obligation quote by contacting us on 0800 084 2325 or by filling out our Online Quote System that quotes some of the best Business insurance prices available in today’s every changing insurance market., our online quotes cover all the specifics sections needed to ensure you have not only the best price but also the best cover for your exact business needs.

Our Online Quote System ensures you have not only the best price but also the best cover for your exact business needs.

How we can help with your small business insurance

Our team of highly trained staff will ensure that you are fully aware of not only the cover limits but also the warranties and clauses specific to your policy so that you know what you have to do to make sure the policy will pay out in the event of a claim.

Warranties and clauses can vary from policy to policy and occupation to occupation but a typical clause will be regarding minimum security to your premises such as five lever mortise dead locks, window locks for all accessible downstairs windows etc – theses are extremely important to know so that you can ensure you are meeting these requirement and then in turn your claim will be paid.

Get your small business insurance quote today

For expert small business insurance advice call Just Quote Me FREE  on 0800 084 2325 or by fill out our Online Quote System.

Late Night Bar Insurance

Late Night Bar Insurance

Looking For Late Night Bar Insurance?

Are you a looking for cover for your bar premises?

If you own or manage a late night bar in the UK you will need cover to protect members of the Public at all times whilst on or about your premises.

You will also need to protect them against the possibility of injury or discomfort caused by any products sold by you to them.

This would be covered by our online late night bar Insurance, and there are a number of other covers such as stock, food and frozen food insurance plus beers wines and spirits cover.

We also offer property protection such as buildings insurance or indeed fixtures and fittings cover for which you may be responsible under a tenancy agreement or any other improvements that you personally have paid for to enhance the public’s experience at your premises.


Cover for injuries that occur at your premises

What happens if a customer injures themselves on your premises or alleges that an injury occurred on your premises?

Do you have the correct procedures in place to monitor all slips and trips on your premises?

Do you have a cleaning up process already in place for spills?

Do you have an accident book to report any such injuries and state what action was taken to prevent further injuries taking place?


No win no fee claims on the rise

With the rise of no win no fee the licensed trade has seen the number of claims rise drastically over the recent years as members of the Public have alleged incident where they have injured themselves have actually happened whilst they have attended a licensed venue.

Could be your late night bar be able to provide evidence to defend any such allegation if indeed untrue?

With late licence venues being able to open 24 hours a day then this has created a difference in drinking and socialising habits in the UK and our Insurance policies have changed to cater for this.


Contact us for your late night bar insurance

Call Just Quote Me for FREE on 0800 084 2325 or get a quote online using our Quick Quote Form.