Professional Indemnity Insurance – Do You Need it and What Does it Cover?

Professional Indemnity Insurance – Do You Need it and What Does it Cover?

As a professional providing services or advice for a fee, it is crucial to understand the importance of having Professional Indemnity Liability Insurance. This type of insurance protects you and your business against potential claims that may arise from any negligent acts committed in the course of your profession. Whether you offer advice on products or services, or provide designs without further involvement in their implementation, having this coverage is essential for your peace of mind. (more…)

Which Businesses Need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Which Businesses Need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

This might be the year you launch your own business, in which case it is essential you take all the necessary protections first. For some companies, this might include getting professional indemnity (PI) insurance. To find out if that includes you, read on. 


What is professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance protects businesses having to pay for legal defence or compensation if there is a claim made for a bad piece of advice, negligence at work, or a dodgy service that has resulted in financial loss for the client. explains: “In the event of being sued, these professionals need to pay a lawyer to defend them in court, as well as the costs associated with rectifying and reprinting.”


Do you need it?

Therefore, businesses that might need it include those that provide a consultancy service, in case there is a mistake in the advice given; handle data, in the event of a data breach; or offer expertise and there is an error in the calculations or plans. 


What kind of professionals require PI?

If you are still uncertain whether you need PI, Lloyds Bank has published a long list of professionals that should take it out. 

These include business or IT consultants, accountants, architects and surveyors, engineers, interior designers, town planners, and those involved in education or risk management.  


What does it not cover?

There are some things PI does not protect against, so you might need to take out other policies for better protection. 

For instance, PI does not cover damage to a client’s reputation; employer liability and public liability. 

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When Do You Need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

When Do You Need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Many businesses can benefit from having professional indemnity insurance. Sometimes referred to as professional liability insurance, it’s essential to understand what this covers before deciding if you need it.

This type of insurance provides protection for businesses that offer advice or a professional service. It will cover any legal costs and expenses that are incurred for your defence. As well as this, it will include cover for damage or costs that are awarded if a claim is made against you. Because providing advice or services inadequately could lead to a client losing business, they could have the right to take legal action.

Who Needs To Have Professional Indemnity Insurance?

There are no legal requirements for any business to hold this type of insurance. Although some regulators and professional bodies require businesses to hold a policy. This is because they are endorsing you as a qualified professional and want to ensure you are properly protected. This is particularly common in architecture, accountancy and chartered surveying. Some clients will also require you to have this cover, so as to protect themselves should things go wrong.

Many businesses choose to take out professional indemnity insurance even when they aren’t required to. This is because it can reassure potential clients and also offers some security. Any business that gives advice, handles client data or provides a professional service should consider this insurance.

Choosing Professional Indemnity Insurance

Every business is unique, and so the same goes for their insurance requirements. This type of cover is not a one-size-fits-all product, and it’s important to get the right option for you.

Here at Just Quote Me, we are specialists in finding the perfect insurance solutions for every need. Because we take time to get to know your business and requirements, we can find you the best deal. For more information, get in touch with our team of experts. Alternatively, fill out our free quick quote form to find the best price for your insurance needs.

The Ins and Outs of Professional Indemnity Insurance

The Ins and Outs of Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance is not something that all businesspeople need to consider. However, it is vital in many industries and in particular fields of work. Professional indemnity insurance is sometimes known as PI or professional liability insurance too. It covers the legal costs and compensation incurred if you are alleged to have provided poor advice or services resulting in a loss for your client. This loss is almost always related to money, but some clients may claim for reputational damage or similar too.

Do I Need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

In most cases, professional indemnity insurance is a choice. However, in some industries it may be a requirement to join particular industry bodies. You may not be able to join the associations and organisations which most reputable people in your sector will be members of, making it harder for you to find business.

Even if you do not have to have professional indemnity insurance you could be liable for huge costs should a case be won against you. Very few businesspeople have the money available to cover the costs of a court case and compensation, so insurance really is vital in some sectors. Professional indemnity insurance should definitely be a serious consideration if:

  1. You provide design services
  2. You provide advice or professional services
  3. For protection in case of mistakes or negligence in your work
  4. You work as a contractor or freelancer and your clients expect insurance in place for contracts
  5. Your industry body requires insurance to become a member

Some of the most common business areas where you may need to consider professional indemnity insurance include:

  • Graphic designers, architects and interior designers
  • Management and business consultants
  • IT professionals and consultants
  • Engineering contractors and technical contractors
  • Recruitment consultants
  • Tutors and private teachers
  • Fitness service providers such as personal trainers and yoga instructors

Arranging your Professional Indemnity Insurance

The level of indemnity insurance cover you need will differ dependent on your business. Discussing your options with our team at Just Quote Me will ensure you have a range of quotes and companies to choose from. Comparing insurance quotes gives you the opportunity to ensure you get the right level of cover for your needs.

