New images have been published of a pub owned by two cricketers undergoing extensive reconstruction after suffering a fire in July.

The Tap and Run in Melton, owned by England cricket star Stuart Broad and his Nottinghamshire team-mate Harry Gurney, was devastated by a blaze in July that left only the walls standing.

Leicestershire Live reported that the new pictures, published on social media, showed the full extent of the task ahead, as the structure has had to be stripped bare before a full rebuild can take place.

The incident received plenty of coverage due to the famous nature of its owners, but it is also a reminder to many pub owners that their buildings can be at a high risk from fire due to the flammable materials used in their construction.

Thatched pub insurance is vital for anyone who has such a roof on their pub, as this can be at particular risk, while timber frames and other wooden elements like bars and furniture can add to the risk, meaning the damage can be worse and more than just the building can be wrecked by a fire.

According to Mr Gurney the blaze, which was believed to have been accidental, left a £1 million repair and rebuild bill, showing why buildings of this kind need to be insured to make reconstruction work affordable, especially if it is not owned by a large chain.

Although summer has now officially ended according to the Met Office, which regards September 1st as the beginning of Autumn, the severe hot weather of the season and the impact of climate change has highlighted the dangers of fires occurring not just on dry areas of moorland, but actually engulfing villages and areas on the edge of towns and cities.

On the hottest day on record in the UK, when temperatures topped 40 degrees C for the first time, the village of Wennington on the edge of London suffered a blaze that engulfed several houses. While no pub was involved in this fire, it was an example of how vulnerable buildings can be in heatwaves.