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One of the most unique and wonderful parts of the insurance industry is how diverse every individual and their needs truly are, and attempting to accommodate these needs as closely as possible is one of the reasons why there are so many diverse policies.

This is why nightclub insurance has different policy details to a restaurant or public house insurance policy, and is also why certain celebrities have unusual policies taken out via marketplaces such as Lloyd’s of London and why unusual events often have specialist policies.

With that in mind, it is perhaps not too surprising that some insurance firms create tailored Christmas insurance policies that are designed to be short-term and provide cover that a business or individual would not typically need during the rest of the year.

A good example of this is dedicated Christmas party insurance, which is designed to help cover businesses during an event that is often somewhat unusual.

Christmas parties often feature public liability insurance as standard, to protect the party organiser (ie the company in charge) from any legal claims that come as the result of property damage or injury to a member of the public.

As well as this, the policy often also covers hired equipment, such as PA systems, speakers, amplifiers, musical instruments, karaoke machines, lighting systems and other hired or purchased equipment against potential damage or theft.

It often also covers against accidental fires, which can be caused by a range of popular Christmas staples such as crackers, party hats, candles and string lights if sufficient care is not taken.

Many of these policies will also include employer’s liability insurance, as is a legal requirement, as well as having the potential to have other policies added to it such as insurance for security staff or insurance to protect any fleet vehicles used to transport staff members around.

The biggest difference is that this coverage applies to a one-off event as opposed to a rolling policy.