The hospitality industry is about to head into its busiest season of the year, with Brits hitting the town in their droves for their Christmas celebrations over the next few weeks.

Therefore, it is essential that businesses have adequate hospitality insurance in place to protect themselves.

The type of cover and amount you insure the business against will depend on the type of premises you run, such as a pub, bar, hotel, restaurant, or café. For instance, anywhere serving food and drink needs to have product liability insurance in place, as this protects against the possibility of causing harm to customers through something they have consumed on site.

While the last couple of years have seen people miss out on their Christmas work dos and festive nights out with their friends as a result of Covid-19, this could mean the turnout for 2022 is bigger than ever.

As many as 45 per cent of people cancelled their Christmas night-out plans last year due to the spread of Omicron, so bars, pubs and restaurants are as keen to drum up business as people are to celebrate the festive season.

Back when Christmas parties were in full swing, they could often get messy, with one in ten resulting in a punch-up, and more than a quarter of attendees having to leave early due to being too drunk.

This acts as a reminder to have as much insurance in place as possible to cover for broken fixtures and fittings, injuries, and damage to electronic equipment.


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