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Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance 

When companies have a fleet of cars that need insuring, whether it is luxury cars or commercial vehicles, it makes business sense to insure all vehicles on a single fleet insurance policy. In the same manner, this will apply to a family with more than one car. Whilst insuring vehicles individually will end up costing more, it will also be more time consuming with the added paper work and red tape. Motor Fleet vehicle insurance can be tailored to meet your needs.

Policy Rules and Regulations

It is important to note that when insuring a fleet of vehicles, the policy rules should be strictly adhered to. The rules usually include guidelines such as; all drivers must have full and clean driving licenses, all drivers need to be over 25 years of age, etc. The insurance company needs to be notified anytime the insured cars status changes, for instance if a car is replaced and so forth. When many cars are insured, a quarterly declaration must be submitted to the insurer.

One Umbrella for Multiple Vehicles

A blanket motor insurance certificate will be issued when there are multiple vehicles and no registration numbers have been recorded. Accordingly, all vehicles must be owned by and registered to the insurance policy holder and the extensive paperwork needs to be completed and kept up to date at all times.

Keeping in The Loop

Individual motor insurance policies are not nearly as flexible as a Motor Fleet Insurance Policy. Group changes can be made on the declarations instead of the notification of each amendment. Even though large companies with a big turnover of vehicles submit a quarterly declaration it is still advised by Just Quote Me to advise the insurer on an ‘as and when basis’ of all changes.

Contact Just Quote Me for all your Motor Fleet Insurance needs on 0800 084 2325 or fill out our Quick Quote Form.

Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance Online Quote Quick Quote Motor Fleet Insurance Many businesses cannot function without their vehicles, whether it’s a fleet of cars, vans or industrial vehicles. Therefore when an accident occurs or any vehicle is off the road, it can be very...

Motor Fleet Insurance

Are you responsible for insuring a fleet of company vehicles with a need for competitive fleet insurance cover?

Motor Fleet insurance is normally provided for a company or family that has 2 or more vehicles, and it means that one policy covers all vehicles and drivers – this saves the company or family having to insure each vehicle separately. The benefiting company is responsible for ensuring that all drivers fit the criteria of the policy (eg, it could state that all drivers must be over 25 have a totally clean driving licences, etc). The benefiting company then pays one annual premium to get all fleet vehicles covered, and any of their drivers can drive any of the fleet vehicles. If the company purchases a new vehicle or gets rid of an existing vehicle then they advise the insurance company and the motor fleet insurance policy is amended. For a very large company that has a big turnover of vehicles, they will notify the insurer quarterly by means of a declaration and they must, if selected, update their own Motor Insurance Data Base records. If they fail to do so the company can receive a maximum fine of £5000.

A Motor Fleet Insurance Policy is far more flexible than an individual motor Insurance Policy. The declarations allow group changes rather than the notification of every single amendment. However, Just Quote Me recommend that you inform your Insurers or brokers on an ‘As and When basis’ just to be on the safe side.


A blanket motor certificate for all your vehicles under one umbrella

Basically, a fleet policy is used where several motor policies would otherwise need to be issued, the policy wording is far wider in range as the policy schedule will usually state ‘Any Motor Vehicle owned by or hired or leased to the policyholder’. Where there are no individual registration numbers specified this is called a ‘blanket motor certificate’. This basically takes away most of the hassle from you when it comes to arranging comprehensive cover. You can rest easy knowing that we have got you covered, whatever your need!
It is good to note, however, that all vehicles to be Insured must be owned by and registered to the policy holder, whether that be a company or an individual.
There may be an exception where the Insurer, at their discretion, may include a registered Director of the company to Insure their own personal vehicle under the company fleet policy but noting the registered owner as the Director.

Which Vehicles Can Be Covered With Fleet Insurance?

Which Vehicles Can Be Covered With Fleet Insurance?

Car insurance protects not only yourself but other road users as well.

It is a legal requirement to have some form of third-party vehicle insurance, which covers you if you have an accident that causes damage to property or injury to another person.

However, if you are a business that uses several vehicles to do business, it can save you time and money to set up fleet insurance.