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Safeguard your Expertise with Professional Indemnity Insurance

Safeguard your Expertise with Professional Indemnity Insurance

If you work in a business where your advice or expertise is key, you should be confident in your abilities. However, mistakes are possible and when they do occur they can be costly. Professional indemnity insurance helps to protect you should your client suffer monetary loss due to your work for them.

What exactly is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance is important if your business or professional service is key to your business. It protects you against compensation claims and legal fees should a client suffer financial loss due to negligence in your advice or work.

Do I have to have Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance is not a legal requirement. However, in many industries it is essential to become a member of a professional body or to suit professional regulations. Business owners working in consultancy often aren’t required to have this type of insurance, but it can be essential should a claim occur. Other sectors that should seriously consider professional indemnity insurance including tutors, freelance recruitment professionals, designers and personal trainers, for example.

How Much Professional Indemnity Insurance do I need?

Assessing how much cover is necessary is essential before agreeing to any policy. The amount of cover you need will depend on your business activities and the nature of your business. This is one of the more difficult types of insurance to gauge the premium amount.

Each business owner needs to look at the potential financial damage possible should there be a claim. This can be difficult to work out and it means each policy needs to be uniquely tailored to the individual and the business. Too much cover is less of a problem than not enough. Keeping this in mind can widen your options.

Just Quote Me specialise in insurance for businesses. We can discuss your specific requirements and connect you with professional indemnity insurance providers to suit your needs. Contact us today to get things started.

The ins and outs of Professional Indemnity Insurance

The ins and outs of Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance is a special form of business insurance cover you may find to be completely invaluable. It is a good idea if your firm provides professional advice, help and expertise for other businesses. This applies too for individuals providing such a service.

PI insurance is also known as indemnity cover and can protect you should a client believe you have been negligent costing them financially or in time lost.

Do you need indemnity insurance?

A good question but if you offer a professional service which involves advice or handling data or intellectual property that belongs to a client/business then you could benefit from taking out such indemnity insurance cover.

Should you be subject to a claim, without PI insurance cover, then you could find that you have to pay out the sort of amounts of money that could destroy any business in the worst case.

What protection does professional indemnity insurance provide?

Professional indemnity insurance is will cover compensation to a claimant,  including things such as loss of earnings, future loss of earnings and even the cost of repairing any damage caused to personal property such as clothes, laptops, briefcases and documents.

You should look for cover against any potential damages that could be awarded to any claimant, including legal costs which can easily rack up to large amounts of money. You may also need cover for the claimant’s legal costs should you be found to be at fault, again, these can amount to a tidy sum!

Before you do take out professional indemnity insurance cover, make sure that what you were hoping to be covered under the policy is actually included as cover can differ!

Check out all of the terms and conditions thoroughly. Identify any areas where you or your organisation could be especially vulnerable to any claim.

Helpful further information

The actual level of insurance cover that you need will depend on your businesses activities and the potential risk that is attached to them. These can vary widely which is why companies such as us can help with the nitty gritty details.

Small businesses need to consider protecting themselves with this cover, especially young start-up business, with no cash-flow or financial resources to fall back on.

The actual types of risks that your organisation could be exposed to include, but are not just limited to the following:

Intellectual property disputes


Loss of money

Loss of documents or data


Confidentiality breaches


Copyright breaches

Loss of documents

Loss of IP rights

Think carefully about your level of acceptable risk before making any quick decisions.

Compare Professional Indemnity Insurance Quotes

Compare Professional Indemnity Insurance Quotes

A guide to Professional Indemnity Insurance

What exactly is Professional Indemnity Insurance? And do you need it?

Quite simply Professional Indemnity Insurance is a type of Insurance to cover any individual or company that provides a service or advice for a fee. In other words, if you have certificated a piece of equipment as an Electrical contractor and then the equipment causes a loss to the client then this would be a Professional indemnity claim.

Another example would be if, as a professional, you give advice to a company and they follow that advice that causes them a loss then they would be able to make a claim on your Professional Indemnity Insurance too!

More businesses should have this cover

Less than 25% of UK businesses that really should have PI insurance cover actually do so, why is this? Basically it is because either they, or their current insurance providers, don’t understand it. They have more than likely not identified that such an exposure exists within the business and have therefore not catered for it fully.