As well as this, it is possible to have any person who holds a UK driving license and meets your insurance criteria drive your vehicles without having to be specifically added to the policy.

This particular type of insurance covers multiple vehicles in the name of the company, or any of its partners and directors.

Typically you need at least two vehicles to apply for fleet insurance, although typically fleets this small are only covered by specialists and can range into the thousands for larger commercial freight and taxi companies.

There is a wide range of vehicles that can be covered by a fleet insurance policy, but it is important to check which specific vehicles are covered under a policy that specifies “any vehicle”.

Typically, cars which are high in value and expensive to repair are more difficult to get onto a fleet policy, such as supercars and classic cars. As well as this, some providers may not cover construction vehicles such as excavators and forklift trucks.

Generally, fleet insurance covers a range of transportation-based business purposes, such as haulage, couriers, private hire and other similar needs.

Mini Fleet Insurance Compare Quotes

Mini Fleet Insurance Compare Quotes

Mini Fleet Insurance

Depending on the insurer you speak to a mini fleet can be anything from two vehicles up to fifteen. Mini fleet insurance is an essential investment for businesses with a small number of vehicles who want to get the best price for their insurance. Mini fleet insurance can cover cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks and a range of other vehicles used for the transportation of goods or people for business. Vehicle insurance is compulsory and investing in mini fleet insurance can mean a saving for your business.

What does Mini Fleet Insurance Cover?

Your mini fleet insurance will be specific to your business and depend upon the vehicles you need cover for. For cars alone you may only need third party insurance but you may want to invest more heavily in comprehensive insurance for a higher level of protection. What’s more if you are transporting goods you may also want to look into goods in transit protection so you have additional financial cover should anything untoward happen.

Some insurance companies go further and incorporate additional types of cover in their mini fleet insurance. Legal assistance insurance is quite common and also breakdown cover and home start are commonly seen. Uninsured loss recovery and guaranteed replacement vehicle options are also available with some insurers.

In most businesses vehicles are used by several staff members so multi-driver cover will be a necessity. Most mini fleet insurance policies only cover drivers aged 21 or over and some start at 25 or over.

Benefits of Mini Fleet Insurance

Most businesses will be drawn to a fleet insurance policy because of the cost benefits. It is more affordable to invest in mini fleet insurance than to insure each of your business vehicles individually. What’s more, with a mini fleet insurance policy you can add and remove vehicles as you need, making it more flexible as your business grows. In time you may even move onto a general fleet insurance policy. Most insurance companies will be happy to move your policy as you require and support your business as it grows.

Just Quote Me provide vehicle insurance quotes for many different purposes, particularly for businesses. We can help you find and compare quotes for mini fleet insurance and find the right insurance provider for your business. We appreciate the need for affordability in insurance which is why we make sure you can find cheap quotes today or whenever suits your business.

Mini Fleet Insurance Compare Quotes

Mini Fleet Insurance

Mini Fleet Insurance Online Quote Quick Quote Mini Fleet Insurance Mini Fleet Insurance Depending on the insurer you speak to a mini fleet can be anything from two vehicles up to fifteen. Mini fleet insurance is an essential investment for businesses with a small...
Motor Fleet Insurance

Small Fleet Insurance

Small Fleet Insurance Online Quote Quick Quote Small Fleet Insurance Small Fleet Insurance If your business relies upon more than one vehicle driven by different drivers, then it is wise and cost effective to invest in specialist small fleet insurance. Small vehicle...
Small Business Insurance Quote

Small Business Insurance Quote

Are you looking for a small business insurance quote in the UK?

The good news is that Just Quote Me can help.

The insurance team at Just Quote Me understand that every business is different and that the insurance policies that they need to reflect this.  

Just Quote Me can provide the right small business insurance cover wherever you are based in the UK

Just Quote Me have arranged the most appropriate cover for many satisfied customers regardless of what profession they are in.  Visit our Business Insurance section to find out more useful information or call us today for a free no obligation quote.

Business Insurance is important to your company 

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that business insurance is a luxury that you do not really need to have. It’s important you consider the various types of cover available such as:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Working at Height Insurance
  • Key Man Insurance
  • Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Restaurants & Cafes Insurance
  • General Contractors Insurance
  • Cleaning Contractors Insurance
  • Residential Lettings Insurance
  • Estate Agents Insurance
  • Letting Agents Insurance
  • Mortgage Brokers PI Insurance
  • Commercial Lettings Insurance
  • Hotels & Guesthouses Insurance
  • Takeaways and Fastfood Outlets Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Tradesman Insurance
  • Pub, Club and Restaurant Insurance
  • LPG Business Insurance
  • Security Company Insurance
  • Shop Insurance
  • Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Office Insurance
  • Commercial Combined Insurance
  • Motor Trade Insurance
  • Investments Insurance
  • Pension Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Multiple Vehicle Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Van Insurance

Just Quote Me has been a leader in the insurance field for nearly three decades, protecting businesses across the UK from those unexpected claims that can arise from time to time, often through no particular fault of their own.

To discuss your small business insurance needs call 0800 0842 325 today. We are here waiting for your call and only too happy to help.

Simple Business Insurance

Simple Business Insurance

Looking for Simple Business Insurance?

Simple Business Insurance from Just Quote Me is available to all UK Businesses via our new website –

The process is easy.  All you need to do is call for FREE on 0800 084 2325 or enter your details into our Online Quotation form and then our Quote and Buy system will compare Simple Business Insurance Quotes from our various Insurers.

Simple Business Insurance is available to over 3500 different occupations and the types of insurance we offer cover any of the following:

We have them all covered via our Simple Business Quotation system – Our clients are proof of just how fantastic this system is why not try for yourself – after all it’s free!

For Simple Business Insurance visit now and see how much you could save. Great prices, exceptional covers!

What Exactly is Commercial Van Insurance?

What Exactly is Commercial Van Insurance?

If you run a business and use a van for any purpose, from painting and decorating to floristry, you may have been approached about commercial van insurance. Your van is vital to your business, it is more than a simple domestic vehicle and therefore you need adequate professional insurance. This is what a comprehensive commercial van insurance policy provides. It also helps to ensure you have protection should the worst happen and your van be damaged or even stolen.

For success and smooth running of any business, commercial van insurance is a must. The right level of cover is something you need to assess however, and this is where Just Quote Me can help.

Your Commercial Van Insurance Cover

There are three standard levels of commercial van insurance:

  • Third party
  • Third party, fire and theft
  • Comprehensive cover

The minimum legal requirement you need to be on the road is third party. This cover ensures you are protected should there be any injury or damage to another person of their vehicle. It does not provide any protection for your own vehicle. Third party, fire and theft, as the name suggests, will also cover you should your vehicle be stolen or fire damaged.

Comprehensive commercial van insurance is the maximum cover you can get and often comes with great additional extras. Add-ons such as a courtesy vehicle or windscreen cover can be extremely useful for commercial van owners. What’s more, comprehensive insurance isn’t always a huge increase from third party insurance so it is worth the additional cost.

Multiple Commercial Van Insurance

In the instance that your business has more than one commercial vehicle or van, fleet insurance is a good idea. Many people make a saving even when they have just two commercial vehicles. They can opt for a small fleet insurance policy. You can discuss your specific business needs with us and we will advise the best option for your company and vehicles.


Business Insurance Quotes Online

Business Insurance Quotes Online

Just quote me…

Business Insurance

Personal Insurance



Speak to one of our specialist advisers.

Call for free on 0800 084 2325, or request a callback by entering your details below.



Business Insurance

You can compare many different types of small business cover and related protection such as cost effective public liability insurance together, all in one place.

Check out our other offerings such as employer’s liability and professional Indemnity protection too, all under one easy to use umbrella here at JustQuoteMe!



UK Vehicle Fleet Insurance

For the motorist we are proud to cover all your motor legal expenses requirements together with any of your drivers club policy type needs. You will find that we also offer guaranteed Hire Vehicle cover should you require it too.