This is where we can help with our over 30 year’s relevant Insurance industry experience. We can offer not only a free quotation but also specialist advice on how to fully to protect you and or your companies exposure thereby providing you with Professional Indemnity cover that fully suits your requirements.

Why choose Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover?

Why should you purchase this cover if you already have Public and Products Liability cover you may well ask? Well, Public Liability Insurance will basically provide cover for injury etc. to the Public. Products Liability will, in essence, pick up any loss or damage to a third party should a Product that you have supplied fail or be faulty. These will pick up the tangible asset damage but what about the financial loss arising from any advice that you have given? This is where PI (Professional Indemnity) becomes a must have cover.

Do you design something for a professional fee, such as an architect would? If you do, and then, for instance, a builder or manufacturer goes on to build or make the product to your specification, what happens if the item or build isn’t correct and then, as a result, causes a loss to a third party? This again would be a Professional Indemnity claim against you and your insurers which you need to make sure that you, as a responsible business, have got covered.

We can help you with your Insurance questions!

If you are unsure of your real world exposure then please do get in touch with our experts now and, even if only for peace of mind, let us advise you correctly so that you can make a fully informed decision regarding your insurance requirements.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Security Company Insurance – Who Needs it and What Does it Cover?

Security Company Insurance – Who Needs it and What Does it Cover?

In the world of business, insurance plays a vital role in safeguarding against unforeseen challenges and potential losses. For certain sectors, like the security industry, having the right insurance coverage is not just advisable—it’s essential. Security companies hold a significant responsibility for safeguarding valuable assets, and a single claim can have devastating consequences without the right protection. That’s where security company insurance comes into play. (more…)



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What Insurance Do Freelancers And Contractors Need?

What Insurance Do Freelancers And Contractors Need?

There are as many different types of business insurance as there are different types of businesses, from public liability to employers liability and cyber insurance. They are all designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that in the event of the worst happening, you have protections in place.

But while youre looking at predictions for freelance work for the coming year, it is important to give careful consideration to what insurance policies are right for your business. We have a look at professional indemnity insurance, whether it is for you, and what level of cover you need.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance offers protection in case a client makes a claim against your business if they believe that your work has caused harm to their company or resulted in financial losses. Professional indemnity insurance, also known as professional liability insurance, will typically cover the costs if you are found liable.

What does professional indemnity insurance protect you against?

Professional indemnity cover will vary between insurers. So always check what’s included with your policy. And remember, just because a quote is cheap, doesn’t mean it’s the best value and protection.

Lets look at what professional indemnity insurance will cover you for:

Confidentiality breach. If you accidentally disclose information or data to a third party, without your client’s consent.

Irresponsible employees. If you have an employee, or former one, that impacts your client’s business by lying, stealing or behaving in a dishonest, fraudulent or malicious way.

Professional negligence. If you fail to live up to your duty of care, such as giving bad advice, and it costs your client time and money.

Defamation. If you use or produce written or spoken statements or materials that damage a client’s reputation.

If your business involved giving advice or professional services to a client, then you should consider taking out professional indemnity insurance. Mistakes can happen, no matter how experienced or careful you are, so make sure you have protections in place.

If youre looking for business insurance in Staffordshire, get in touch today.

What Makes Security Business Insurance Different?

What Makes Security Business Insurance Different?

Every business has a set of challenges that make them unique, and the security sector is no different. Because security guards and equipment often operate in dangerous situations, security insurance provides dedicated cover to help protect both the business and its staff.

One of the key differences between security businesses and other industries is that often security works very closely with members of the public and so public liability becomes an even greater issue than it would be otherwise and is part of packages aimed at the security industry.

Public liability cover protects a business from the cost of legal claims made by members of the public made in connection with business, activities, which in this case would include personal security, manning the doors and protecting people in events.

Beyond this, an insurance package for the security industry will often include professional indemnity protection, which can be important for businesses that fit and facilitate security systems.

If, for example, a security system is fitted, but due to an error or omission damage is caused to the client, professional indemnity helps to cover the claim, giving the business more confidence and peace of mind to provide the best service possible.

Outside of crises, catastrophes, harm to the public and professional liability, security business insurance can help in a range of other ways, such as providing support in case of wrongful arrest whilst on duty and even cover in case keys are lost.

Exactly what components are in a security business insurance package will depend largely on the needs of the business and the provider themselves, but they should aim to cover the wide range of risks facing security professionals on a day-to-day basis.