We can also provide various combinations of cover including excess protection plus breakdown and mis-fuelling plans too for those unfortunate fuelling accidents that we have all no doubt heard of from time to time!landlord-insurance

Landlord Insurance

For those unexpected home emergencies the right protection is available along with our family legal expenses protection.

For property owners that are renting out their portfolio we can offer landlords our legal expenses insurance and also related cover such as landlord home emergency protection too.

Simple Quality Business Insurance

With JustQuoteMe you can easily compare both small and large corporate business insurance policies from a wide variety of the UK’s leading insurance specialists, ensuring that you get the best price for the cover that you need. Our intuitive state-of-the-art comparison engine allows you to review, compare and purchase whatever cover you need in a matter of minutes – either online or on the phone! We will also always ensure that your policy documents are emailed to you instantly without fuss or delay.

Get a business insurance quote today by using our online quote systems, or by calling us on 0800 084 2325

Identifying your requirements – first steps

The right business policies will help ensure that you are providing a safe and stable working environment and are covered for all of the major risks and issues faced by modern business owners. From the most expensive of employee claims to the smallest of slips, trips and falls, it is your ultimate responsibility to ensure that your business has the right protection to cover all eventualities.

This means that you can spend less time worrying about mishaps or accidents, and more time focusing on the daily running of your workplace. On top of this, a comprehensive business protection policy is often required for businesses looking to secure contracts with clients or work alongside trade bodies and unions. If you currently hire employees, temporary workers or contractors, then you will be legally required to purchase employers’ liability insurance. This type of policy is a necessity for businesses of all types and sizes, as it will cover you for any accident, injury or long-term illness suffered by staff working for your company or at your premises. The majority of businesses are nowadays only required to take out employer liability protection by law, but depending on the nature of your products or services, as a business owner you could benefit from a range of additional cover options.

Additional Types of policies – an introduction

For example, public liability cover offers you the same protection against accidents, injuries or damaged possessions suffered by members of the public on your premises. Professional Indemnity protection is also recommended for any business that offers advice or professional services to other companies. This will cover you in the event that your client suffers financial losses as a result of your advice or service, thereby ensuring that your business will not suffer in the event of a claim being made.

Compare Business Insurance easily

When you compare cheap business cover online with us, you’ll also be able to choose from a variety of other options. You could choose additional cover for protecting your stock and equipment, the building itself, or any other interruptions to your business. The nature of your business will dictate the type of risks that you should seek protection for, but whatever you decide, it will be quick and easy to get an accurate quote here at JustQuoteMe. Online quotes really couldn’t be any easier!


The JustQuoteMe guide to various types of Insurance

Small Business Insurance

All businesses have to start from somewhere and once upon a time they were all SME’s! Remember that many larger businesses only achieved their dominant position by effectively assessing risks and by riding out both the bad and the good times in order to ultimately prosper! At JustQuoteMe we allow you to Compare Small Business Insurance policies online for cover such as Employers Liability and Public Liability Insurance. For the small business owner looking for self-employed Public Liability Insurance or other cover there is no easier way to analyse and compare all of the policies available online.


Public Liability Insurance

In this day and age Public Liability insurance is important for all trades. This covers you in case somebody is injured or, in the worst case, killed and also protects your business from damage to their property.

At JustQuoteMe we can offer effective cover from between £1 million to £5 million, protecting you against this potential and unexpected financial outlay.


Featured testimonial:

We had been Insured via another Brokers, and as a supplier to the Pharmaseutical industry we deal with multi global organisations and we thought we had correct and adequate covers for our business, when we asked JustQuoteMe Ltd in 2013 to give us a free appraisal of our Business Insurances it was made clear there were quite a few gaps in our covers, that if a claim occurred, could and would have cost us a lot of money as they would not have been covered previously. JustQuoteMe not only provided and helped us understand the reasons for the missing covers they provided a policy that even with the inclusions and extra covers was cheaper than we were paying previouosly, so obviously I would recommend JustQuoteMe Ltd for your Business Insurance needs.

Mr Alastair Barton
Alconbury Weston Ltd, Oxford